Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 1 Reborn Girl Students

Away from the shore, a luxurious private cruise ship is slowly moving.

The sea at this moment is like a roaring tiger, raging and raging, just as Don Eining is in the mood at this moment, like a tiger.

Don Eining's casual white T-shirt, underneath which are the jeans, stands at the very edge of the cruise deck and falls into the deep sea just one more step back.

Well, that's not the point. The point is that at this moment, she was shot in the right shoulder and left thigh, bleeding more and more, causing her to tremble and shake, but she didn't fall down.

I wonder how much courage and stamina it takes!

Of course, if it were just for the two shots, it would not have been as bad for Don Einin as trembling and shaking, but because she had been drugged before that and had lost a lot of strength.

Otherwise, how can she make it easy for them to catch it?

Opposite Don Eining, confronted her, headed by a man and a woman.

The woman wore a short dress with white breasts, a long wave of dark red hair, intense makeup, extremely exotic and full of laughter.

And a man, in a white suit, about thirty years old, handsome.

The body is tight, the posture is ambiguous, and there is a slutty smell to it.

Behind this pair of men and women are seven or eight men in clear black suit leather shoes, like bodyguards.

However, the man dressed in a white suit spread cold, his eyes as deep as a hawk also stared dead at Don Einin in front of him, lifting his hand against her with a pistol, and the trigger moved silly.

And that shot in Don Einin, he fired it.

“Why?” Almost squeezed out of his teeth, Don Einina's bloody eyes, with endless anger, pain, remorse and unwillingness, stared dead at intimate men and women in front of him.

“Why?" The woman, Tanya Heart, laughed like a funny joke, "Don Einin, don't you see the truth yet? In fact, from the beginning to the end, the more I love you, the more I use you. Otherwise, you think the more you spend two years with Son, the more reason Son didn't touch you! ”

“Y'all...” Don Einin was angry, if his eyes could kill him, for the more Tanya and Qi stood in front of her, the more he was crushed.

Tang Yaxin, Tang Aining's half-sister, Tang Aining Jr., is two years old.

Ten years ago, Tanya's mother appeared, angry that her mother was in a mental breakdown, in a car accident and turned into a vegetable. And Tang Yaxin and her little third mother went into the hall.

On the other hand, he was thrown away by his father to organize training for the Dark Killers, and then secretly did something unseen to the Tang family.

She didn't want to, but Neha had her mother in her father's hands, and if she didn't want to, she killed her mother.

The more Qi Zi, a man with a normal background, but a remarkable background, just wanted her to be Don Eining's smart life, but fell into the hands of a different man on this watch.

Tanya, mindful of Don Eining's anger, continued: “Dad knows that as long as your mother dies, he can no longer control you, so he can only arrange for a man to chase you, let you fall in love, and willingly work for him. It's just that so many men you can't even look at, and instead, because of an accident, you fell for my man. For the Tang family, I can only put up with my own man acting with you! ”

Tang Yaxin said, "Don't worry, I will always be with you from now on, and I won't let you be so lonely in the middle of the night." ”

“That is, you belong to me alone, whether it's your body or your heart.” Tang Ya's heart whispered and his fingers circled the chest of Qi Zi. He looked like a tease, making Qi Zi more distracted and willing.

If he didn't have something to do right now, he really wanted to keep Tanya's heart under him and make a harsh request.

“Nausea” stabbed Don Einin's heart, but made her sick more.

She would never have allowed these people to be cheap in front of herself had it not been for the fact that she was being shot at.

“You..." Tang Aining's words changed Tang Ya's face, trying to refute it, just before he said it, the more Qi interrupted him: “Baby, don't be angry, she's just a dying person, what's the harm in letting her do it quickly? ”

The more Qi said, Tang Yaxin's face was better: “Yes, I didn't want to deal with her so early, but who let her know about her mother's death! I have to say, their mothers and daughters are so affectionate that they can't even buy your bills for her mother and Tang family. ”

After a pause, he said: “Don Aining, for your contribution to Tang's family, I will give you two paths now. First, I will jump myself. As for the second..." He said, Tang Ya's face revealed a deep smile: “Second, I will play with my men. How about enjoying the feeling of being a girl to a woman before I die? ”

Don Eining holds his fists tight and his face looks unwieldy.

But it was all a dead end anyway, and she stopped saying anything about struggle.

Although she was perfectly capable of breaking Tanya's heart before she died, she also knew that once they caught her, she was going to be humiliated by these men, which she could not bear.


Don Eining smiled coldly at Tanya and Qi and said coldly: "If I don't die, I will definitely keep you from dying. ”

Don Eining's words are like a curse. The more cold Tanya's heart and Qi's body become, it seems that this curse will come true. Only before they react, Don Eining jumped into the sea.

Don Aining's body continued to sink and her consciousness became more and more blurred, but in the trance, she saw her chest jade flash red, and then she completely lost consciousness.

· · · · · ·

City F, Huaxia Third Line City.

In an ordinary ward of the downtown hospital, there are four beds in the ward, but only on the rightmost wall bed.

In bed, half lying a girl about seventeen or eighteen years old, head wrapped in gauze, five officers sophisticated, she is considered a beauty. But this moment is a deep face, staring at the central news on television.