Reincarnation into the Barrier Master

Chapter 749 Combat Policy

Real would like to thank you again for the reinforcements, so we left the scene. Originally, we would have to meet King Agarta and ask him directly, but we are on the brink of national existence, so we must return home immediately. I left a message asking you to forgive me for your rudeness.

When I heard that story, I wondered if this woman was really looking for reinforcements from Agarta. If you really want reinforcements, I will speak directly to the opponent and sincerely ask for their help. "Without doing that, I simply leave a message to the emperor..." In a state of crisis for the existence of the state, I don't understand the feeling of wanting to return home as soon as possible in one country, but it doesn't fall into the ground.

Seeing Real leave the room, lift the barrier. The Duke of Vailas will get up soon and encourage me to sit here, but it's hard to talk about it there, so I'll tell him to sit here and let him sit.

I don't know, brother-in-law.

His Majesty talks to me with a passionate expression, as usual. I think with my arms crossed.

“Well, if the Heida army is going to send 20,000 men, Agarta will have to send a force close to it.”

Um, I see. I'm sorry.

His Majesty took a deep breath and continued his words with distant eyes.

"My sister... Real was the sister most nostalgic of all my brothers." "That younger sister told me to help you..." I want to help my sister in any way I can. "

I bowed my head silently to the words.

"You must be uncomfortable that your sister didn't come directly to ask for it." She's a gifted sister. I know the relationship between Heat Data and Agarta. "

"Is it a relationship...?"

"In fact, Agarta is an independent state, but it is a subordinate state of the Heidata Empire. My sister thinks that if I ask Yu to request reinforcements from Lord Linus, Agarta won't be able to refuse."

"... I see. Sure is." I have been ordered by His Majesty to be King of Agarta. "

"Well, don't say that. However... as a sister, I guess you don't want to bow your head to Agarta."

”That's because I'm a civilian and a slave...”

"No, it's not. Maybe you don't want to bow your head to Recollet."

To Rico?

His Majesty turns his attention to Clinton and Rico. Rico did not look at His Majesty and remained expressionless.

"When she was in the castle, she was desperate to win over her sister, Recollet. But it wasn't as talented as Recolette. Recolette had a good head that she would never forget teaching once, but her sister hadn't. Still, my sister was desperate to catch up with Recollet and overtake her. On the other hand, Ricolette didn't even have such a sister on her teeth....."

"That's not true, brother." I'm.... "

"Do you want to say that I was trying to help my sister in the shadows and in the sun?" I guess that posture was further igniting Real's mind. "


"Apart from that, I'm not saying that recollette is bad. It's the destiny of a man born with a clear mind. That's something to be proud of, not depressed."

His Majesty exhaled so much that he murmured without telling anyone.

"Real is even easier to live with when you learn to admit defeat." I don't want to be proud of you..... "

I bowed my head in silence.


As soon as I returned to the capital of Agarta, I gathered what was my Lord and told him to send reinforcements to the Kingdom of Mitos. Just after I left, a letter from Real arrived.

The contents were not much different from those sent to His Majesty. However, it was accompanied by a sentence stating that we were looking forward to the arrival of the Agartan army led by King Agarta.

Apparently, I have to go out myself.

“That would be true. We can't manipulate the Agartan army like a limb.”

Kunogen reacts to my words. Everyone has an indescribable smile on their faces.

"The problem is that we don't know the geography of the Kingdom of Mitos or the status of the enemy." "You can fly with Irimo's wings and go see it..." Do you have a map of Mitos? "

Everyone shakes their head at my question.

If you have it, you must be Vieille-sama.


Kunogen's words are unexpectedly surprising. Certainly, that little girl would have a wealth of that information. But if you ask her for something, it's going to cost you a fortune. By the way, I haven't seen you lately, but are you doing well?

"It looks like Vieille won't be involved in this battle." It's not good to get involved too much. "

“No, I can't say that.”

It was Rufana who opened her mouth. She continues to speak further as she looks around.

“The Emperor of the Carutlen Empire, who is in battle, is a devout Crimean. He is intoxicated with Lord Vieille. In the previous battle, you had cleared all those who tried to take on Lord Vieille. I don't know for sure, but I think we should leave the possibility behind for Lord Vieille.”

"Hmm, that's unlikely." In Vieille, I feel like I'm going to appeal to my existence even more... "


It is Holm who has moved from the Sephardic Empire who is holding up his hand. He opens his mouth in a hesitant manner, looking around him.

"I can draw a map of the Kingdom of Mitos if you like..."

"Oh, that's right." Why are you doing this again? "

“Seafund and Mitos have been friends for a long time. When I was young, there were joint military exercises between the two countries, and I took part in them.”

"Phew." I wonder how countries that interact with each other enough to conduct joint military exercises suddenly end up in a state of war. I don't know. "

"That's right, I don't understand that either..."

Depending on how you do it, this battle may end quickly.

It was Shario who muttered without telling anyone. When I turned into a black dragon, I had dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. I don't seem to be interested in anything stylish, and my hairstyle is also bumpy. Such a girl is opening her mouth expressionlessly.

“What does it mean to finish early? A little more.”

“Most of the soldiers in this battle are probably amateurs.”

"Well, how can you say that?"

"I thought about the breakdown of the army of a hundred thousand. Calculated from crop yields, the Carutren Empire is 40,000, the Seafund is 30,000, Elsmo is 20,000, and Nono is 10,000. The countries that are participating in the war... especially Elsmo and Nono have suffered enormous damage in the previous battle. If this is how we prepare our forces, we will have to mobilize the peasants. To put it bluntly, it is likely that the armies of these two countries are barely trained crowds. Besides, the Seafunds are moving their armies in the battle ahead. I came there and mobilized this time... honestly, I don't think you have a strong feeling that you don't want to fight."

"I see, you're the only one willing to fight the Carutlent Empire..." If Shario's story is true, I don't know why the enemy hasn't been able to penetrate the border. ”

I'll think about it in my arms.

"The Heeda Army, too, has had no choice but to step out. I doubt if I will fight aggressively. However, if we defeat an army with low morale, the unwilling ones will fall even if left alone... Maybe we should aim for that line in this battle."

Everyone bowed their heads silently to my words.