Reincarnated as a Villain That was Killed Before the Game Starts

[0] Introduction to the characters (almost no clue)

Hilda Aiston/Something Villain Lady

It was the trauma of Abel, one of the offensive targets of the maiden game Crown of Dusk, and the cause that created his Yandere element. Lord of Shota Harlem.

I bought Abel for gold at a young age and Abel has killed me before this edition. It comes out chilling in stories of the past.

Beautiful girl with jade eyes on her blonde hair, about eighteen years old with tears. He's a half elf, and his real age is twenty.

Too seventy human old men gave me a daughter-in-law, but the old man died quickly and was widowed. In the following three years, I have gathered thirteen shota and made a harem.

The character is queen and tyrant. There are enemies all around, and death flags all around.


Nihon girl reincarnated into Hilda.

In Nihon, it is OL, and in my second year of employment, I feel like a livestock company. He is twenty years old and has a younger brother who is two years old in middle school.

The type of thinking while acting rather than stopping and worrying. Positive and adaptive in vain. Slightly empty, good for you.

Hobbies are money management and maiden games. Stunts are plain clerical work and cartoon paintings. I have no romantic experience because of my bulky personality and blunt taste in favor. I'm obsessed with my tits for nothing.

Abel Aiston/Star Set Yandere

One of the offensive targets of the maiden game Crown of Dusk. He was taken by Hilda at an early age, his personality twisted, he snatched our Lord's seat from Hilda, then killed him and enrolled in the School of Magic.

With a dark past, he's the owner of a story that's attracted to pure protagonists, blah blah blah Yandere.

He is now ten years old and has just been picked up by the Mansion. Five years after enrolling in magic school.

Dark hair, honey-colored eyes. How obsessed with the mother who sold herself. Though ostensibly a respectful and quiet euphemism, the gaze toward Hilda is tight.

Betty/Rabbit Beast from Flower Set/Flower Street

White rabbit beast man. Appearance age seven.

Platinum blonde long hair with red eyes. Honestly, I just look like a beautiful girl. I always wear apron dresses like Alice in Wonderland.

Nori often has no resistance to porn. Overserviced. A native of Flower Street, I appreciate and miss Hilda for rescuing me from the store.

I don't like to go back to the store, so if Hilda loses her attachment, she tends to overserve. I don't like eagle feathers, and I'm close to Dio the cat.


Blue eyes in silver hair, handsome in his late twenties.

Hilda's submissive butler, in fact, is also a childhood tamer.

I admired Hilda for helping me when I was young, and even arrived at my daughter-in-law's place. Basically, I submit to Hilda's orders, but when I'm in danger, I come to my opinion.

I always have a munchkin so I can hand it to Hilda at any time.

Dio/Flower Set/Cat Beast Man from Flower Street

Black cat beast man about the age of ten. Brown skin, golden eyes and a flower street native.

He's a naughty, whimsical cat, colorful, and often with Betty, the rabbit beast. Born in a flower district, they delight in suspicious pranks without any resistance to porn.

Elliott/Flower Set/Racehorse Horse Beast Man Sold to Flower Street

White horse beast man. They were sold to Flower Street because they were injured and could no longer be beastified.

Dumped by a trusted owner, he's giving up everything.

Silent, faceless, apathetic. Pale and emotionally scarce. Eight years old on the outside. My eyes are always dead. What I like to do is porn and sleep.

Feather/Florist/Eagle Beast Man and Royalty

He is the beast man of the eagle and royalty of the kingdom of the birds.

Hair mixed with black and white everywhere in tea, with sharp eyes. I'm not from Flower Street.

High temper, defiant to Hilda.

The exterior and contents were actually twelve years old and came to Hilda's two years ago. Before that, it was kept by other humans, with heavy shackles so that they could not fly.

Actually, I have a thick personality for friendship, and my favorite is rabbit meat.

Gilbert/Adult Dog Beast Man

An animal man who grew up in love with Hilda and was kicked out.

A dog beast and dog breed is a cream-colored golden retriever. He said he had an obedient personality.

