Reborn Wealth America

Chapter 1 The Wind Raises Los Angeles

In September, the summer breeze is faint, everything grows, and the hot wind blows through the City of Angels.

UCLA University campus.

The door to the dormitory of the financial department of the school was full of people, and everyone pointed and looked at the gloomy young man sitting on the steps.

The young man had shiny blond hair, dark brown eyes, and white skin.

The facial features on the face are as perfect as marble carvings, both the mystery of the Oriental and the three-dimensional sense of the Western.

Being tall, sitting there gives a sense of uprightness.

Just looking at looks is a good-looking ratio who can feed on his face.

A mixed race.

A few young people in suits and shoes walked to the youth: "Mr. Abel, the key."

Abel sighed slightly and handed over the keys to a Ferrari California.

"Mr. Abel, please sign."

Abel took the document, glanced at the assignment contract, and wrote his name up.


Ninety-nine percent of the sky-blue new convertible Ferrari was driven away.Abel sighed and walked back to the dormitory.

The students onlookers sighed with emotion:

"Tsk tsk, UCLA man Abel Sefrosa, he actually fell."

"This is a super genius! I started investing in my freshman year. I am only a junior this year, and he is worth over 10 million yuan. What a genius."

"What about genius? Haha, isn't it bankrupt now?"

"It's worth tens of millions, and it went bankrupt in an instant. The house he bought outside was mortgaged, and the car was driven away by the bank. Tsk tsk, life is impermanent!"

"Don't do well in finance... I went to invest in movies! As a result, you see, you lost it to bankruptcy?"

"It's not just bankruptcy, it's said that I have more than one million debts. I guess I won't be able to get up in this life.


Abel's eyes flashed with helpless embarrassment as he listened to his classmates pointing and talking.

The reason for the frustration is that whether it is China or America, people who like to watch and gloat are the same.

The embarrassing thing is...

He was not the cause of being watched and gloating.

To be precise, it was not caused by him now.

This Abel is not Peter.

That's right... Abel is now a traverser.

A three-good youth from China in 2018.

Crossing into an American college student in 2018.

Obviously he is just a three-good young man.

Good girl, good loli, good sister!

Three good youths!

Well, I like it well.

These are not important, the important thing is.

Why come across...


All valuable things were collected by the bank, and even more than one million yuan was owed.

Still a good knife!

Enduring the surrounding or pitiful, or gloating, or inquiring, or sympathetic eyes.

That's all right, go bankrupt if you go bankrupt, what are you afraid of bankruptcy?

But the question is, why did it travel through the United States in 2018 instead of 2008 or 1998?

This is not the United States in a parallel world, and the China country on the opposite side of the Pacific is no different from the China country before Abel crossed.

I just don't know if there is an orphan college student over there.

Abel sighed.

They come, the security.

Go back to your dormitory at school.This is the most advanced single dormitory in the school.

Generally, the dormitories in UCLA schools are already charged in the tuition.

However, the more advanced single dormitory requires additional money.

The charges are still very expensive.

Abel Sefrosa used to be very rich, so it's not bad for a little drizzle.

just now……

Abel smiled bitterly.

It is estimated to move out.

He began to think about what should be done next.

The top priority now is to make money, otherwise you really have to be a tramp.

If you can't pay the tuition, you have to get out of school.Especially this is an American university and the tuition is expensive.

Besides, even if you don't study anymore.

He also wants to live.

Life, then money!

In a headache.

In front of Abel, there was a faint smoke, which was twisted and formed one Chinese character.

As a member of the traverser, even traversing this kind of thing happened.

Now even if there is a Sadako standing in front of him, Abel will not be surprised, but only afraid.

Nonsense, that's an evil spirit, aren't you afraid?

This weird smoke formed a piece of text:

[Task: Are you confused just now?Don't be afraid, go forward bravely!Fate will always take care of you!Check the cracks in the dormitory drawers, there will be unexpected gains!

Reward: Bitcoin reward.

For a moment, he rubbed his eyes.

A large piece of text composed of smoke still floated before his eyes.

He tried to reach out, trying to touch the smoke, but the smoke disappeared immediately.

Is this an illusion?

Abel didn't think it was an illusion, but the old saying.

Even crossing is possible. Is there anything else impossible?

Perhaps this is the welfare of crossing, the embodiment of a certain system?It is not clear, he decided to verify it.

And this verification is very simple.

Search for the cracks in the dormitory drawers.

Try it and you will know if this is an illusion.

I was eagerly preparing to give it a try. Suddenly...someone yelled: "Abel-Sefrosa, someone is looking for you."

Abel walked out of the dormitory and looked down, only to see a coquettish fashion girl standing downstairs.Some accidents: "Julia, why are you here?"

Julia stared at her boyfriend who had been in a relationship for one year indifferently, and said calmly: "Break up. Abel."


Abel stopped, there was no fluctuation in his heart, he even wanted to laugh.

Julia Tharodick.

Abel Sefrosa's girlfriend, a Hollywood female star of the 18th line.

Abel's predecessor did not do a good business, but went to invest in movies, just to promote his girlfriend.

As a result, the girlfriend didn't support it.

The investment failed, the multimillionaire became a millionaire and went bankrupt.

This situation is no secret.

The students onlookers all know it.

Someone gloated: "Haha, I really have nothing."

Someone expressed sympathy: "There is no good person in Hollywood! Humph! A group of actors!"

Some people regret: ""A good elite, is it going to be destroyed like this?"

Someone is jealous: "He must want to die?! Hahahaha!"


Ignore the sarcasm, regret and sympathy of the classmates.

Abel sighed: Sure enough, this is the sweetness and greasiness of Xiaoniaoyi when it was developed. When it is bankrupt, it will break up day and night?

This is a good lesson for him.

Abel didn't feel any sadness in his heart, he just thought it was funny.

Alas, unfortunately, I am no longer rich.

It's hanging up!

Julia continued indifferently: "We have no feelings!"


Abel nodded: "Any other things?"

Julia looked at Abel in amazement, a little uncomfortable with his plain attitude.

Isn't it... shouldn't he cry and beg me not to leave?

Otherwise, you should yell at me, right?

You know, she secretly hired some tabloid reporters near Los Angeles.

I want to take some pictures.

Get the headlines of small newspapers.

In this famous UCLA school in Los Angeles, Abel Sefrosa, a popular investment genius in recent years, still has a small reputation.

To put it bluntly, even if it is a breakup, Julia still wants to make use of Abel's small reputation.