Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage

Chapter 210 Magnifier (End) (2)

The guy who has no lungs turns like this, he is very quiet, and I don't know what kind of mood, I only feel that my heart is mixed, and even my throat is a bitter taste.

After taking this show, the whole film has reached an end, only three days of drama will be completed.

Bai Qiqi just made up makeup, Gu Xinze came over, leaning against the makeup mirror, laughing and watching him.

White chess did not see each other, he got up and wanted to go, but the latter suddenly grabbed his wrist and looked up to his ordered. The dark scorpion slightly clotted, with the quiet eyes looked at the children in front of you, Gu Xin Ze's mouth slightly, and smiled: "Fast to the last few play, need me to help you?"

White chess is stiff, laughing: "No, Gu Ying Emperor."

Gu Xinze Lucky: "Call me, I am good, children."

White chess watched his words, after a while, he went back to God. He pointed himself with his fingers, and he said: "Are you talking to me?"

Gu Shenze gently headed: "Yes, white children."

Gu Shenze Height 189, white chess is a high height, he is now looking down on the other side's appearance, and there is really a different elderly style, which is quite calm.

But white chess is not happy: "You are more than I am five years old, why do you call me a child? I am not right, according to my birthday, you will be more than four years for four months! Do you call My child! "

Gu Xinze tail sound: "Oh? Do you look like my information?"

White cheers roses: "I will fall in a decree, I am still known."

Gu Xinze smiled: "What do you know?"

White chess said: "I know your height, know your birthday, know that you don't like to eat parsley, know that you can eat pepper. I know that you like to exercise, clearly, just out of turn, only 185 Now I have grown to 189, you talk about it, this is not the result of exercise ... "

The sound suddenly stopped, and the white chess looked at the man in front of him, and found that he said something.

Gu Shenze seems to look at him smile: "Do you understand me?"

Bai Chered said: "I ... I am because my mother likes you! I am a child, I am in my ear, she is your super fan, so I know it is good! I am a little Don't care about you, don't know you at all! "

Gu Shenze smiled: "Are you still living with your mother now?"

White chess suddenly did not respond: "No."

Gu Shenze and asked: "Do you talk to your mother every day?"

White chess: "... Nothing, one or three days."

Gu Xin Ze gently, low-low place "Oh" after: "So, know that I am 189, is your own understanding, isn't your mom tells you in your ear?"

White chess: "..."

Holding such a depressed mood, white chess and returning to the next drama. The two have already collaborate, although the lens is now over, white chess is angry and angry, but does not affect the smoothness of shooting progress.

When the last bed of the two, Bai Qi rushed again, leaving only one thin and short underwear. When he looked up, he saw that Shen Ze had already lying on the bed, smiled and looked at himself, and he was tricky, and made a mouthful.

White chess: "..."

Who wants your bed! dream! ! !

This is said that the bed, that is still gone. Just this time, very strange, white chess and Gu Shuze actually NG.

The small room naturally impossible to accommodate everyone, in addition to several specially responsible camera, all staff are directly related to the impact on the virtual screen. Then they were surprised to find that the two people's beds always conducted a variety of accidents, and they had to stop.

What makes everyone can't believe that this time is always a mistake!

White chess is red, the skin is hot, he was pressed under the body, and the lower body of the two was shocked by the quilt, but it has already been taller. This time, another bed played all the interests of Bai Qixing, and the foreplay did countless times, his chest was already sensitive, and the pleasure also invaded the brain again and again.

But the most important place is always not busy.

The place that was wrapped in the bodied bag is really tale. When I went to NG again, when I was another NG, I pulled down his neck, and my eyes said softly: "Gu Yimei, have you? Delivery, you will not act! You still have to ng a few times! Can you enter the topic ?! "

However, he heard Shuishi gently smiled: "Do you want me to enter the topic?"

White chess is justified: "Of course."

Gu Shenze means a deep saying: "That ... I really entered the topic."

When the director's underground sentence "start" sounded, the white chess came to kiss the lips of Gu Shenze.

This time he is fairly active, because in the plot, the rest of the sound is not in Fenghe Xuan, decided to truly let go. So this night, he said something else, he put all the words that he didn't say that he couldn't export, and he used the most enthusiastic body to respond to Fenghe Xuan, he wants to remember this evening. Remember this only loved man in this life.