They were great friends with Feather.

Ichtys [Heath]/Hilda's Guardian Dragon

When Hilda dies, he protects Hilda because he dies himself.

He is a dragon tribe considered a legendary creature, with red hair, sheep-like horns, and golden eyes. A young man about eighteen years old in Chinese clothing, with dragon tails and feathers. Due to its ability to manipulate the space, it is immortal.

Hilda has robbed me of the treasure ball to be the figure of a dragon, and I cannot be the original figure, nor can I return to the inside that is in the sky.

When I get to know him, he's a good brother for the tundra.

Meiko's emotions often make fun of him because of his sluggishness.

Jimmy/Moonset Hilda's favorite boy

He's about thirteen years old and has a nihon-style face.

It is so plain and shadowy in the beautiful boy Harlem. So, they're members from the early days. It's Hilda's favorite, and she's the only one allowed to go into the room on her own.

I have some kind of magic contract with Hilda, but I don't even know what it is. Looks like Hilda and I don't have any pre-contract memories.

I don't have personality problems, but once I sleep, I don't wake up.

■ Phantom Beast Edition ■

Boy from village defying kiefer/star group Hilda.

A boy from a poor village, in Austin territory ruled by Hilda.

I am disgusted with the Austin family's rule, which does not think about the people.

I'm the oldest fifteen, but I only look ten. He's the kind of boy who glances at whoever he is unfathomably, but he's low and he's not scared at all because of his idle face.

Levin/Prince of this country. Illusion beast use of light attributes.

One of the offensive targets of the maiden game Crown of Dusk.

The first prince of this country, with purple eyes on his blonde hair, a royal testimony. I'm in Abel's best friend position in the game.

He is a phantom beast user of light attributes famous for his inability to use and carries a golden snake on his back.

It's useless light attributes in the offensive characters, and it's a shame about your personality, which only causes trouble.

Even though he is a hero standing in the middle of the package, popularity was at the end of being treated as a story character at the bottom, which the players called the 'Prince of Pity'.

Mea/former assassin boy. A phantom beast user of dark attributes.

A boy always wearing a black hood and bright on the bottom with his eyes hidden with his forehead. Very friendly.

He is a phantom beast of dark attributes, carrying three shadowy snakes on his back.

He was a former assassin who came to kill Hilda, but in return he has been sworn to die when Hilda dies. Unlike just Ixis and Claude, there is no distance limit on pledges.

About under Claude at the Mansion, it looks like he also undertakes a black job.

Maria/Made & Babysitter

The boy's mother joined Hilda's Harlem for her sick sister's operating expenses.

Rounded, feminine figure, chest is estimated f-cup (Mako talks). A decent woman full of motherhood.

Meiko is taking care of the mansion, including Maria and her sister. I am greatly indebted to Meiko, and my sons have a thick loyalty to Meiko. Some aspects are a little rampant.

■ Dragon Bride Edition ■

Nicol/Ixis father. d s belly black shota.

He was Ixis' father and had red eyes on his dark hair, Black Dragon. He's about eight years old, and he looks just like Ixis. He's a former demon king, and he's over 2,000 years old.

Shota father, who also has tons of tongue-demo remarks in his dignified manner. I flirt with Olivia, my wife, without looking at her.

I love catching things around and am also a troublemaker. But there seems to be love for my sons.

Augusto/Ixis' brother. Mako's former world colleague.

He's the twin brother of Ixis, Black Dragon. And he is also a colleague/Ouga in Mako's original world.

A mysterious foreigner Meiko met in high school. Looks like in his late twenties, he has a stern face but is frightened around because of his fear of eyesight.

Strange corruption continues, Meiko and I are in high school, and the company we work for. Black dragon with knowledge of old dragons and skill in manipulating space.

Sweet only for Ixis and Mako, brother physique.

Olivia/Ixis mother. Nicole's wife.

A woman in her late twenties or so, with gorgeous red hair freshly rolled.

A powerful big beauty, the same red dragon as Ixis. Ex-brainer.

