The Cat and Dog of the Rebirth of a Villainous President [Entertainment]" by Lin oz.


Wen Ming Yi has a bamboo horse brother who lives next door, the bamboo horse brother comes from a noble family, handsome, powerful, and dotes on him, however, Wen Ming Yi, with the effect of the original book, and his bamboo horse brother cold war for three years, cynicism.

After three years of hard work, Wen Ming Yi was ready to reconnect with his bamboo horse brother, but was pushed by the protagonist of the original book and died.

Only after his death did Wen Ming Yi realize that both he and his bamboo horse brother were merely supporting characters in a novel, and that he had to die in order to fulfill the love between the protagonist and his true love, and that his bamboo horse brother would be blackened into a villain because of his death, becoming a stepping stone to the protagonist's true love, destitute, and losing his family.

Wen Ming Yi is not happy, then! He found himself reborn! Reborn to the point where the White Lotus protagonist is about to hook up with his bamboo horse brother!

Wen Ming Yi even ran to his bamboo horse brother, trying to tell him to cherish life and stay away from White Lotus.

Chapter 9

Wen Ming Yi, shocked, leaned close to his bamboo horse brother and shouted: "Brother, brother, Junduo brother ......".

But the sound it makes is, "Meow, meow, meow cat cat cat ......."

Sigurdur looked at his brother who suddenly turned into a cat.

Wen Mingyi, after a long day of submissive "meowing, meowing, meowing", directly bit his trouser leg and forbade him to leave!

Sigurdur: ......

Sigunto reached out and picked up the kitten on the ground.

Almost everyone who knew Si Jun Duo knew that he cared most about Wen Ming Yi, with whom he had grown up. No matter how much Wen Ming Yi messes with him, he does not care.

Friends stated, "You like him, the kind that wants to fall in love."

Sigunto said indifferently, "I don't want to."

Six months later, Si Junduo, who shared the bed with the cat every day, grabbed his hand when Wen Ming Yi said he should go back to his own bedroom, "Stay here, the time you became a cat and a dog was mine, so the restoration of manhood, naturally, is also mine."

Wen Ming Yi: ?

Sigurdur stroked his head, "Good boy."

--I like you, the kind that wants to fall in love.

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Works in Brief

After his accidental death, Wen Ming Yi discovers that the world he lives in is a book where he is only a supporting character and the person who killed him is the main character. Then, he was reborn. After his rebirth, Wen Mingyi is developing his career in the entertainment industry while punching the protagonist of the original book in the face. At the same time, the special condition of becoming a cat or a dog at nine o'clock every night along with his rebirth has unexpectedly brought him closer to the bamboo horse Si Junoduo. In the end, Wen Ming Yi successfully jumped out of the fate of the original book and had a successful career and love.

This article is vivid and interesting, with an original idea, in the context of rebirth, supplemented by the elements of cute pets, adding a lot of interest to the article. Si Junduo is gentle and accommodating, while Wen Ming Yi is exuberant and optimistic. They understand, respect and achieve each other, with warm and natural feelings, which draws the most touching appearance of love for the readers. The author's fluent and fast-paced style, humorous language, interesting plot, and vivid characters make it an excellent piece of writing in the entertainment industry.