"Wow, this is amazing."

It was a large children's room, so loud that it suddenly leaked out. There's plenty of room to run around, and the walls of the room are lined with boxes of building blocks, dolls, and picture books.


Niko gladly ran to the tree dragon, even though there would be one in the king's womb. Of course, I don't run that fast. And he went over to the sushi and the box of stuffed animals, and from there he put out the stuffed animals, and began to arrange them. I've never been so obsessed with forgetting Burt and the others.

When I think about it, I feel like there aren't many toys in the All Vance Mansion. There should have been children from generation to generation, but all that was in the room was a picture book, a building block, and a stuffed animal of his own rug dragon.

There were no wooden dragons.

"I can't believe I've never had such a toy."

By the way, that's true.

Nathalie nodded as if she was holding back.

I think it will come out, but if you don't, it may not come out.

Natalie smiled bitterly because she remembered the past when she hadn't been prepared until I said I wanted paper and a pencil. If you have a family with children, what you think is necessary will be prepared naturally, but in the mansion in Allbans, even though you had a brother, there was a lack of such consideration.

If such consideration had been given properly in the first place, even if my father made me cold, the child's troubles should have been properly looked after. I remembered how I treated myself as a baby and wrinkled my nose.

I'm sure your brother wasn't looking after you at all.

If I told you, there must be something out there.

"I'll ask you when I get home." It just didn't come out, and I feel like I've lost a lot of it. "

I swore a firm oath to Natalie, and when I saw Niko, I saw Mill and Carlo, together with Clyde and the toy soldiers, in battle. Thinking about it, it has been a long time since I have played so calmly indoors, whether swinging dead grass and branches or running around outside when I have time to do so during my journey. After all, children need this kind of time.

Besides, we're in the same room, and we don't miss each other playing separately. I nod that this is my friend.

Burt looked at us with some kind of gentle eye. Even though everyone is the same age, Bart is always a little jumpy.

Mills, are you all right?

When I realized that I was sorry for having to deal with a child, I called out unexpectedly.

"What is it? It's so much fun. Come on."

After Mill looked at me strangely, she changed her complexion. She said she noticed something.

"I'm sorry, Leah. I didn't realize. Come on, Leah, use this."

Handed over was a toy soldier dressed in red. I didn't think I was going to miss my buddies at all, but I received them with momentum.

"Well, Leah's my soldier." Let's take down His Highness' army! Do you want to build a castle with building blocks first? "

"That's good!"

With Niko's permission, the building blocks were taken out of another box, and the operation began to take off.

When I saw Niko's happy face, I naturally smiled. It will be an unforgettable memory of the time I spent playing with my age-appropriate children shortly before I arrived at Wester. And it seemed very regretful that Allister, who had joined from the middle of the day, should have been there from the beginning, and that Gil and my brother had joined the fight since the afternoon.

Having played all day that night, I was relaxing in my room with my brother before going to bed. It's time to go to bed, so I just got a big yawn. There is the sound of tong tong and knocking on the door.

Hans quickly moved and called out to the door.

What can I do for you?

"It's Bart. I've been talking to Luke and Leah."

I've been with you all day, but I wonder why you keep coming back. When your brother glanced at me, he nodded to Hans.

Bart was the only one who came into the room. There are always four of us or five of us with Alistair in it, so I don't think it's enough.

“Unusual. Leah's already gone to bed, so please keep your conversation short.”

It seems that your brother thought it unusual for Bert to be alone. Even though I played with him at noon, my brother obviously hooked up with Bart, so I don't feel close to him.

Speaking of which, I thought that I might want to talk to you rather than to my brother, because I've bothered to designate him, so I'm quietly waiting for him to talk to me.

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm late. But I didn't think it would be easy to talk to you after I entered Wester."

Bart was recommended by his brother to sit on the sofa. I nodded my head. The sofa that sits in an aristocratic mansion is often softer than I thought, so if I'm not careful, I'll flip it over. Burt raised his mouth when he saw me like that.

I am a toddler who understands the feelings of the common people.

To put it bluntly, it's about Leah's barrier box.

My barrier box is about yesterday's one-man barrier. The air on my brother's side became stiff.

"Why don't you deposit it with us?"

What's a deposit?

Bart's words were unexpected to me, but they were beyond my brother's expectations. Only pure doubt was felt in your words.

“So let's see if we can use it.”


I answered before my brother did.

"Why, Leah." That's a plan for a hunter. What if the hunter doesn't try it? "

To be honest, I made it because it was interesting, and I didn't really think about making it a product. Because without the abundant magic power of the Fourth Duke and the Royal Family, the magic tools they could make would be useless. If you don't drop it to a level where you can make Yuvale, you can't make it a commercial.

Besides, it's too dangerous to actually use it.

"Burt, remember when Leah first started making a mess to save Amy?"

"Yeah. I remember. There were enough Voids in the middle to be able to see Leah and Amy." I've never cooled my liver so much. "

My brother, who was sitting next to me, turned his hand around my back.

"At that time, I made a mess of things." That's why I was so frightened right away. ”

My brother grabbed me by the nose.

"I don't think it's going to be easy if it's too small."

"No, it's not."

Burt strongly denied it.

"The barrier box that Leah and the others made, well, it wasn't a box, but first of all, the magic stone they were using was small." It's a magic stone that even our people on the periphery can replenish by themselves if they have a little more magic power. If you can use the magic power the next day even if you use it overnight, there will be a lot of people who want it. "

"I can't. I can't make a lot of bricks in the first place"

Even if Yuvale can be made, it will be difficult to mass-produce only a few magicians who can make Yuvale and other junction boxes. Even if the magic stone cost less, the magic tool box itself would be expensive. No matter what I think, I don't think it will become popular.

I realized that I hadn't really thought about using the magic tool that I had just come up with with with with Niko and that someone close to me might use it.

"Besides, I don't know how long it will last, because it's cracked. It might be something that's irresistible."

What if that moment came when Bart was facing the Void?

I had a terrible spine.