Chapter 1 America, I'm Coming (for collection and recommendation)

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On New Year's Day, 1995, the gate of St. John's Orphanage in Los Angeles.

At this moment, there are two people standing at the gate, one black and one white. The black complexion is a middle-aged man in his 30s, and the white complexion is black with an oriental face, a green face and blue eyes. The chilled boy is obviously a mixed-race boy of East and West.

"John, let's go." The black-skinned middle-aged man in his 30s sighed and said to the boy nearby.

Li Feng nodded, turned around and glanced at the orphanage where he had spent his entire childhood, then followed the middle-aged black man onto an old pickup truck and left slowly.

Sitting in the back, leaning on the back of the car, Li Feng closed his eyes with a blank expression, and couldn't help sinking into contemplation and memories.

The optimistic Zach glanced at the teenager who was sitting in the back with his eyes closed through the rearview mirror, and couldn't help but smile.But he didn't know that at this time, the young man in his eyes had thoughts surging and couldn't help himself.


My name is Li Feng, and my English name is St. John Lee, an orphan in the St. John’s Orphanage in Los Angeles.Hearing the name, I know that the orphanage belongs to the church, and I named it St. John Lee in memory of it.

15 years ago, when Li Feng opened his eyes and felt the world, he was shocked.Feeling the softness of the whole body, powerlessness, and the small body wrapped around it, I am used to reading the rebirth text at a certain point, and I am convinced that I am also reborn.

I really don't know whether to cry or laugh. Fortunately, I was a lonely person in the previous life. I didn't have much dislike for the rebirth of Li Feng. I just sighed in my heart. It's a pity that the house, car, and ticket in the previous life don't know who is cheaper.

In his previous life, I was born in a small mountain village in China's inland in 1980. My father died since I was a child. My mother ran away and lived with my grandfather. The 16-year-old grandfather also quietly closed his eyes.

With the 1,000 yuan in cash collected by selling houses and land, he followed the villagers to Hangzhou, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province to settle down. Since then, construction sites and small restaurants have become their main venues.

At the age of 18, he became obsessed with the Internet and has since become a glorious "network administrator", commonly known as a network manager. With his own vigour, he became the confidant of the owner of an Internet cafe in 2000, managing 5 stores. The operations of Internet cafes are commonly known as Internet cafe managers and managers.

In fact, it’s really nothing to be the manager of an Internet cafe. You go online every day, collect money, settle accounts with your boss, and occasionally deal with people directly in charge of the government.

Two years later, as the country's management of the Internet cafe industry became more and more standardized, he left the Internet cafe owner and went to the urban-rural fringe to open a black Internet cafe. In just two or three years, he made a lot of money. pen.

Later, through the previous Internet cafe owner, I bought a regular Internet cafe, catching up with the last few years of Internet cafes. After I sold the Internet cafe in 2012, I paid off the mortgage and so on. After 30 years of age, I have accumulated several million. Deposits can also be regarded as people who have a house, a car and a deposit.

It may be because of my family since I was young. People in my 30s have not solved my personal problems.From the beginning of the Internet cafe transfer, for several years, relying on millions of deposits, eating bank interest, and living a very chic single life.

In June 2017, during the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River, I forgot the various advices on the Internet not to call on rainy days. As a result, I was hit by a flash of lightning and I immediately lost consciousness. Mixed-breed baby in swaddling.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the face of an old woman in Europe and the United States. I knew that I might have crossed into the world of Western race.

I learned later that it was in the 80s that Los Angeles was definitely a famous city for anyone on earth.


Perhaps the traversal and rebirth has a golden finger effect, even Li Feng can't think of it, accompanied by his traversal is the memory of an incredible great person-a magician named Einstein in the magic continent of Alister.

Well, it doesn't matter whether it is Einstein or the Einstein who proposed the theory of relativity, maybe the people called Einstein are geniuses.

The Continent of Allister is a magical world, and as the pinnacle of the continent, Einstein lived a life of mixed eating and waiting to die every day, occasionally doing a few small magic experiments.

It may be that the gods in the legends of the Magic Continent can't stand it anymore. In a small experiment, I didn't expect to stimulate the space element and cause a space storm.

You must know that even the Dharma gods can't control the space elements, and they are sucked into the space storm.I don't know what's going on, only a group of consciousness groups have traveled to the earth, and accompanied by the lightning, they traveled back to Los Angeles, 80 years ago with Li Feng's consciousness.

Anyway, I don't know what the reason is. The legendary god of law has already died, leaving only a group of memories that are cheap, Li Feng, who has the greatest capital for himself in the new world.


A few days ago, Sister Mary, the dean of the St. John’s Welfare Institute, returned to heaven—the Lord’s embrace. The only dean who treated herself well to herself had passed away. Therefore, Li Feng also had the idea to leave the orphanage and immediately proposed. Request to leave.

The successors of the orphanage directly agreed to Li Feng's proposal, and the scene before it happened.Of course, looking at the deserted scene before, it is obvious that Li Feng has not been popular in the welfare institution for more than ten years. This is also caused by Li Feng's withdrawn character for more than 10 years.

You know, after Li Feng had the memory of a great Dharma God, he gradually became familiar with and practiced magic since he was able to walk.

Became a trainee magician 3 years ago, barely able to send out a small fireball to set fire.Now he has reached the pinnacle of apprenticeship, a man who is about to become a magician.

