"The top five in class A..."

He bit his lower lip as he gnawed at the swarm of chimaillas approaching.

Five Kimaira are dangerous, but more dangerous than that is that if you take the time, the other Kimaira will come one after the other.

If that happens, it will be our defeat.

Trent-san, I'm going to get some magic!

Lord Aro's arms that held me in their arms glowed brightly.

From my body, I could see the magic power flowing to Lord Aro.

Lord Aro seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

... after all, the [Kaleidoscope of Darkness] was burned down with the [Flare Ray] of the Demon Beast King.

The [Kaleidoscope of Darkness] was a powerful skill, but the magic power drained was commensurately strong.

And if you can't retrieve your body and wipe it out, you will be able to take away the magic power that was shared to maintain it.


The leading chimaera jumped on me.

"[Armor of the tree basket]!"

I stretched out my wings and unfolded the branches of the tree in a hemispherical pattern, protecting Lord Aro and myself.

Kimaira's claw strikes the armor of my bamboo cage.

The branches crumble, pulling and crushing.

"It's not going to last long...!"

It's Poison Cloud!

I unfolded my magic circle and released purple smoke all around me.

It is a magic skill that emits poisonous smoke.


Kimaira hated the poisonous smoke and distanced herself from the armor branches of my birch cage.

"[Kaleidoscope of Darkness]!"

While I bought time, Lord Aro activated the [Kaleidoscope of Darkness] again.

Thinking that the outline of Lord Aro had collapsed, she had three shapes.

Ladies Aro aimed between the branches of the armor of the tree basket and stretched their arms to the Kimaira.

"[Dark Sphere]!"

Three purple lights are emitted.

Kimaira and the others tried to raise their altitude in an attempt to escape from the [Dark Sphere].

I won't let you go, [Gravity]!

I activated gravity magic on my hands.

[Gravity] amplifies the gravity applied to all objects in the range.

The black light covered the surroundings, and the movement of the chimaillas stiffened.

"Ah, ahh...!"

The [Dark Sphere] flies towards the Kimaira who missed the flight.

A purple flame enveloped the bodies of the chimaillas.


Kimaira and the others screamed.

The impact of the explosion caused meat to sprout and broke my wings and arms.

Alright, here we go...!

I thought I could get away with this, but two chimaeras came down to us through the blazing flames.

Uu, uuu...!

"There are too many enemies..."

If you deal with them properly, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of violence you can scratch.

Allo-sama's two bodies kicked the ground and flew into the sky.

Both of them enlarged one arm, grew claws, and caught the blow from Kimaira's claws.

The remaining body, Lord Aro, took me in his arms, kicked me to the ground, and flew away from the scene.

"You managed to get through it..." But are you all right, Lord Aro? Ahh, using the [Kaleidoscope of Darkness], the magic power is pretty severe...? "

For Warpurgis, magic was also vital.

The depletion of magic power is literally a battle to the death.

"I'm sorry... Mr. Trent, I'll get another MP"

Lord Aro's face turned pale.

It is worn out when I look at it.

Of course you don't mind...

But to tell the truth, I can't afford it either.

Since there are overwhelmingly more things that Allo can do than what I can do, there is no objection to the part that it is better to give Allo almost the MP, but MP consumption at this pace is strict.

It was already becoming difficult to buy time against the Demon Beast King.

I turned to the bodies behind me.

The Kimaira opponent forced me to fight in close quarters, and it seemed like I was struggling.

"[Dark Sphere]!"

The [Dark Sphere], where the fragmentation of the body was released from a close distance, was lightly avoided by Kimaira.

I could bite like that, and even if I stretched my enlarged arm, it was cut off a thousand times from my shoulder.

Lord Aro......

It is painful even if you know you have enough body.

Besides, the current Aro was already close to the limit of his magic power.

I couldn't let the [Kaleidoscope of Darkness] crush me anymore.


The other part of her body let out a [gale] as it entangled two chimaillas.

Kimaira and the others step back from the scene and shrink to protect themselves from the storm.

The two bodies moved to follow the storm emitted by the [gale], quickly closing the distance to the lowered kimai.

Thinking that the outline had collapsed, the figure of his body was aligned and transformed into a large mouth with huge fangs.

It was definitely Aro-sama's skill, Poisonous Eaten.

It transforms itself into a giant mouth and attacks by grinding it.

As it was, the two big mouths closed, and each of them scooped Kimaira's upper body wide.

Kimaira, who seemed to be exhausted, fell to the ground.

We did it... Lord Aro's body won!

The figure of the body returned to the original shape of Aro-sama.

At that time, Kimaira and the others who had caught up with each other appeared overhead.

The number was ten or more.



The body of Lord Aro is gathered to Kimaira and devoured.

It was a moment.

When I thought that my limbs had splashed apart, they turned into magic light and disappeared.

Kimaira and the others move their mouths and turn back toward us, kicking the ground and jumping up.

”The body of Lord Aro is so dazzling...”

"Even though we don't have that much magic power left..."

I turned to the Demon Beast King behind the Kimaira.

The Demon Beast King is approaching us attentively.

There was still no sign that the [Reaper Seed] I planted on the Demon Beast King would trigger.

The next time [Inhaler] and [Flare Ray] were released, I wasn't sure I could handle it safely.

No, I didn't have to use such a big move, and the response to the Kimaira who caught up with me was already suspicious.