The Las Riz Delta is not so fast, but there is nothing to block it, so I can see the City of the Barrials in about 30 minutes.

"There will be a mountain range in front of us. For now, cross the mountains."

Since it is winter, there is snow in the mountains, but I have heard from my father before.

There are two ways to get from the Arborian side to the High Niphney Kingdom, and if there's no snow, the main thoroughfare. He said he would follow the cave when the snow fell.

However, few people knew about the cave and it was like a maze, so even adventurers wouldn't pass without it.

I thought you were quite familiar with it, but if your father is from the Highfinny Kingdom, I'm sure he is.

As I crossed the mountain range, I could see the snowfields.

The High Nifini Kingdom is a mountainous country, but I have heard that the land seems fertile and that taro and beans are often caught.

Well, last year seemed to be short of food, but bad years happen everywhere. Bobra Village has had years of crop failure. It's not unusual.

"Captain, I'm going to get out of here." Wally has established a route between the village of Bobra and the Kingdom of the High Nymphines. Can the Arkhams... move in the snow? "

"It's impossible for a long time. Because the Dragon Machine originally lived in a warm place."

It was a warm earth creature. I've never heard of it.

Well then, you'll have to act alongside Lazariz Delta.

Okay, got it.

After a while, I saw the city, so I asked him to open the hatch of Lazuliz Delta for a skydive! It created a flying barrier, gliding vividly and landing a short distance from the city.

Master Bei, if you don't dress like winter, you'll be suspicious.

Ah, it remained the usual villager look.

Returning to its original size, he took out a hat knitted with winter clothes and sheep's wool from the infinity bag and wore it.

Is that city the city of kings?

How about that? Well, for now, let's just say it. "

I only know about the High Nifini Kingdom from pedestrians, but it's not that big a country. If we go to the metropolis, we'll have information on the capital as soon as we get there.

Walk toward the city while throwing snow into an infinite bag.

"This is a country that is said to have a lot of snow." The amount of snow is a hamper. "

Three meters is ample. You can live well with this.

"Bae. Look up."

I took the yarn hat I was wearing and I was crunching it.

It's a big white wolf, isn't it?

Yes. It certainly looks like a big white wolf, but that's Fullercell. A winter king in the Nordic mythology.

"Ah, I've heard of it." The story of the winter king. You really were. "

"My father told me a story, but it was really there."

The first time I saw it, I wondered why I found it, because Fraser's eyes were golden.

"I didn't expect to meet the Snow King when I first came to the High Nifini Kingdom."

Is it my lucky business to meet me?

Is it violent?

"The story was violent, destroying many towns."

But the Snow King had reason in his eyes when he saw me. I saw how intelligent that was.

What can I do for you?

I don't know if it will or will not. However, if you──'re a highly intelligent monster, or a demon beast, you understand the human language. Otherwise, it would be a target for a crusade.

Isn't the demonic beast subdued on this continent?

"Unless it's a wicked demon beast." It seems that a highly intelligent demonic beast will be treated like a guardian god of the land. "

I had never encountered a demon beast before. Ah, is Lunta going to be a demon beast too? No, New Bremen. By the way, Pritzuan is the representative) I'm resistant to referring to you as a demon beast...

"...... I came to see a strange bird because it flew over......"

I've spoken, and I'm fluent. This is a demonic beast that has lived for a long time.

"I'm Bea. I'm from the next country. I have no intention of harming this country or you. I'll leave as soon as I'm done."

"It's a strange creature. You smell all kinds of things."

That's a wolf. The sense of smell is beyond the dimensions.

"I often encounter people like you." There's gonna be a lot of smells. "

If we can split the sniff, it will be a creature that transcends dimensions.

"I see. I believe in you."

She accepted lightly and left with the blizzard.

For starters, you're the guardian beast of the High Nifini Kingdom.

Oh, I remember. The flag of the High Niphney Kingdom had the face of the Snow King, Fraser.