Rebirth of Basketball Boy

Chapter One Back to the past

Yan Lingfeng, a very humble little character, returned to the small village where he grew up tragically after four years of Pheasant University. It was not because Yan Lingfeng had a hermit demeanor, but because of his diploma. You can’t mix in the workplace in the city. This year, security guards need a college degree. For a slightly decent job, one free job is enough to attract hundreds or even thousands of undergraduates and even masters...

It’s not that Yan Lingfeng has never tried it. He once hoped to pass a resume to a proud recruiter, and then the same sentence rang in his ear thousands of times: We have received the resume, please You go back and wait for the news and we will call you.Then, there was no news. The resumes that had been produced with a lot of energy appeared in the office trash, or in the recycling station, or waiting to be reborn...

Therefore, Yan Lingfeng returned to his hometown in a desperate manner. Ten years of cold windows exchanged for such a result. Although Yan Lingfeng's parents did not say anything, the faint disappointment in their eyes could not be concealed.Under the contempt of the villagers, he opened a small shop, guarding the road and selling groceries, cigarettes and alcohol, and mixed up life very unambitiously.

On one day in 2014, Yan Lingfeng was playing a world-famous online game "Jinge Iron Horse" while guarding his computer. Across the road, the owner and repairman of an auto repair shop shouted: "Ling Feng, bring me a pack of cigarettes."

Yan Lingfeng said ashamed to several teammates in the next book, "I have something, I will leave for a while." He took a pack of cigarettes from the shelf and hurried across the road. In the game, Yan Lingfeng was brushing. With a very difficult copy, without him this MT, teammates will definitely be very difficult to brush.Yan Lingfeng, who had been very responsible since he was a child, couldn't care to see if there was a car coming, because this place was an intersection, and passing vehicles had always been aware of slowing down.

But at this moment, a speeding truck galloped off the top of the slope aggressively. Yan Lingfeng could even see his body flying out. He tried to control his balance, but found himself at this time. The power seems so scarce...

In a daze, Yan Lingfeng heard two sharp voices talking:

"We deserve to be unlucky for the two brothers. This is the first time this month that the wrong person has been caught?"

"Who knows? Last time we brought back an old thing that should not be extinct, our brother was severely scolded by the king. This time we will bring this back to let the king find that he has not forgotten the things in his previous life. How is it good?"

"Why don't we send him back again?"

"There is no such possibility. Didn't you see that his body had been sent for cremation when we left?"

"Yes, then what should I do? I said you too, I said you don't be so reckless, you just keep going! This is fine, just go back and wait for the scolding!"

"By the way, we can send him back ten years ago!"

"Good idea! Just do it!"

"I won't go back!" Yan Lingfeng said decisively, who was gradually waking up. He was so blinded by the neighbors and villagers when he was alive. Even if he went back ten years ago, he would just go through his failed life again. What's so good? Nostalgic!

"What are you talking about?" The little devil on the left drank, "We decide whether you live or die! It's not what you want to say!"

Yan Lingfeng was weak and could not feel the presence of the flesh, and couldn't help but laugh at herself: "Now I am a standard lonely ghost! Go ahead quickly, not all that Meng Po soup, Chen Have you forgotten everything! I drank the Meng Po soup, and the King of Yama would not be able to discover your negligence."

The kid in dark clothes on the right sneered: "I didn't expect you to know a lot! But what you don't know is that for those who are undecided, Meng Po Tang is a bowl of yellow mud soup, and it has no effect! "

It seems that this is the black and white impermanence in the legend, and it does not look as terrible as the legend. Yan Lingfeng shook his head and said: "I really don't want to go back. I stayed enough in the world. I went back ten years ago and treated me. It is undoubtedly that I saw my wound and stepped on another foot severely..."

Hei Wuchang put a cold smile away, and said: "Don't be so pessimistic, I can help you cleanse your muscles, let you have bones that are far stronger than ordinary people, and you have been ahead of others for ten years. Confidence to change your own destiny in the time and space that began ten years ago?"

Yan Lingfeng thought for a while, hesitatingly asked: "Are you telling the truth? Can I really change my destiny?"