Here is in the VIP group, I will continue to see the following after reading it.

The two feel the last pleasure, and the director of the officers also shook the thighs.

After the end of this play, the people of the prop group planned to process the props. However, the director suddenly stopped them, and he said seriously: "Let the actor feel a scene, I think this scene is very good, Shuze and Bai Qi also finally grabbed the feeling. If possible, I hope some of the play before re-shoot. "

White chess is full of dizzy, I didn't listen to the guidance of the speech. Gu Shenze is picking a smile: "Qi Lao, what do you want to take a play?"

Qi directors turned the head and walked down, and looked at the eyes and saw: "What kind of drama I have to shoot, Xiao Gu ... You are not known to ask.

Gu Shenze smiled slightly and did not say anything.

After the day of the day, Bai Qi returned to his dormitory and turned back on the living room. When he heard a doorbell, he quickly ran the door and then saw the man, quickly convergered a surprise expression, snort: "What?"

Gu Shenze leaned against the door, smiled: "The rest of the sound because there is no cleaning inside, so is sick. What about you?"

Bai Qi did not think that this guy was so straightforward, his face was red, smashed: "I ... what I me? I am very good! What are you doing, there is anything, there is something, it's okay? Give me a glow! "

Before, Bai Qi is absolutely impossible to say this to Gu Shenze, and even if it is Gu Shenze, even if it is facing a predecessor, his attitude is very respectful.

However, now, he directly wants to let Gu Shenze egg.

Gu Hua Weishen is not annoyed. He looks like a laugh and laughing, it is not awkward. After half a half, Bai Qi still can't hold it. Seeing that Shen Ze has never talking, his eyes are gradually red, and the heart is inexplicably in the heart.

The person being on the person is him, and he is also willing to allow Take Gu Shenze to do that. However, now, Gu Xinze has not reacts, he knows that he likes Gu Shenze, and even likes it for so long, but Gu Shenze ... maybe just play him? If you don't change anyone to play this movie, you will take care of him.

This is a colleague.

Seeing that this child is red, you have to flow out, and Gu Shenze finally no longer tease him. He gently pinned this soft face, and couldn't help but laughed: "I thought I used to play the bed. Is it so bad for other actors? "

White chess ignored him, and took the hand at once.

Gu Xinze reached again, pinch the soft cheeks: "The reason is willing to use naked, white children, because the object is you."

White chess is preparing to take this stinking hand, listening to this sentence, the action is stiff.

Just listen to the sound of Shuze lycol continues to ring: "Or, what you can become a bless, because ... I agree. Because it is you, so you can have" row ", because you are you Can have my surplus. "

White chess looked up at Gu Shuze, but saw the other thin lips slightly, a pair of good-looking Danfeng eyes have already laughed. Gu Shenze used a helpless look at himself, and said: "You said you, is it in the Jinsheng Award? Is it always talking about my bad words? I really didn't see it, your friends for you ... it seems Is it a word? You have been talking to the Chu Yan. You said that this person is cold and arrogant, you said that my eyes have a brain door, you still say that I definitely not get the Jinsheng Awards. "

White cheap marked: "But you didn't get it ..."

Gu Xinze looks: "That is your curse me."

White chess is not flat: "I can't decide the award, you are filth!"

Gu Xinze did not seem to "oh", and said: "I said because you curse me, that is, you curse me."

"You caught, you didn't get it!"

"White children, because you curse me, so I didn't get the shadow."

"You are just a filth !!!"

"Anyway, you curse me."

"Gu Xinze! How are you? You are such a person! You are married!"

Gu Huaze lively and reached out to the youth in front of him, and took the door to the door, while holding this child in the wall, he smiled and said low, "how to do, you curse me, I didn't get the shadow of Jinsheng Award, then you have to compensate me, um ... will compensate for my life. "

He lowered, with a warm and gentle kiss, the child will be refuted.

Eleven years ago, Bai Qi will never think of it, he will be with the young actor who is cool.

Just as eleven years, he can't think of it. He actually and this man will be in the face of the majesty, secretly do that kind of thing. With the secret help of the director, he can kiss this man with a whole body, or you can use this role.

The rest of the sound of Fengnexuan, just in just seven months, he gave a heart to this man, then sent this man to leave. In the face of this man, he said his own counsel, saying that he is just to revenge and the other party, just wanting this man trying to abandon the taste.