Wife of Nicole and mother of Ixis. Powerful and its embrace is fierce.

I'm a common sense person, but I don't care about people at all when I screw Nicole.

■ Mastermind Edition ■

Brother of Pio Quo/Moon Group/Half Elf.

Brothers of fourteen and thirteen-year-olds half-elf, welcomed by Hilda from the land of elves.

I have a little ear in my blonde hair with green eyes.

He's a good kid who loves to mess with the earth, pure and young at his age, always with the two of them.

My brother Pio has long hair and tied behind him. My brother Quo has short hair.

Samuel/Mere Snake

Snake, the phantom beast of Meir's dark attributes, the assassin.

I'm in love with Meiko. Red eyes on a black shadowy body.

The meaning of Samuel's name, by the way, was' His name is God ', which was given by the first host.

Meir is the fifth host and possesses the knowledge and experience of all hosts.

But his own intelligence is at best three to five years old, and he's animal for the price.

vice/star group/courteous former noble child.

A good 11-year-old boy with empty eyes in gold.

I have a four-year-old brother named Till.

The father is a nobleman of this country. People were often deceived into losing all their possessions and trying to force themselves into a family, but only their brothers were helped by the magic of their brother Till.

A smart boy who decided to kill himself and fled the debt taking and negotiated for Hilda to buy himself and his brother.

He's a good kid without a hand, but he's in a star group with his brother because of his difficulties.

Till (tail)/star group/magical four-year-old boy. Youngest.

An angelic looking child with empty eyes on her golden curly hair.

Harlem was three years old when he joined.

The magic is immense, young but therefore not well controlled.

Higher emotions tend to cause attack magic to run wild.

Brother Vice took me to join Hilda's Harlem.

Rintarou/Mako's brother/Nakaji disease

Second grade brother. Contact lenses and eye bands in the right eye. An unfortunate child who insists that his true name is Phosphorus.

I can't keep up with my understanding without a set of settings, I love animations where magic flies. I prefer difficult stories and dressed up kanji and english.

But you look like this, you're smart, you can exercise. But not many friends. Very people-friendly.

I miss Ouga a lot.

Saki/Mako childhood taming.

When I was in Nihon, Meiko's childhood tame.

Ouga and I are not close and a little mouthy.

Sofia/Made Maria's Daughter

A maid Maria's daughter, a sick girl.

My brother is a very well-thought-out sister who entered Hilda's Shota Harlem for the cost of Sofia's treatment.

Currently surgery is also successful, small health condition.

Lucas Redford/Villain

The youngest brother of the present king. Dull blonde hair, honey-colored eyes.

An ambitious man who has accumulated a beard, who loves power and force.

I have a wife, but I also have a mistress.

I am unhappy not to put it on the king's chair because I do not have purple eyes, which are a testament to royalty, and there are several princes on top as well.

tiria/Hilda's sister

Hilda's sister. Originally born between the present Queen and the King of the Orthodox Room, Princess of the Land of Elves.

Wavy blonde with empty eyes.

Unlike the half-elf Hilda and Pio Quo, they have wings like white butterflies.

■ School Edition ■

Yayoi Sinonome/Sick sister

In the maiden game The Crown of Dusk (Odin), the attacking sister who has already died of illness before this edition.

He has crinkly tonal eyes on his brown hair, resembling the main character of the game, Honoka, and his twins.

In the game, he has died at the age of twelve from illness, the trauma of the attacking target, Yuzuru.

It has six basic attributes of magic, which causes magic to crystallize in the body. There were no magic circuits so the magic continued to build up in my body and my body died in the game without being able to stand it.

Yuzuru sinonome/brother ciscon

One of the offensive targets of the maiden game Crown of Dusk.

Teacher in charge of the main character of the game. A native of the eastern island nation, he uses a special magic called 'Ommyo', which combines the magic of a sword and a dark attribute.

Handsome glasses with flax hair and gentle adult inclusiveness.