Bai Wuchang immediately nodded and said, "Of course, although human fate is destined, and Yangshou Geometry has a detailed record in our Yan Luo Temple, but after you came to this underground palace and circled such a circle, you have already broken away from the destiny set by the heaven for you. , So you have a chance to rewrite your life!"

Is it really possible?Although Yan Lingfeng lived a lonely life in his last life, he didn't have the ambition to spread his wings with the wind and Ling Yun straight up!

Yan Lingfeng seemed to be a little shaken in the dark, and continued to persuade: "What's so good about hell? Although the human world is suffering from the human world, but you think about it, the eighteenth floor of the ten halls of hell is not a beautiful place, once you enter Yes, you can suffer from your hardship!"

Yan Lingfeng pondered: "But why should I trust you?"

Bai Wuchang coldly snorted: "Although our brothers are not big figures in these ten halls of ghost kings, their reputation in the world is not small! Is it necessary to deceive? You should think about it quickly. If you don't want to, Even if the two of us are punished by the Yama King, you are not much better. Once the bridge is over, it is impossible for you to go out. The next life will be the sky, the earth, and the Shura or the pigs and dogs.

After hesitating for a while, Yan Lingfeng finally gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, I believe you! Going back to ten years ago, I had 10 more years of experience in that world, I don't believe that I can't be a person!"

Hei Wuchang said with a smile, "Then do you want me to re-train my muscles and bones?"

Yan Lingfeng nodded immediately. Although his body was not terrible in the previous life, it was definitely not good. He had slight rheumatism at a young age.

Hei Wuchang's eyes flashed with cold light, and he stretched out his thin palm to touch the back of Yan Lingfeng's head...


Outside the gate of hell, beside the bridge, Yan Lingfeng's heart-piercing cry came.

"Feng'er, get up..."

Yan Lingfeng hugged the blanket and rolled again, seemingly reluctant to leave the soft big bed, a familiar voice came from his ear, making him agitated, and he got up suddenly.

"Feng'er, today is the day when the No. 1 Middle School reports, don't go to bed, hurry up and have breakfast, you should also report!"

Yan Lingfeng stared at his mother and straightened her eyes. Heiwuchang did not lie to herself. At this time, there was no white hair on her mother's head, and her mother said that the first report...

What a distant memory, Yan Lingfeng has always believed that in her 26 years of life, the happiest days are the three years spent in one school.

There seemed to be faint tears leaking from the corners of her eyes, Yan Lingfeng wiped her eyes pretending to not be awake and said, "Mom, I know, I will get up to wash and eat."

This is unpredictable, Yan Lingfeng couldn't help but sigh, is this world really so wonderful?Inexplicably, I returned to ten years ago after a car accident. What I saw was not the heartbroken and crying parents, but the parents who were confident in themselves and yearned for life.

After moving his arms, it seemed that he was more powerful than before. Thinking about the pain when Heiwuchang was washing his muscles and marrow by the bridge of Naihe, Yan Lingfeng couldn't help but shiver.

Today, I can go back to the one I have been thinking about again, the place where I once entrusted my dreams, where I left my purest love, and there used to be a group of like-minded brothers...

At this time, it is too late to plan carefully for your life after rebirth. Let's take a few steps and take a look.After washing, Yan Lingfeng habitually sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. On the coffee table in front of her, her mother had put breakfast on it: a dish of side dishes, a bowl of porridge, a steamed bun, an egg...

Li Yang looked at the breakfast in front of him and sighed. He used to eat an egg for breakfast almost every day, but since going to university, many times he can't eat breakfast at all, let alone eggs. The reason is actually very simple. I went to bed until 10 or even 11, and it was time for lunch when I woke up...

I heard the voice from the TV: In the last group A match of the men's basketball group match of the Athens Olympic Games in the early hours of this morning, the Chinese team defeated the European powerhouse Serbia and Montenegro, and was blocked by the quarterfinals for the second consecutive Olympic Games. !

"Huh? What's the matter?"

