Ressurring Network Controversy

Chapter 1 is reborn back to eat soft rice

"Hey, I reborn?"

Looking at the classroom of the high school class, Chen Yu is silled.

Unexpectedly, I would also be able to rebirth.

However, he may not be too tangled.

You must know that when you look at this reborn, he doesn't know how to rebirth.

It's just that I can only in my mind, but now I don't want to come true.

Isn't this a bad thing?

Tangled, impossible.

"I don't like money."

"I am not interested in the money."

"I hate money is money."

It is muttered in his mouth, Chen Yu has seen the future, will speak some of this classic words like Mr. Ma.

Wipe the water, Chen Yu plans to make money in the future.

"That is the beauty, how many numbers are today?"

"No. 28."

"How many months?"

"In September, this is not just now, this doesn't remember?"

Looking at some of the same table, Chen Yu has some embarrassment.

How can he say a few decades, how can he remember so clear.

But the key is not a few months, but this year is this year.

"Last question, is this year 2001?"

He remembers that he is reading high school in 2001, but it is important, it must be determined.


Asked the same table, I asked: "You won't have a fever."

"No burning, no burning, okay."

Since I have determined time, Chen Yu didn't ask more.

It is 2001, then, I have a few decades of overtight.

At this time, Tencent should be founded soon, the strength is not so strong.

If you also make an instant messaging software, can n't you kill Tencent?

However, when I thought, Chen Yu bitted a bitter.

Before he is just an ordinary person, even if there is a forefront, what can he use now to kill Tencent?

No funds, no technology, even programming is not ... this difficulty is somewhat big, temporarily giving up.

That takes a look.

Ok, the website technology is not large, but the soft technology, logistics, sales, etc. involved in this is even more big.

Take the next time, then engage in engine ... Hey, don't mention it, the engine is not only one box.

Yes, you don't panic, I will not fight with you.

Think about it, the second-line IT company can't do it?

Is the line?

What is the same is not only technologies, but also the terrorist funds.

"Sister, is it that I have not used Wu's land for decades?"

I was thinking about half an hour, Chen Yu himself panicked.

He thought that a beautiful life was waiting for himself, but he found that even if it was reborn, he didn't seem to do it now. If you don't talk about those big , even if you make some money, it is a bit difficult.

"Don't panic, don't panic, catch it is a rebirth."

Deep breathing makes you calm down, Chen Yusi's way of making money in the future.

Fried room.

Yes, this is an opportunity to make big money.

Now that the housing prices of Xinfeng will only do hundreds of dollars. In the future, it is only 10,000 support.

This is still nothing, if you put in some places in Shanghai, Jingcheng, Shencheng, casually, one place, 45,000 square meters.

At this time, I started to take a few houses, and I don't need it in the future.

Just a pity, the road of the fried house is good, the problem is that you have to have a room.

Even if it is a few a flat house, Chen Yu has no money to buy.

This makes Chen Yu have some headaches.

However, the way is more than difficult.

I immediately thought of the song.

There is no more popular songs in the future.

I can think about it, Chen Yu still gives up.

He is not a five-yield, and the problem is not even five-tarant spectrum.

And how this song is sold, he doesn't know.

That is written.

Thinking of this, Chen Yu is on the front.

There are many reborn in the past, and they also earn a lot of money.

It is now 2001, and the classics of the later generations have not appeared yet.

Like what Zhu Xian, the ethereal trip, fight the sky, cover the sky ... that is that this is tens of millions.

But I want Chen Yu or booth.

These did not engrave in Chen Yu's brain sea, how can he write it exactly?

Even if you write a probably in the original plot, the problem is that the website "Net" now is not created yet.

Of course, this is not a website that has not been written in 2001.

... still exist.

There may be existence, this website does not implement the VIP reading system, and write only free to write to others free.

At this time, the author is self-entertaining, anyway, no money, is happy, is not happy, half a year is not updated.


Chen Yu still shook his head.

Stock stock?

Can't do it.

A shares in 2001-2005 were a big pit until 2006 was the bull market.


This looks viable, but I don't want to do it, the domestic gambling ball can be illegal, and only go abroad.

Now I can't afford to buy, I can't afford to buy a ticket.

"Heaven, is it a born?"

Continuously denied dozens of ideas, Chen Yu simply wanted to hit the wall.

Old days, are you teasing me?

Why don't you bring me a system when you reborn?

Even if you don't bring a system, you have to give me a U disk.

Now this situation, you make me a hanging silk all the way to the horse teacher, some great difficulties.

Can you only study, take a good university?

Don't say it, this looks really.

Some of the other roads are indeed feasible, but it is still possible to study well.

Not to say, reading a book changed.

The past life is not bad, come back one, just use a snack, a better school should have no big problem.

Just like the table, the woman is a woman in the future, is it a woman in the future?

He still remembers now that he has born a classmate party, Lu Xue returns to the Chinese high school party, and Chen Yu is also called.

It's just that Chen Yu mixed with a little miserable, and I feel that the classmates are a gathering party. I don't want to be faced by others, I don't even have to go.

"What do you think?"

I found Chen Yu stared at yourself, and asked the same table Lu Xue.

Lu Xue. "


"That ... now chasing you still have it?"

Out of mouth.

Chen Yu suddenly thought of a good way to get rich.


Lu Xue once didn't expect Chen Yu, suddenly said such a word, red, Zhang Zhang, some handsome.

"Oh, no, there is nothing."

It's just a funny to say Chen Yu.

Rebirth is coming back to eat, then I lost my face.

It will definitely be despised by a large pile of rebirth.

"I said that you have a fever, let's talk nonsense. Right, tomorrow, many students are ready to go to Xianji, you go?"

"Don't go."


"I need to study."


"Yes, I have to study hard, I will go up every day, I have adopted Peking University, the people, Zhejiang University, South Dad ..."

Catch the fist, Chen Yu is too swearing.

However, very fast, Chen Yu will give up the vows.

On the way home, a game poster posted at the door of the Internet cafe attracted Chen Yu's attention.

[Who said that fate is not from self-cultivation, thousands of people

Legend of the blood, waiting for you to fight ...