I went to school looking for the art of resuscitating my late sister Yayoi. I'm interested in a protagonist who looks just like my sister.

It's just like that in the original game.

But Meiko's met him is just a severe ciscon.

Honoka Merukrone/Game Protagonist

The protagonist of the maiden game Crown of Dusk.

He has brown hair, brown eyes, and looks just like Yayoi.

It has six basic attributes of magic, and is actually also a florist (rather than a harbinger) who attracts demons.

My adopted father, the wizard, tells me to find someone destined for me by graduation to enroll in school.

Common in maiden games, the Virgin Protagonist.

By the way, if you can't find someone by graduation, the power of the flowers that are sealed by your adoptive father will be unleashed and it will be a big deal.

Alsace/Dragon Clan 3rd Brother/Bracon

He is the brother of Ixis and Ouga, first attribute flame, second attribute red dragon of darkness.

He has a tough face, but there are always wrinkles between his eyebrows and a little hard-working aura.

A third dragon among his brothers, he raised his brothers, Ixis and Ouga, just below him, in a worthy manner, when he let his parents raise him and he became color-bogged.

He has a good looking after personality, and it's always his role to bring the brothers together.

However, he is particularly drowning about Ixis and Ouga and is an unmistakable bracon.

■ Return Edition ■

Asakura Daichi/Meiko's brother-in-law

Meiko's parents were remarried, brother-in-law of the same age.

He attended an attached secondary school at a rich school, but enrolled in the same regular school as Meiko.

Meiko was against it, but became his brother-in-law because his parents married him in the summer of high school.

A hot man with a refreshing and understated look and a gentle atmosphere.

Mako doesn't like the earth and avoids it, but if he does, the earth will be fine.

Asakura Ayako/Mako's mother.

Maiko's mother with a laid back personality. My husband is dying in a car accident when Meiko was in middle school.

I was very worried about Mako (but it didn't work because he's a child's face) trying hard to take the initiative to support his family, deliver newspapers, and try to deceive and sneak up on his age.

I don't want Meiko to force me to decide to remarry early, but that hurts Meiko the other way around.

I have always held something like regret that my judgment was wrong with Meiko, who I am unfamiliar with my stepfather and stepbrother.


A fruitful child of an assassin who is Meir's brother's assassin and parent of Meir's upbringing.

He is an assassin who specializes in handiness and knife throwing, and his nori is light for the price in a shattered tone. And there's always a lot to say.

He's just as obsessed with his tits as Meiko, and he sells fights to Meiko, although he doesn't mean to.

■ Outside ■

Zac/Sister Thought Boy

An honest boy of mother and sister thoughts, one of Hilda's boy Harlem. I have no father, I have a mother and a sister. A good boy who went into Harlem for his sick sister's surgical expenses.

Her mother is Maria, a servant, and her sister is Sophia.

Although it has only existed since the early days, the mother and sister are out and yet it hasn't appeared. I finally got a name for Chirali on the outside.

■ Juvenile Harlem ■

● Stars/Claude

1) Abel (Jandere planning to kill Hilda in the future) [Room A]

2) Mere (with the phantom beast of the former assassin and snake of the dark attribute) [Room A/Sustenance]

3) Vice (brother of a former aristocratic boy/til) [room b/maintenance]

4) Till (youngest 4 years old - can't control magic) [room b - feeding]

5) Keefa (a boy from a village rebellious against Hilda) [Room C]

● Flower set/Mako representative

6) Betty (Lorisotta Rabbit Beast Man) [Room D]

7) Dio (Naughty Cat Beast Man) [Room D]

8) Feather (Elegant Eagle Beast Man) [Room E]

9) Elliot (Vain Horse Beast Man) [Room E]

● In charge of Sebastian, Moon/Babysitter

10) Jimmy (Hilda's Favorite Plain Boy) [Room C]

11) Zach (Boy of Family Thoughts) [Room F, Mother (Maria), Sister (Sofia)]

12) Pio (brother/brother of half elf) [room g/maintenance]

13) Quo (brother/brother of half elf) [room g/maintenance]