"Rebirth of the Star pet marriage [entertainment]" Author: Mo Huan Chen


Just got the church of the Emperor's Trophy, a car accident was reborn for thousands of years.

The suspended car is full of flying, and the virtual ophthalmous people have. Cultural explosion! Entertainment explosion!

Such a brilliant entertainment world, the Chu Yan is surprised to find -

This group of people will not play! ! !

Artificial intelligence simulation emotions? Special effects production instead of acting?

Understanding the AI ​​script can become an actor? The times are progressing, the acting is behind!

Reporter: Chu said, what do you have for this exposure of the incident you have married?

Chu said: ... Please tell me first, my other half is to the bottom · Who!

The Emperor's rebirth is a three-line small star, the show, go into the red, took a prize,

Pick up the peak of the entertainment industry!

As for who is the other half of his family -

He Bai Shen: Hello, my last name is, you can call me anonymous.

This article is also known as "Mom, who knows who my husband is waiting for", "The system allocated, the wife suddenly changed to the bottom! Online, etc. is also a bit anxious "......

Abdominal black high-cooled livestock main attack × poisonous tongue elegant smart queen

Su Su Su Su Su, cool and cool, beautiful, beautiful, love is stupid after marriage ~

Note: There is no golden finger in this article, there is no gold thigh, and the little is placed by him! ! !

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Gold editor evaluation:

A car accident, the shadow of the Emperor's Chu said that after the millennium, he re-stepped on the entertainment journey. After thousands of years, the entertainment industry is more prosperous, and the deductive method has deviation, from the supporting role to the protagonist, the church is red, and the bad news is married. This is a story of an emperor to kill and kill each other. Who is it? Who is loved by? We will wait and see.

The author's language is beautiful and smooth, and the style of writing, the world of entertainment is vivid, convincing. Small attack and small suffering, aroused wonderful love sparks, career love is incorrect, giving people a refreshing reading experience.