Ressurring Network Controversy

Chapter 1162 1 is directly imitated, never being surpassed

( ) Qualcomm.

"Damn, have the latest news of Super Pear 2 generation?"

"There are only so many temporary."

"When did they hold?"

"next week."

"Immediately send a team to China."




"What does the retinal display of Huanyu Technology?"

"We have been in listening to this news."

"We made a serious mistake, when we should sell the display technology to China at this point."

"This time, I will go to China."



"What is the strongest in the sky?"

"There is no clear message in temporarily."

"Is this an advertisement?"

"It is possible that the industry believes that Huanyu Technology is evident in semiconductor business, but with Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, there are still some distances. And ask the chip before the day, use ARM authorization architecture, but The architecture to Huanyu Technology authorized is not the highest rack. "

"But if Huanyu Technology launched its own chip architecture?"




"BOSS, Huanyu Technology will hold Super Pear 2 generation press release next week, are we going?"

"Of course, however, we don't want to achieve the results of the super pear, we must firm our position. You have to know that after we adjust the pace, our mobile phone sales is significantly improved."

"BOSS, I understand."

"That week, you go to China. Just remember, this world is not a smartphone world."



"Chen, the number of people traveling in our domestic tour in recent days, and suddenly hundreds of thousands."

"What is this, there are so many tourist attractions in our country, and there are many people to travel."

"However, according to the survey, there is a considerable number of people who want to come to participate in our super pear press conference."

"Then there is no way, our conference will not be able to accommodate so many people. However, it is okay, it is ok."

Super Pears 2 produces a lot of nothing.

Even, he attracted the eyes of all the people of all the people, and more than the previous pear 1 generation.

Although the pear 1 has changed the mobile phone, many people have entered the smartphone era.

It is precisely because of the pear 1 generation, this will make everyone more concerned.

Plus a series of small stream messages before the previous explosion, this is the countless consumers crazy.

As a long-term, Zhang Jianming, which is the Huanyu Technology University, is also very excited in recent days.

He is the same as many people, also looking forward to the day of the pear 2 generation and everyone.

"Ascending for dreams, I am going, who wrote this?"

"Hey, Chen, this is the theme of Wu Kai Di's conference."

"Is there a publicity?"

"There is no."

"Change it, I watched this theme."

It is not the details of Chen Yu to intervene. It is really this theme to let Chen Yulian think of Jia Teacher.

Teacher Jia is also suffocating for dreams, but later, I will suffocate.

Their pear 2 generation can be a great product, how can I be as teacher.

This is unlucky.

"Change it?"

Zhang Jianming said: "What is this theme?"

Zhang Jianming actually feels that this topic is very good, at least it is very worn out.

How can Chen Yu think this theme is weird?


He is very like.

"Of course not good."

"That, I let the propaganda department think about a topic."

"Don't find them, you will launch a press conference next week, then think, I think of a topic."

"Chen, you said."

"I still write to you."

Take a pen, Chen Yu wrote a sentence on work paper.

"I go……"

Seeing this sentence, Zhang Jianming called a sentence: "This is coming out, then you can't let everyone climax."


Time is too fast, blink, and it has passed a week.

In this week, the pears 2 generations, Huanyu technology, pears 2 generations of new news ... has always been a hot spot in the world.

But I don't know if the press conference will start, and there is not much news in this week.

Just occasionally overrunt some messy messages.

What pears 2 generation is designed.

The light is this design, which has no dozens of versions.

But in this, there is no version is true.

This also gives everyone a more expectation.

Now, the Pear 2 generation press conference is finally started.

"Brothers, this evening is the Pear 2 generation press conference, so excited."

"I am also, I thought I got the scene to participate in the Pear 2 generation press conference."

"I also want, I didn't buy tickets."

"Tickets don't think, now there is a ticket for 5,000 bids there."

"Nima, I still sit at home and watch live."

"Look at the live broadcast + 1 ..."

In contrast, the live broadcast is different, and the small part of the luck is still a ticket to the pear 2 generation.

The night, or not yet arrived at night.

Just 5 o'clock in the afternoon, they came to the on-site broadcast on the spot early.


They are not only to watch this post, but they also have to live this press conference to all fans.

Of course.

Although the official will live a lot of press conferences, the live broadcast of the press conference is completely different from the live broadcast.

The live broadcast of the press conference is mainly introduced by the product, and the personal live broadcast is in addition to product introduction, he will introduce more official live broadcasts.

For example, a conference address.

This pear 2 generation was selected in the Exhibition Hall, No. 1 Shencheng National Park.

The reason why you choose here is because the exhibition hall here is sufficient.

"Hello, I am a big logo. Here is the scene of the pear 2 generation, I have been fortunate, I bought a bus 2 generation conference. As for everyone, ask me a food anchor, how to run to the pear 2 generation press conference Come? In fact, in my eyes, the pear 2 generation is more tempting than any food. "

There is more than 1 million fans in the shake, holding a selfie rod, starting a full live broadcast of the pear 2 generation.

In the live shot, all fans can also see that in addition to big logo, a bunch of people in almost on the scene pick up the selfie rod.

It can be seen that although the Selfie rod has not been launched by Huanyu Technology, it has been rapidly popular.

"In addition, not just this food anchor here, everyone will take a look, after I have a selfie, it is very familiar. That baldness is a tiger. Yes, there is something that is nothing. He came ... Tiger brother said the car's brother. People say that the car is coming to the scene, my food anchor is naturally coming. "

"Of course, it is not just a tiger brother, you see, Li Jiaqi, who is very popular, is very hot ..."

Qing Dynasty, almost a line of nets are coming.

"Wow, big logo cattle."

"Great logo will ask staff, and the pear 2 generation will not take place?"

"To the right, everywhere, how to say that I have to eat the rice of Huanyu Technology."

Count countless fans who are streaming live broadcasts in the form of a trip.

This makes big logo, I can't smile: "I also want to go to rice, but it seems that this time is no arrangement. However, next time I go to Huanyu Science and Technology Headquarters, take you to their cafeteria to see how this food is taste."

"To, you want."

"666 ..."

Live continues.

"The front is the entrance of the conference."

"Let's see, there is a huge display."

"The word is written above, I didn't see it, let's take a look."

Holding a selfie, big logo walks forward with a fan.

"See it."

"This is the theme of Pear 2 generation press conference."

"My grass, this theme is hang."

Just sweep your eyes, big logo didn't know how, suddenly called.

"What situation, what situation?"

"Big logo, are you doing?"

"So excited, climax?"

Everyone is somewhat strange.

Subsequently, large logo put the lens to the topic topic on the previous display.

The word is now written: I have been imitated, never being transcended ...

(This chapter is over)