Reincarnation into the Barrier Master

Episode 668: I can't hide it even if I hide it.....

May leaves the scene quickly, leaves the city and returns to the University of Agalta using the transfer barrier.

Mae immediately ordered Terasi to analyze the samples taken by Cellulose.He scratched his head and went back to the lab, saying he understood.

That night, May reported the end of the matter to Linus.

"That's awesome, Celluloid." Well done on getting it. "

It was just when the children were getting out of the bath and the two of them were slowly soaking in the hot tub.Linus washed his face with Zabzab and sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

What kind of poison is that?

“I don't know if I have to look at the results of the analysis, but I can see that the water was clear and colorless.I didn't feel anything particularly odorous. "

"I see. Is it odorless...?" That sounds a bit troublesome.If I know the ingredients, can I make an antidote...? "

"I can't help but want to do that..."

Saying that, May leaned down.From the side of her face, May intuitively told me that the breakthrough against this poison had not yet been launched.

"Well, tomorrow, you can officially go to Kumoha to investigate."If you're stuck, maybe you should ask Sidi to help you, too? ”

In response to Linos' words, Mae muttered to herself, "Thank you."

The next day, in addition to yesterday's members, May moved from the University of Agarta to Kumoja, accompanied by Chiwan and Soleil of Posehai.They moved out of the city, a little farther from the walls, and from there they went on foot to Kumoja.As he approached the gate that had been set up to enter the city, two soldiers were stationed there.Looking closely, they were dressed in full costumes.

When they found May's figure, they took a look at each other from a face-to-face position and took a pose like a "sacrificial cylinder".Needless to say, I knew that the group coming from the front was King Agarta's concubine.

And when the maids came unto the gate, behold, it was opened with a loud noise.Inside, like the gatekeepers, soldiers in full costumes lined up to greet them.At that moment, a man approached them with his foot running.When he stopped in front of the maids, he quickly raised his hand and thanked them for making a sound and hooking up his heels.

"Ha! I am sorry that you have come so far in response to my king's request."My name is Yonghu, and I'm in command of the Kumoha Defense Corps!Unfortunately, I will show you around! "

As he said that, he slowly walked out, waving his right hand around.It was a well-trained movement.May and the others looked at each other, but they decided to go with the man they called Yonghu.

He did not speak anything but walked in silence.There is a well just ahead.He turned right in front of the well, thinking that he was going to show you there.When I wondered where I was going, I saw a man sitting on a chair in front of everyone.Behind them were still dressed soldiers.

The man sitting on the chair slowly stood up when he saw May and the others.Yonghu, who had been walking before, tried to say something to the man to thank him for raising his hand, but at that moment, the man raised his hand.

"I've been waiting for you, Queen Mairias."This is Love So Rare Neffa, King of the Love So Kingdom. "

The man approached and stopped in front of May.At that time, Celluloit, who was standing behind May, knelt on one knee, and put his right hand on his chest, and was awed.Chiwan and Terasi knelt down on one knee in the same way to make her irritable.Solaire took a step back from Mei, and with her hands on her chest, she broke her hips a bit.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want you not to be afraid like that.You are the ones my country has called. Please stand up. "

And the three rose up again, as the king of Nepha had prompted them.And when the king saw it, he laid his right hand upon his chest, and broke his hips.

"This time, you are coming from a distance." Thank you, sir. "

"No. That kind of thing..." I have heard that many people have died.King Agarta Linos is also heartbroken to hear of the tragedy.I am not a genius, but I am willing to cooperate with you so that I can help you a little. ”

Having said that, Mae put her right hand on her chest, just like King Nefa, and broke her knee.

"No, you came to Great Sage Mayrias."I feel like I've gotten a million allies.Thank you very much. "

"No, I'm here."

"By the way, is this...?"

King Nefa's soft smile is directed at Soleil.Solaire smiled and slowly opened his mouth.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I serve King Agarta Linos, the one I call Solaire."

"...... Soleil"

For a moment, King Nefa's expression hardened.However, he quickly returned to his original expression and bowed to Solaire.

"King Agarta is also a bad man."I didn't expect you to send both of your queens..... "

”Ho ho ho, please don't worry about me”

Having said that, Solaire gave a demonic smile.It was not surprising that King Nefa hadn't noticed.Mei was wearing a white robe worn by the president of Agarta University, while Soleil was wearing a dark, nun-like costume.At first glance, his appearance as a maid of Mae made him not recognize the king of Nephah, that he was the princess of a kingdom.But even though he was a wise king, he could not take off his gaze.


A strange moment has opened up.And king Nephar coughing with him, said, Bye, and guided them before the well.

“The poison was thrown into two wells: this well and the well ahead.This well has a lot of water, so it goes from here through underground waterways to wells all over the town. ”

Chiwan said, "Excuse me," and put his hands together and cast a light spell.He slowly dropped the ball of light into the well.

"I see, the water is gushing out."... very clear water.... is that a... hole down there?You're letting the water go from there, right? ”

Chiwan peeks into the well and mutters without telling anyone.King Nefa looked sideways and opened his mouth to May.

By the way, did you find anything out?

"Okay... what do you mean?"

“It's about the water you brought home yesterday.As expected, I didn't know anything overnight? "

May, Soleil, and Celluloit frowned at the king's words and pretended to be calm.But Terani shook her body to reveal her agitation.The king turned his gaze to him, but eventually he turned his gaze back to Mei with a soft expression.

“Yes, I am currently analyzing it, so I still don't know what it is.”

I see.

"... how did you know?"

Terani murmured in a small voice.In his voice, King Nefa opens his mouth with a giggle.

“The city has banned all wells by my order, evacuated its inhabitants, and shut down the city.Only soldiers are in this city.Under such circumstances, entering the city and coming into contact with the well is something that ordinary people cannot do.With King Agarta, no, with the Great Sage Mairias, there is plenty of chance of going on a preliminary investigation.That's what I thought. "

"What an excellent one..."

Soleil squinted her eyes and murmured without telling anyone.King Nefa's heart was beating faster when he saw the expression on his face...