Reincarnating to Become a Japanese Chef God

Chapter 1: The Life of Drama

The orange sunset sprinkled on the busy shopping street. In the busy city, a teenager in a middle school uniform was dexterously riding a bicycle through the crowd.

"I am back!"

In the alleys of remote houses, the teenager threw his bicycle at the door of a half-open and half-closed restaurant. If you pay attention to it, it is not difficult to find a sign that reads "Chinese cuisine" in traditional Chinese characters.

The narrow storefront was empty, and no one responded to him. Xia Yu had long been used to this.

About two years ago, before going to bed, Xia Yu made a big wish to eat Japanese food until he vomited. After waking up, he became a junior high school student in Shirou Junior High School in Tokyo, Japan.

From the initial panic to the later adaptation, Xia Yu only took one semester.

If you want to talk about the experience, since they have been strengthened, what else can he do besides enjoying?Sighing like a resentful woman all day, looking for life and death?Xia Yu directly hahad his face:

Be optimistic!

Fortunately, in this life, Xia Yu is also called Xia Yu, and the Yanhuang bloodline in his body is still there. However, it is different from the two-sleeved breeze when he came to eat and the whole family has nothing to worry about. In this life, he has one more thing that people love and fear. grandfather.

Walking through the storefront to the backyard, sure enough, there was a gray-haired old man sitting on the corridor futon. Hearing the footsteps behind him, the old man opened his eyes unhurriedly and pointed to the short teapot beside him, "I'm back. Hot water, make tea."

This is standard Chinese.


Xia Yu responded and picked up the teapot. Instead of going to the tap to fetch water, she went into the kitchen of the store, scooped water into the pot in an old water tank, and then put the teapot on the gas stove.


After a short while, the teapot steamed hot, Xia Yu looked at the kettle, her eyes a little confused for a while.

After being in this world for two years, Tokyo seems to be the Tokyo he knows. However, some details in life that cannot be ignored remind Xia Yu that this world is not as simple as it seems.

such as……

Xia Yu glanced at the old water tank in the kitchen.

The store is not big, the kitchen is even more crowded, and an old antique water tank takes up too much space. This is not in line with common sense.

At this time, the sky gradually dimmed. Xia Yu did not rush to turn on the lights, but stood quietly for a while, waiting for the sunset in the kitchen to dissipate, the narrow space was completely dim, and the old water tank suddenly had a crystal clear light. Little flashes, leaving the water, floating in the air.

This was not a water problem. Xia Yu knew very well. He turned off the gas stove and didn't rush to make tea for the old man. Instead, he glanced at the courtyard outside, quickly reached out his hand, and fished it in the water tank. In the middle, there are jewels like night pearls shining brightly.

On his hand is a slippery, egg-sized stone.

With a sigh, Xia Yu touched the stone and threw it back into the water tank, picking up the teapot on the gas stove and leaving without looking back.

He asked the old man about the stone more than once, and he used all the methods, knocking on the side, and the old man was always tight-lipped, which was anxious to his rebirth.

Nima, shouldn’t be treated like this for the reborn, is there something wrong with the opening method?In the past two years, Xia Yu has been miserable. He has been used as a cow or horse by the old man every day. He suffers from severe lack of sleep throughout the year. When he goes to school during the day, he makes up for sleep. As a result, his title of "Sandman" accompanied him through Baiou Junior High School for three years. Today, Xia Yu has just taken the internal entrance exam of Baiou High School. He hopes that when the spring break is over and school starts in April, he can get rid of the title of'Sandman' in the new school.

The day is beeping-

Xia Yu, who was very active in her heart, now bowed her eyebrows and sat down on the futon beside her, making tea for the old man.

The tea is bought from the shopping street,

By the way, when it comes to the shopping street, this is Ameyokocho at Ueno Station. There are various fresh and cheap seafood during the day, and a night market at night. You can buy almost everything here, but well, Xia Yu came here early, After a few circles, the shopping street loses interest. This is no different from the big night market in China. In addition to the more credibility of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, other things, such as clothing, should not be too strong in the smell of cottage, and the price is rustic It's also very low.

The fragrance of tea curls.

After making tea, Xia Yu poured a cup for the old man and a cup for herself. When the tea flowed into the throat, the body that had been squeezed and hollowed out for many years suddenly burst into mysterious restlessness.At this moment, Xia Yu felt like Xiaoqiang who could not be beaten again, and couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Okay, go to work." The old man closed his eyes and waved.


Xia Yu silently wiped away his tears, and could only stand up, glanced at the ingredients piled outside the kitchen, got up and walked up the narrow stairs to the room on the second floor, ready to change clothes and work.

Pulling open the closet as before, hissing, Xia Yu retracted her hand like an electric shock, and looked at the right palm that had just grabbed the cabinet door. A scratch like a knife cut almost penetrated her palm, and the wound was quite deep. But the strange thing is that there is no blood flowing out.

"The special door is unnailed?" Xia Yu grabbed the injured palm, grinned with anger, and directly unloaded the entire movable door panel of the wardrobe.

However, the door panel that is upside down on the ground is smooth, and there are no sharp nails or other sharp protrusions.

Can't learn!

Xia Yu was a little messy, thinking he had hallucinations, glanced at his right palm, the obvious scars were still there, and there was no blood flowing out.

"Beep, the system is testing, and the binding program is started and completed."

What the hell?!

Holding the injured palm, Xia Yu turned to look for the medical kit and was stunned. He couldn't help but said in shock: "System?"

"Host, I am here."

The electronically synthesized sound in his head just appeared again, this time Xia Yu concentrated, and there must be no hallucinations. He was confused now, and it took a long time to breathe for the horror in his eyes.

Traversal and rebirth have all happened to me, what else is impossible?Xia Yu thought this way, and immediately calmly said that the so-called barefoot people are not afraid of wearing shoes. He simply opened up and sat on the bed and asked, "Where are you in my body?"

"This system chip has been implanted in your brain."

Xia Yu twitched the corner of her mouth, glanced at her injured right palm, and touched the back of his head. Could it be that the chip got into the brain from his arm?Just thinking about it, my body feels chilly.

"Introduce yourself." Xia Yu asked calmly.

"This system is developed for the God of Kitchen..."


Following the answer of the synthesized electronic sound, a character attribute box popped up on Xia Yu's retina:

"Host: Xia Yu.

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Physical fitness: lv9 (strength, dexterity, burst, nerve reflex, etc.)

Culinary synthesis: lv1 [Starting from a rookie]

Fame: 0 (This item is related to the host's popularity, exposure, and achievements. Fame can be used to purchase items in the system store.)

(Level lv100 is the upper limit. Therefore, you are just a rookie in the culinary world. You only know how to handle the fur, but you don’t cook any dishes by yourself. At best, you are a kitchen apprentice.)


"What is this!"

Seeing the evaluation at the bottom of the profile, Xia Yu's face was hot.

He is a foodie and likes to eat, so he made a big ambition to travel here, but who said that foodie must be a chef?

The above are only Xia Yu's inner arrogant thoughts.Of course, most foodies hope that they have a good cooking skill. The God of Cooking System is a light in Xia Yu's unconscious life. He saw the dawn!

The turning point in Nima's dramatic life!


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