[List of characters]


◇ Protagonists and Relative Clans ◇


[Alice Riveca Auculus]

Eyes: Blonde: Silver

The protagonist of this work. She was six years old when she enrolled in school.

In my previous life, I was a Japanese man in Alasser, a geek who loved magic and fantasy. My favorite reading is "Severe Theory!! Occult" series.

He lived encouraging each other with his cute junior in a black workplace, but when he realized he was overworked and reincarnated into a puffy toddler.

[Siegmund & Eleonore]

Siegmund - Eyes: Pale Hair: Thin Ice

Eleonore - Eyes: Vine Hair: Silver

The protagonist Alice's parents. Late twenties. Eleonore is from one of the aristocratic factions, the leader of Heimeh. Orculus is that second.

Siegmund is so cool handsome that his nickname is The Ice Prince arrived as a student. Good at ice attribute witchcraft.

Eleonore was a beauty who was called the hua of the social world at the same time as she was a lady of Haime, and as a student she never ceased to propose. Weak.

[Oedipus & Sulite]

Oedipus - Eyes: Blonde: Silver

Sulite - Eyes: Dark Peach Hair: Black

The next husband and wife of the Haime family. Early thirties. Oedipus is Eleonore's brother and protagonist's uncle, Sullight, hits his aunt.

Sulite is the protagonist's home today...... boot camp instructor. The Takarazu O star is also an amazing masculine attribute, and when excited, the glasses glow.

Oedipus is dignified and masculine and handsome, but in front of Sullight...... hereinafter abbreviated


Eyes: Blonde: Silver

Current owner of the Haime family. Cool grandpa. Great guy. Totally toned.

[Onyx & Athena]

Onyx - Eyes: Blonde: Black

Athena - Eyes: Blonde: Black

The elder Tundele son and the weak elder daughter of the Haime family. Athena is Alice's first grade senior and Onyx is two seniors.

[Epidote & Flora]

Before the Auculus family. Siegmund's parents = grandfather and grandmother from the main character.

[Fresia & Upicchio]

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Family Owners. Fresia is related to the Auculus family. Funny mother. Uppikio often flies around to collect and trade materials.

[Wilhelm Erin Virgil]

Eyes: Eagle Hair: White Green

Second son of the Virgil family, thirteen. The neighborhood brother who adores Alice.

I did a lot of things about the house on Orlis's behalf, so I'm clever for it. I got near Alice's head.

[Orlis Florence Virgil]

Eyes: Emerald Hair: White Green

Virgil's eldest son, seventeen. Exceptionally handsome guy in a tight system. Affiliated with the Mystico Pro-Va Institute.

Features a sarazy straight to the waist and long patsy forehead.

I'm good at plant magic. I am also very good at making items with spiritual grass.


◇ Side proximity and servants ◇



Eyes: Tea Hair: Dull Gold

Maid with protagonist. Her hair and personality are fluffy and cute.

Turning that way with the protagonist. The Hoy duel is now 152 fights, 51 wins and 101 losses. Recently, he has mastered effective feints for Alice and his vertigo and winning odds have risen.

I couldn't wait at the mansion, and I used the back wax to get back to Alice.


Eyes: Tea Hair: ENGE

Make it the Deacon of the Auculus family. Side of Siegmund, childhood tame. I'm good at the magic of flame attributes.

The Deacon! He looks and behaves like a super deacon who can work on his behalf even while Siegmund can't work due to various circumstances.

An emotionalist who is easy to heat up when it comes to things in his body.


Eyes: Tea Hair: Red

Orculus family servant. When I laugh, my eyes become three moon shaped.

I was taking good care of Alice as a child.

[Matilda Auenmuller]

Eyes: Green hair: Red tea

The proximity of the main character. The fourth son of the Earl's family. A leader who performs his work with tequila, and divides the place well. We work together amicably by encouraging a weak Yulena.

[Yulena Liliental]

Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Wave

The proximity of the main character. The youngest son of the Baron family.

A polite tribute to everyone, a little weak. But I'm trying to keep Alice's side tighter.

[Johann Duker]

Eyes: Dark hair: Blue

The proximity of the main character. I'm from the advanced knight clan Duker family.

Seriously, I am trying to do my best to Alice, the Lord, who I have been waiting for and finally able to do. Serious means stuck... hereinafter abbreviated.

The tone of the ground is strong and pride is high.


◇ Friends of the school ◇


[Laurie Aynessht]

Eyes: Peach hair: Dark purple

Borderline Uncle's eldest daughter. Cool beautiful girl. Elegant and intelligent because she was harshly raised under all circumstances, but bothered by her sister's unique complex. My sister is Meryl.

The moon hair ornament my mother gave me is a treasure.

[Leticia Lorens]

Eyes: Blue Hair: Pink

Third son of the Marquis of Lorens. Fluffy Pocha Toddler. Pink hair is justice.

I loved eating and was impressed with sweet bread at Alice's birthday party.

I'm not very good at studying, but I'm a hard worker.