Of course, in Li Feng's current view, the biggest advantage of being a magician is that he has a strong body and full strength, and he can't get his body out of ordinary minor problems.

You know that Li Feng's punch can reach more than 500 kilograms. If those boxing coaches see it, they should cry and become a coach. It can be said that he is about 1.75 meters old and looks at a 15-year-old boy with a thin body. It's a humanoid monster.

Li Feng himself sometimes thinks that it’s not bad to practice boxing and become a boxing champion. Thinking about Ali and Tyson’s money is still pretty fierce, but considering that he is also a traversing person, just becoming a boxing champion. , Too embarrassing to the rebirth.

Those online novels in the previous life traveled through the rebirth protagonist. It wasn't about becoming the richest man, stepping on Gates, Buffett, or embracing the Oscar queen, and finally gave up the idea of ​​the boxing champion. Perhaps there is really no top boxing champion in the world.


Unconsciously, the car came to the east and south areas of downtown Los Angeles and stopped in front of an old 10-storey apartment. This is a rental apartment in a slum in Los Angeles. Middle-aged black people live here, and Li Feng himself is temporarily preparing to settle here.

To be honest, Li Feng is really unfamiliar with Los Angeles. Because of his young age, most of them were in orphanages, and schools had school buses to pick them up. As a result, they were all reborn in Los Angeles for 15 years. He is still very strange to Los Angeles.

"John, what are your plans for the future?" Zach John asked the boy next to him.

Zach didn't dare to underestimate the young man in front of him. In terms of thinking, the young man in front of him has been emotionally stable, mature in thought, and planned to do things since he came into contact. He is not like a teenager at all, but more like a mature and stable middle-aged man.

In terms of wealth and wealth, Zach knew that the 15-year-old in front of him was worth hundreds of thousands, and he was much richer than his pauper.

In terms of skill, Zach believes that as long as people of Chinese ancestry are capable of Chinese kung fu, their strength and speed are far beyond ordinary people, and often let themselves feel that Li Feng should go to sports, and he will definitely win the world championship in the future.

"Zach, I don't have any thoughts for the time being, let's live for a while and adapt."


The two people walked into the apartment and took advantage of the elevator to the top floor of the 12th floor.


There are 4 apartments on the entire 12th floor, and Li Feng and Zac share one room.

Walking to the door of the two apartments facing 1201 and 1202, Zach opened Room 02 and smiled at Li Feng: "It's your house, mine is in Room 01. If you have anything to call me at any time, you Clean it up by yourself."

After speaking, he gave Li Feng the key, put down the salute, and walked back to his apartment.

Looking at the six or seven-square-meter one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, and a small balcony facing the street, Li Feng was very satisfied. The appliances were complete and he moved in directly with a bag. The previous daily necessities have been placed. The trouble of buying again.

I cleaned up briefly, moved a chair to the balcony, and sat down to think about my future life.


For the past 10 years, although I had been living the life of an ordinary person, spending time with practice magic, after all, I was a child.

If the performance is too much, if it is as enchanting as in the novel, it may have been invited by the FBI for tea.The ability of the government must not be underestimated, especially the only superpower like the United States.

But after all, he is a rebirth person. The only time he made a shot was last year, during the 94th World Cup in the United States, when Li Feng took the $300 he saved and started his plan to earn the first pot of gold.

Thanks to being a pseudo-fan in his previous life, I met a lot of college students after working in Internet cafes in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hangzhou. Naturally, I paid attention to football. At that time, Robert Baggio was one of his idols and he was very obsessed. For a while.

After all, to communicate with these college students, there must always be a topic, and football is a very good tool.

Although I don't play football, I occasionally watch football matches and buy a few football lotteries. I have some understanding of Baggio's fame battle. I even went to Duniang to search for it in my previous life. I was absolutely impressed.

It can be said that there are few college students who were born in the early 7th and 80ths who are not obsessed with Baggio. Therefore, Baggio’s journey to the 94 World Cup from the 4 knockout stages made Baggio the world’s coach. Joe.Li Feng is very familiar with the results of these games.


After that, starting from the eighth final of the World Cup according to memory, the odds are several times, then the odds are almost 6 times for the next quarter and the semifinals, and the final is about 6 times the odds.

Let his 300 dollars pass 4 games, after deducting taxes, become the middle-class American imperial class worth more than half a million dollars.

Of course, Baggio's melancholy eyes and lonely back with his hips akimbo have become memories in his mind.

At the same time, through the introduction of Sister Mary, I met the middle-aged black man before, who was still an unreliable lawyer. He was also an orphan brought up by Sister Mary. He was honest, optimistic, cheerful, and optimistic. .

After all, at the beginning of the next two games, the prize money is relatively large, and children are still more troublesome. Fortunately, there are Sister Mary and Zach, a middle-aged black man.Neither of them was greedy for money, and helped Li Feng open an account in the bank and deposit all the money.

This time I left the orphanage because of Zac’s help, which made Zac his temporary guardian. After all, he was still a minor and he needed the help of a guardian for many things.


"John, let's go, let's have lunch, today I have a treat." It was Zac who asked Li Feng to eat.

"OK, America, I am coming!!"

After Li Feng stood up, he shouted in Chinese to the balcony, and then left the apartment with Zac.