Reiryuu Academy Student Council

00 Lilong's Gohsiung and the Ordinary Girl

Private Lilong School - Mammoth school with more than 3,000 students in a consistent school that exists from elementary to higher education. The organization that reigns at its apex, the Student Council, not to mention the strength of the board, is said to have plenty of jobs, even in any recession, as long as it has its background.

The student council, regarded as the most outstanding in the history of such a Lilong School Student Union, was called "The Five Hungs of Lilong," and was to be passed down to later generations.

This is the era of its "Gohsiung of Lilong".

The talented story of five boys and one girl buried in their history.

"100 out of 300"

The first floor hallway of the building in the second grade of the High Department, the wide paper stretched out on one side of the wall, shows the names of 300 people and their ranking of power. It's the result of an assignment test at the beginning of spring break, i.e. the first test in sophomore year. Her name is Nanahara (Kusuhara) Meguru (Meguru), who speaks of a ranking that is neither possible nor impossible. The bud grenade wasn't happy or sad about its rank, it just floated the color of relief on its face.

"You're still in the same order of two. Miss Average"

My friend Uemura Maiko says as he looks at the ranking of the bud grenades. Maiko and Bud Grey became friends from their common predicament that they enrolled from each other's higher departments, and whether they had character or not, they are always together now in their second year of enrollment.

"You don't take off around 100 every time, do you? If you're after me, it's amazing, isn't it?

"I can't do such an amazing thing - This is what strength is."

The bud grenade raised his hands and put out his tongue with Pelo.

"Yes, sir. You see, the people of the realm of God are here, aren't they?

That's what Maiko points at the bud grenade. The intent dimmed, and the bud grenade turned only to the back of his face.

The very end of the hallway where the crowd is being gathered - where the names of the top figures are staked out.

If I split that far, I'd be convinced of everything.

"How is the student council?"

As the bud grenades squeak, the crowd splits left and right to form rows, and a group of five people enter the eye.

"The guy who dropped out of fifth place is five times more likely to work until the next test. I'll exempt you from the wind."

A man in the middle like that with a crisp smile is Kamiko. An unusual person promoted to student chairman at the same time as admission to higher education. Appearance brilliant, brainy genius. Hence the two names "Emperor of Lilong".

"Good -. That's a cum. You can't have me in fifth place or anything, yeah."

The handsome guy with the entertainer face loss is Lotus Moon (Lenzi) Fengya (Fugu). I'm not smart. Which is worse, a student council officer selected by the

"Don't reopen it, Lotus Moon. Why are you so optimistic? I'm more or less a student council officer, so study a little..."

The eyeglass boy who begins his sermon in an extended manner is Shotaro Gejo. Student vice chairman in the second seat of the Anyway, I always preach gracefully.

"Gejong, please calm down. If you take optimism away from Lotus Moon, there's nothing left."

"Hey...... Favorable Kung, isn't that hideous?

The little boy whose wind and grace weep is in Blue Town's favor. Is it a family thing, very polite.

"But if we're going to do what you're ordered to do, we're all going to have to top it."

The slutty figure wearing a women's uniform with long golden hair as a side twin tail is Shu (Hiragi) Laila. Due to its beauty, a man is as good as I've learned recently.

"What are you talking about... sprouts?

"Hmm? What's the matter with you?

Maiko pulls off a bud grenade trying to get back to class.

"You're not really interested, are you? to student council officers."

"Imagine where I'm being meeher, 'cause it's funny"

"Sure. I'm not even that noisy, or anything like that."

"I like Maiko because that's what she thinks."

When the bud grenade hugs her, Maiko looks troublesome and peels her face off of herself gleefully.

"Well, genius is a different kind of person. You don't get it, do you?"

Maiko mutters as she worships what a student council officer looks like. The nationally renowned Lilong School Student Union. They will be elected to that student council from the first year of the higher ministry, and they will take over until the third year of the higher ministry, so I guess they will hit the so-called "genius". And that's the word bud grenades hate the most.

"Yeah. Right, Maiko"

Bud Grey said so with his back to Maiko.

I still don't know the bud grenades at this time. That the time of destiny with them, later referred to as the "Gohsiung of Li Long", is a moment -.