Yan Lingfeng is a standard basketball fan. He remembers clearly that the Chinese team in the last life miraculously defeated Serbia and Montenegro and finally advanced to the quarter-finals. Yan Lingfeng watched suspiciously. The TV was looking back on two In the last minute of the team, after Yao Ming made two free throws, the Chinese team led by two points. After looking back, the Serbia and Montenegro team made a very difficult three-pointer and suddenly overtook the score. The Chinese team Du Feng's last attack was passed to Du Feng's hands. Du Feng had no chance to take a shot and was sent to the free throw line. The scene that surprised Yan Lingfeng appeared, Du Feng missed two free throws!

how could this be!

At this time, Yan Lingfeng's brain was in chaos. Although he could not remember the specific plot at the time, he clearly remembered that one of the heroes of this game was Yao Ming and the other was Du Feng.

At this time, the TV picture has been cut to the post-match analysis of basketball expert Zhang Weiping. He only said: "The Chinese team now has the best center in the world, Yao Ming, and the young Yi Jianlian is also at the power forward position. With rapid growth, in time, he will surely become Yao Ming's right-hand man. In the small forward and shooting guard positions, the Chinese team has always been a pitcher. There is no need to worry about these two positions. But now the Chinese team urgently needs a team that can control the overall situation and connect. The excellent point guard of the whole team, if there is no new discovery in this position, I personally think that it is difficult for the Chinese team with the world's number one center to make a better breakthrough in the World Series..."

Listening to Zhang Weiping's words, Yan Lingfeng couldn't help thinking of Beijing in 2008, the Chinese team fought with world champion Spain to the last minute, the fatal mistake of the Chinese team's No. 5 point guard, and London in 12 years, in the post-Yao Ming era. The disgrace of the group stage 5 battle...

The death of the defender of the Chinese men's basketball team!

"Haha, what does this have to do with me? I still eat my food, go to my school, and find opportunities to make money by being ahead of everyone else." Yan Lingfeng shook his head, feeling that some others had fallen. My leg hurts.

Breakfast was quickly wiped out, and her mother had packed Yan Lingfeng's luggage. The school was not close to home, so Yan Lingfeng spent her entire high school life in the school.

Saying goodbye to her mother, Yan Lingfeng walked out of the house with her luggage on his back. His mother followed and said, "Feng'er, you should pay more attention to your body when you are outside than at home. Also, don't fight over anything you encounter. Winning, studying hard is the key..." I remember that before, Yan Lingfeng was always annoying to hear these words, but now it sounds like a kind of warmth that can't be said.

Yan Lingfeng solemnly turned back and replied: "I know, Mom, don't worry, I will not worry you!"

Speaking of this, Yan Lingfeng couldn't help but sigh, how much he made his parents worry about when he was in the past. In the first year of high school, he fought and beat him to the hospital; in the second year of high school, he became obsessed with online games, which would cost his living expenses. They all threw them in the Internet cafes, and then they found excuses to ask the family for money; in the third year of high school, they became even worse when they were drinking, smoking, skipping classes and playing basketball with a group of friends...

Yan Lingfeng, who returned home after three years of high school and four years of college, noticed that her mother's temples no longer knew when they became as white as snow, and his father's always strong back was difficult to straighten up again... People under 50!For the sake of life, for the sake of my son, I worked hard and rubbed my blood...

Yan Lingfeng, who had been relived again, absolutely could not, and would not allow such a thing to happen again.

I have been ignorant for a lifetime. In this lifetime, my parents, I won't let you go bad before you get old again!Yan Lingfeng silently took an oath in his heart.

At the end of August, I was standing on the tail of summer. It was the time when the scorching heat came back to light. Although it was only 7 o'clock in the morning, Yan Lingfeng stood by the roadside for less than 10 minutes, already sweating, and finally waiting for a car to go to the city. Li Yang stepped onto the door of the passenger car with his luggage on his back, found a seat, and looked at the house gradually going away. Yan Lingfeng secretly clenched his fists: This time I will definitely return home!for sure!

This day, August 23, 2004, was the first day after the rebirth of a generation of basketball superstar Yan Lingfeng.