Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3464 is good, this ending is beautiful

The two have been talented each other, I hope that the two can be taken back together.

In the next second, the two have been inhaled in the swirls.


Because Gu Ning has been forty-year-old, the cold is almost 50 years old, and they are now like a three-year-old, so now they are now very small.

It is also living in the estate in the suburbs, because this will avoid being met with too many people.

And when Cold Xiao opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the bed, and still in her original room, surprised her up.

She came back, returned to her original home, returned to my parents, but Li Junzhen!

Cold Xiaoyao immediately ran out of the room, just with the cold and just in the room, it was also directly knocked in the ground.

Also, now Cold Xiaoyao is a trick, and it is a big realm than the level of cold Xiaoran!

Cold Xiaoran directly stunned, and it was also unreasonable. The monk in the early childhood of the Yuan Ying was actually hit directly.

Who hits him?

Looking up, I dumbly.

And when Cold Xiao, he saw cold Xiaoran, and it was also in the original place, and then the tears couldn't help but drop it.

"Ah! Cold Xiao Yao, how can you appear here." Then, cold Xiaoran made a deafening voice, or if he was hit, he must doubt that he is not an eye, or because it is too cold. So there was an illusion.

Cold Xiaoran is too big, spread throughout the manor, so that everyone will hear it.

Then everyone ran over.

Shangguanyang, Jing Yun Yao, cold, and Gu Ning.

When they see the moment of cold Xiao, tears are not angry.

Although they have received the dream of Cold Xiao, I have come back later. These days, they have always been looking forward to it. I hope that when I can see it, I can see it.

So, although they have long been prepared, when they see cold in the eyes, they still can't control the exciting emotions.


"Dad, Mom, Grandma, Teacher ..." Cold Xiaoyao saw them, then I couldn't help but cry, then immediately felt immediately.

Jing Yun Yao also came over, and the hand of cold worship was taken on the shoulders of the cold, and the look was crying again.

Shangguan Yang did not make up, but he also used them, but it was crying again.

"There is me ..." Cold He felt that he was cooled, and he hugged them immediately.

After a long time, everyone's emotions gradually calmed down.

Then, Cold Xiaoyan said with everyone to have experienced the experience of these two years, thinking of his grandfather and three uncles on the seven-star state, and cold smashed.

However, everything is going to be hiented, but when you go back to Yun Mainland, she has arranged the things there, and knowing that she is not going back, so it is sad, not too much. Obey.

Just Li Jug, where is he!

I heard the experience of cold Xiao, everyone couldn't help.

In particular, she knows her repair, it is actually a good time.

For decades, the issue of Shangguanyang has not broken the time, because he has not continued to practice.

And cold and less is a peak, and Gu Ning is the middle of the time.

Jing Yun Yao is Yuan Yingfeng. Cold He is just to Yuan Ying's initial stage.

The speed of their cultivation is slow because there is not much resources.

However, cold Xiao Yao is now much more resources, it will certainly let them keep up with a floor.

"Are you not there to be a doctors with Mr.? You can do it to see if you feel him." Shangguan Yang.

Cold Xiao's words, immediately induced the existence of Liku, but did not feel at all.

"I can't feel ..." Cold Xiao is in a hurry. "

"It may not be a troring heaven!" Shangguan Yang, because there is no compassionate to form a couple in a long time, because it will not be knotted at all.

Therefore, it may be related to the heavenly road here.

Wen said that cold Xiao is even more lost.

"So do you have his photo? If you have a message, you can advertise!" Cold He said, it is very curious about this sudden brother-in-law, what is the long?

Because Li Jozhen and Cold Xiao are already two love, so cold and Gu Ning did not feel that the daughter was taken away by other men. Instead, this kind of love is a rare, and it is necessary to cherish it. .

"Yeah! Why didn't I think of it!"

Cold Xiaoyao suddenly realized, immediately took out the mobile phone, there is a photo of Li Jug, if Li Juli is really coming to this, the advertisement is easy to find.

Just afraid, I am afraid, Li Junzhen did not come with her.

No matter what, try it.

After returning home, I saw my parents relatives, and I was very happy, but my heart has always been remembered.

A few days have passed, there is still any news that Li Jug, let Cold Xiao Yao feel uneasy, I don't know if he has passed with himself.

This week, more than a few people have to find a lot of people, and they are also constantly looking for themselves.

During the day, she drove and released her own knowledge.

In the evening, she flew directly.

After a week, Cold Xiaoyao finally saw the figure of Li Jun.

When the gods of Cold Xiaoyao fell on him, Li Dug was also induced, and the two directly saw each other through the knowledge.

There is such a moment, and Li Jug wants to fly in the sword, but the reason tells him that it is not good, so it can only run in the direction of cold Xiao Yao.

He followed cold, but he was sent to the place far from the emperor.

He didn't have this ID card and could not take the plane.

He Yujian flying, but he did not know the direction, so he walked a lot of rustle, and finally came to the emperor today.

He doesn't know where Cold Xiao Yao lives, can only be blindly found.

Finally, he found cold Xiaoao.

Soon, the two finally met, and they all took care of the eyes of others, directly on the street.

Although the two were separated for a week, but for the two, it was like a world.

Said to be separated, in fact, it is not wrong, after all, they cross time and space.

It is not careful, it is the situation where eternal will not see the face.

Ok, he followed.

The two are just hug, there is no words, after a long time, they will let go of each other, and then cold Xiao is with Li Jug to go home ...

Ok, this ending is beautiful.

Ok, they all caught happiness.

Ok, have you!