Feng Hexuan is naturally unbelievable until he rushed to the homes of the voice and saw the scene.

That saw the only little scorpion he liked, that always provoked him, saying that he didn't eat full of small scorpions, at this moment, the most profound widow in the fishing village was going to bed. He saw his favorite person, in front of him, on the top of others.

He looked at this person and looked at himself, even said the world's most vicious words: "Feng Hexuan, you have not tapped a woman. I told you that the woman's body is the sketch of the sky. Things, and women do love is the best thing in the world. "

The widow woman smiled: "Small, you are moving, the sister can wait for you."

Feng Hexuan does not believe: "Yu Sheng! You said, in the reeds, you are the first time!"

But the rest of the laughter, but the last firm all defeats: "What do I say, do you believe? Do you have a brain, how much people are all, I will be like you? You still Don't say that you are like that, you have to be much better than Liu Er in our village. "

The widow hit a lot: "Small, you still have to do with the man? Do you have a few men? Stimulating?"

Yu Sheng smile: "There are not many, you will be four or five, you see this abundant Shaoye, he is the last one. I think it is a woman, but also soft and fragrant, and Li Jie."

This scene, seeing the Fenghe Xuan Qinglun, and the words of the surplus, but let his old injury in his body again, the heart is hot, and suddenly spurting a blood, sprinkling on the floor.

Feng Hexuan went up, I thought I got a little bit of distress, who is full of beautiful and exquisite faces but full of disgusting, the rest of the voice is cold and cold: "Feng Da Shaoye, you have to vomit blood. I spit in this room, dirty, this floor, do you go to rub? "

The blood is all solidified at this moment.

Feng Hexuan didn't know how he returned home, he never believed that the little scorpion would be like this. But his gimmick told him that after he left, he was always with that Li widow in the house, and didn't see him at all.

Feng Huan Xuan, who was received again, once again spit a blood, fainted for three days, directly from the night of Xuancheng overnight.

And he naturally didn't know, when he left the room, Li widow sighed helplessly, said: "Do you like that little child?"

This sentence made the rest of the voice suddenly, he didn't laugh: "No."

Li widow took out his body and smiled: "All crying this, what is it not? Young is really good, you have a little friends, even if you have a person, you are not I will take you. But when you are on me, you can't erect, I don't want to go with you. "

The rest of the voice and wipe his face, and then found that he had already teared.

Li widow wearing clothes, while said: "According to the character of the rich family in the east side of the village, it is estimated that it is still not to believe in you. I will wait for a while in your house, wait until he is sure."

I wi tears while I nodded.

Li widow sat on the bed and looked at the sound with his fingers and touched the blood on the floor. He kept touching. The smile on her face slowly disappeared. At the end, she finally couldn't help but ask: "Why don't you be with him."

The house is silent. After a long time, the rest of the voice said: "He is a big master of Xuancheng Fengjia. He is a Phoenix in the sky. I am the earth chicken in the mountain. He is with me, there is no The method inherits the family, he can only be a mountainous village husband, he should be able to reinvigorate the family, he can go further, as long as you don't be with me. "

Li widow smiled and said: "If you believe in him, you should not do this. If you don't choose to become a mountainous village, it is his business. Who said he wants to be a lot of grandfather? Also, who said he didn't The family will be a mountainous village, and he can also reope with his own Dongshan. "

Silent, the rest of the sound: "Li Jie, I am a man, with me, he will never be laughing. Even if you know me and his things, he will be smashed in a lifetime. He will be hit by the egg, he will also be smashed with a rotten leaves. For them, the two men are sin, I will meet with him. "

Li widow smiled and got up, but when he walked to the door, he turned his head. He said: "The old lady is most eye-catching, and the views of others are doing, even if the people in the village are Going to our yard, the old lady is all the next! The old lady is afraid of them? I only have a few decades left in this life, and the pain is coming soon, that is the most important thing! "

After the words were finished, Li widow closed the door, but the rest was still sitting on the ground and touched the blood.

After a long time, he listened to a low dumb female voice outside the door: "What is it?"