[Maria Cluster]

Mid-level nobility of the Haime faction. Alice's classmate.

[Sin Eulen]

I'm a Diamante class student, but for the record, I join the Golden Dawn Regiment.

[Arthur Tanglewood]

Platinum class students. Very weak.


◇ Beastmen ◇


- Black Cat Clan

[Ivan Sluxin]

Son headed by the Black Cats. Bright, energetic Chemocky, but surprisingly decent courtesy.

I got a huge sanction (laugh) from everyone for entangling Alice in the tail.


Ivan's side. At the time of enrollment, the test looked doomed with 31 points. He is currently a struggling man with stomach aches because of his mood swinging by Ivan.

I am often teased by Full and Nil.

[Furdal] [Nilfal]

Twins. Two girls with bright white hair.

One name is Full and Nil. The thoughts are fluffy and particularly kemono-like among the beastmen.


Wave hair girl. I care about the hairs. My son. Leticia's side.


Girl who loves high places. A little hairy looks brown. Leticia's side.


energetic men with short tails.


He has one long hair tied together, a grown boy.

- Golden Wolves

[Fredge Arslan]

Son led by the Golden Wolves. While young, a good friend who often supports Ivan's missing parts such as calm and knowledge.

Some of them are a little weak, but they are numb where they should be numb for their peers.


Near the side of the fredge. Serious men who don't like crooked.

Sauce ears.


The girl who prides herself on having the most blocked tail. Laurier's side.


He scored the highest on the entrance exam. Seriously. I often wake up fanil naps and do it. Laurier's side.


One eye is hidden with a fluffy forehead. Always sleepy and taking a good nap.

Feeling wild. I like Connie.


Kajikaji's favorite boy. The color of the eyes changes when it comes to Kajikaji, although it is a quiet euphemism among the Golden Wolves.

· Instructors of the Golden Dawn Regiment


Wilhelm's classmate, the Golden Wolves. Affiliation with Abdenzia.

I'm good at catching innocent chemists and getting them to take seats. I'll take care of it.

I don't like magic, but I studied hard because I couldn't stand being ridiculed, so I'm good at seating.


Wilhelm classmates. Affiliation with Abdenzia.

Serious personality/neat serious look. Honorable character.

Good at magic. He was chosen as an instructor by some of Ville's friends because he was human but had no prejudice against the Beast Man.


◇ Edmund Faction ◇


[Gabriella Eustos Vilandel]

Eyes: Green hair: Gold

Daughter of the Villandell family. Very impatient. He beats up servants all the time trying to flatter it.

but he also behaves like a lady unexpectedly when he is with children of the Edmund faction.

It is unusually restrained by a motif called rose, and the dress has a lot of costumes and decorations that largely mimic roses.

He was a reincarnated former Japanese, and his name was Aira Hayakawa in his previous life.

[Graziana Vilandel]

Mysterious lady. Always smiling relaxed.

It is the second house of the Edmundo sect, the epitome of the new nobility, so it is very hit against the Auculus family.

[Nicholas Duker]

Gabriella's side. Johan's belly brother. Good at witchcraft and swords.

I'm making a lot of noise. Gabriella used to put it aside because of her good face.


Gabriella's side part ②. Gabriella has it beside her because she has a good face.

I often have a tender smile on my face, but I'm mean. My hands are clever.


Second prince of the Holy Svelastori Empire. I'm being taken in by Gabriella.

He is not strictly an Edmund faction because he is royal, but he has many biased remarks.


◇ School officials ◇



Eyes: Purple hair: White

Make me the schoolmaster of the Rovine Outlying School of Magic and everyone loves Lolibava. Regardless of the appearance age, around 6-7 years old, there are many remarks that remind me of being older than David.

I look like a runaway character in a tense flying mood, but not on any serious side......?


Eyes: Dark Hair: Black

Head of your college in Abdenzia, in charge of nursing care in Loribava.

Uncle Ike dressed like a black cassock. Actually, I have good muscles.

Abdenzia is located in the building that followed Lovin, and sometimes there are not as many students as Lovin, and he is always asked to help with the school… or Ortencia.


Eyes: Orange Hair: Black

A man whose red nails and rich dark hair made her look glossy professor...... Early twenties. I tend to get my eyes on sexy dark makeup, but the vegetables are a hell of a beauty shape. By the way, I think my surroundings are really women.

Superintendent of dormitories in the Aurum District, and serves in the first academic year.

Bright tone & slight scratch attributes. You look like the type of person who doesn't like trouble......?

[Fiana Roberta Ferien]

Magic teacher. Owner of overwhelming chest armor with pink hair.

As soon as I'm surprised, I faint, but surprisingly, it's not simply a weakness, it can be the type to sullitate about sorcery.


Teacher of arithmetic. Gabriella's home and home are close.


Loweyne teachers. enthusiastic followers of Lamina.


Dean of the Mystico Prova Research Institute. Lamina followers.

Master Ortencia & David and I seem to have had a lot going on.


Former school director.