The rest of the sound slowly, smiled and said: "Li Jie, I didn't like people, I only loved someone. When I love him, even life can, I love him, as long as he is good , My dignity and self can be trampled by myself. I understand what you just said, but ... I even think that he became the best person in the world. "

At this time, I didn't know that Feng Huan Xuan once again spit a blood, brought back to Xuancheng by his family.

When he heard that Feng Jia people had left the village, he went to the small broken cabinet in the night, and sat in the cold bed. One person slept all night.

Thirty years later, the monetarian home of Xuancheng returned to this small fishing village.

It is said that it is a fishing village, in fact, not. There is no fishing village here, and it has developed into a bustling town. The cold and serious old man stands in front of the reed, watching it quietly. He stood in the next row. Feng Jia has already went back to the brilliance, but it is not a marriage, but the power of this master and wrist.

Fengjia's next successor is called Feng Ying, the name is made by his uncle, that is, today's houser.

Feng Hexuan has not been married, but when he is old, he likes to listen to the play, and I like to listen to "reed".

Now he stood in this large-scale reed, even if he has changed, he can see the woods in the year. Fengjia wooden house in the village has become a restaurant, the small broken house in the village is ... but it has become a teahouse.

Fenghe Xuan gods stood in front of this teahouse, and it did not dare to go forward. He is afraid to see that person, he doesn't know what to say. He is so stood in front of the teahouse, and he doesn't talk, it is looking until an old woman comes out from the teahouse.

When the body suddenly stiff, Feng Hexuan looked at the strange old woman and smiled helplessly.

He pulled a passerner and sent a piece of silver, asked: "I will ask the old man, who is the person?"

At the time of the passerby, I quickly accepted the silver, and I was very excited. "Li widow, that is the boss of Li widow, the teahouse."

Thirty years ago, the charm still existed the face suddenly in front of him, Fenghe Xuan's throat is all bitter taste. After a moment, he smiled: "It turns out that this is the boss, then what is the boss? How is he doing now? Is there a few children?"

Who is listening to this, the passer is surprised: "Where is the boss?"

Fenghe Xuan smashed.

I saw this way of a thigh: "Hey, you are misunderstood, this teahouse only has a boss, no boss. Because Li widow is a woman, so our gang is a boss, there is no such thing in your city. "

Feng Hexuan's finger trembled, after a long time, he asked in the sound of the sound: "That ... Then, who live here, is it?"

This passer is shaking his head, confused: "Yu Jia is? Who is this?"

The passerby's voice is big, an old man sitting in the teahouse laughs: "Yu Jia is? Isn't it the rogue? He is dead for twenty-nine years, why still remember him? Who is it? Remember him, let me see ...! Are you ... is it ... "

When I heard that word, Feng Helong had already arrived in place, as if all the sounds left.

Twenty-nine years ...



Over the water curtain, I only listened to the old man's house: "Yes, you have a good relationship with the sound of the same voice, often send a gift to his home. The kid is also a bitter life, twenty-eight years ago, our village He has brought into the town. He didn't catch it. When he died, he was in the village. He ran into the reed land. Hey, it seems that the reed seems to be very close to you. It is the place in the village. When he died, it was already a skinny bone. It was died. It may be that there is a night to fall into the water, and the stomach is hungry, so I didn't swim. "

Feng Hexuan will go back and go back, and all don't have strength. He bites his teeth and looked at the old people in front of him. He is majestic. You don't trust him! I gave him a lot of things, he absolutely live He has money, he ... "

"Those who have not moved, and there is a will after he died, all gives Li widow, so Li widow has opened this teahouse." The old man continued: "You don't believe, you ask you Li widow, she knows that it is clear than I. "

Feng Hexuan turned his head, seeing the old lady who is curved, standing, looking at himself.

The face has no more beautiful, but Feng Hexuan will not forget this life, and that day is in the room, the owner of this face and his only loved one, left him a lifetime. nightmare.

Li widow took Fenghe Xuan to come to the house, moved all the thirty small boxes, put it in front of Fenghe Xuan. Li widow made Feng Hexuan to open, Feng Hexuan did not move, this old lady smiled and opened the box all.

In the forefront, Fenghe Xuan remembers all.

Have a good supplement, there are many silver, and some book paper.

Li widow smiled and said: "These things have been said to me after the beginning, I have no flowers. Don't listen to them, this teahouse is what I fight, how can I spend something like Yes. These things are not willing to spend, I will spend it, I don't want to be a ghost. "

The throat seems to be held by people, Fenghe Xuan shakes the body, and a word can't say it.

Li widow is laughing: "You want to ask me, why don't you see me? Yes, I also asked him twenty-nine years ago, why do you want to live, you have to live to have more hope. But he told me that there is no other things, he may still be a month, but spend these things, his heart is dead, no longer thinking, he can't live in a day. "

"These things, is his life root, rich young master, do you say that I can spend?" Li widow looked up at the eyes, looked at the luxurious and solemn people in front of him, suddenly laughed: "You are young When I died, I was afraid that I would have a lot more old than you. He went to the boat that day, I said that you are all hungry, do you want to boil. He said, it is dead, you have to go from that person. The place died, then three days later, we found the ship, his body was also tramped. "

Feng Hexuan will fall behind, and there is a sweetness in the throat, and a bloody spray outlet.

In the house, only one of him and Li widow, see him, Li widow is awkward, then smiled: "You have made me think of 30 years ago. You spit a blood, then leave, but You don't know, I was really dead by you two people. The rest of the voice didn't have hard. You can't even see this kind of simple thing. I also believe in his ghost. Yes You will definitely don't know, he has been crying, and you have always rubbed the blood of you. "

Feng Hexuan's eye is red, and the lips are exuded out of the blood. It has already said that there is no exit. He was shakingly looked at the dazzling box and looked at the things that accumulated the gray. Li widow's words are stabbed in his mouth, he almost fell down, only one breath is supported.

He turned into the ground and turned it. If you want to see the place, who is that Li widow suddenly smiled again, she lowered: "Feng Da Shaoye, can you turn it, let me see you again? "

Feng Hexuan turned around.

But seeing this Li widow is already tears, but it is still laughing and saying: "I want to know, what kind of person is worth a person who is worthy of people, don't love face and dignity. "

The film ends in a leisure row.

The water waves are gently ripple, the wooden scull slowly, a single thin figure holds a lonely paddle, walking in a dizziness. Suddenly, he came behind a low male voice: "Yu"! "

The man turned into the body, the expression was first surprised, and finally became a surprise.

He smiled and shouted, and then a lost foot suddenly fell into the water.

When people say people are dead, they will always make a breath and want to see the most important person. This scorpion hard student waited for three days, finally heard the call, as if the call from the other side, let him righteously cross the boat, stepped into the water.

Still in such a place, a temperament is sitting in the bow, looking at the water surface of the blue waves. In the dizzy daylight, the time seems to be reversed, he returns to the appearance of the young. As always, Junmei, as always, the first look, let the little scorpion into the fans, starting to harass every day.

This person is sitting at the bow, first laugh, and finally start crying.

He cried his liver and intestines, crying as if you want to exhaust your mind.

In the end, he stood in the bow, as if I saw an imaginary phantom. That is the time when the person ridested to take him. He sat in the middle of the ship, and the man stood in the boat paddles, marking, the man began to blow up the picoli, the flute is melodious, bring A light and long shake sound.

Time seems to hurried, and time seems to stay still.

The picture gradually went, only listened to the sound of "", all turned into silence.

When the white chess after watching this movie at the private cinema of Gu Shenze, he cried, while the man who was depressed, he was mute: "You said you, why are you so late, why? Can't come early! "

Gu Xin Zeli lived his hand, helpless: "I want to blame you, why do you lie to me?"

White chess ignores him, continue to say: "It is your fault!"

Gu Xin Zairang's hand in his own chest, said: "Yes, it is my fault, I heard my heartbeat, I have seen your face in the movie, I am also shocked, Only a little crocodile more than you. "

White is angry: "You are crocodile tears! Yes, don't let Xiaoxie know me cry, he must laugh at me."

Cry into this movie, this kind of thing is too unopened!

Gu Xin Ze's light should be comforted, waiting for Bai Qi to cry, he laughed: "Otherwise, the child we will be called."

White chess is shaking: "My child doesn't want to be with others!"

Gu Xin Zai thought about it: "That takes care of it?" ? "

I thought about it, and Bai Qi also nodded and agreed.

Seeing the child, "I barely promise you,", Gu Shengze can't help but laugh, and the heart is dissatisfied.

"Yu Sheng, you are my rest. "

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