Reverend Insanity

Chapter 1: The Demon's Heart Still Without Regret

“Fang Yuan, hand over the spring and autumn cicadas and I'll make you happy! ”

“Fang Lao Demon, don't try to resist. Today our righteous factions are united to break through your cave. This place has already been laid out, this time you must be somewhere else! ”

“Fang Yuan, you bloody demon, you killed millions of people to practice as a spring and autumn cicada. You have sinned tremendously, unforgivable and exhausted! ”

“Demon Head, 300 years ago you insulted me, took my innocence, killed my whole family, and killed my nine tribes. From that moment on, I can't help but eat your flesh and drink your blood! Today, I want you to live like a dead man!! ”


Fangyuan was dressed in a ruined turquoise robe, and the beard was scattered, bathed in blood and looked around.

The mountain breeze swept through the bloody robe, sounding like a battle flag.

Fresh red blood, hundreds of wounds pouring out of your body. Just standing there for a while, there's already a lot of blood under the foot of the square.

Enemy circles are long gone.

The big picture is set, and there is no doubt that you will die today.

Sources were caught in the middle of the situation, but even when death was imminent, he was still pale and pale.

His gaze was as dark as it had been in the depths of the ancient wells.

Siege his righteous heroes, either the nobility of the elders of the sect or the famous young heroes of the Quartet. At this time, they surround Square Source firmly, some are growling, some are laughing coldly, some are squinting their eyes with a flashing light of vigilance, some are watching with fear over their wounds.

They didn't do it, they were all afraid of Fang Yuan's impending death.

So nervously confronted for three hours, the sun set west, Yuhui lit the evening summer by the mountain, and the time was bright as fire.

Always quiet as the source of the sculpture, turn around slowly.

The crowd suddenly rioted and took a big step backwards.

At this moment, the gray and white mountain stone at the foot of Fangyuan has long been stained with blood into dark red. Her face, pale due to excessive blood loss, was reflected in Evening Summer and suddenly added a sparkling glow.

Watching the green mountain set sun, Fang Yuan smiled softly: “The green mountain set sun, autumn moon spring wind. When it's really snowing like silk, it's not a success. ”

And when you say that, there's all sorts of things happening on the planet in the past life.

He was a Huaxia student on the planet, and by chance he traveled to the world. Three hundred years of turbulence, more than two hundred years in the world, more than 500 years of gloomy light, but it is just a shake of an eye.

Many of the memories buried deep in my heart come alive at this moment and come back to life in front of me.

“After all, it failed.” Fang Yuan sighed in his heart, some sentiment, but did not regret it.

This result, too, was foreseen by him. When I made my choice, I was prepared.

The so-called magic is not to repair good fruits, but to kill people and set them on fire. The heavens and the earth are inhospitable, enemies of the world, and indulgent.

“If the spring and autumn cicadas that have just been refined are effective, they must still be disturbed in the next life!” I couldn't help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at, old devil? ”

“Be careful, everyone, the demon's head is about to burst! ”

“Hand over the spring and autumn cicada!! ”

Qun Xiong forced himself to come, and at that time, a blast, Fang Yuan suddenly exploded.


Spring rain soaked the mountains quietly.

It was late at night and the cold silk breeze blew in the rain.

Green Mao Mountain is not dark, but from the waist of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, there are many bright light, as if wearing a bright light belt.

These lights come from a high-footed hanging tower, which, although not thousands of lights, is also thousands in size.

It is the ancient moon cottage in Qingmao Mountain that adds a rich human smoke to the vast and secluded mountains.

The center of Ancient Moon Village is a magnificent pavilion. The sacrifice ceremony is taking place at this time, so the lights are bright and glorious.

“Ancestral ancestors bless, hope that there will be more highly qualified teenagers in this recipe ceremony to add new blood and hope to the family!” Ancient Moon elders look middle-aged, two tiny creams, dressed in a solemn sacrificial costume, kneeling on a brown yellow floor, straightened to the upper body, hands together ten, closed eyes sincerely praying.

He faced the tall black paint case, which had three layers to serve his ancestors' cards. There is a red copper incense stove on both sides of the deck, and the cigarette is stuffed.

Behind him, too, were more than a dozen men on their knees. Wearing generous white sacrificial clothes, they are the elders of the family, the spokespersons and the holders of power in all respects.

After a prayer, the Ancient Moon elders first bent down, hands flat, palms firmly against the floor, kowtow. His forehead touched the brown floor, making a gentle bang.

The old folks behind them all look somber and follow in silence.

At one point, the clan hall was filled with the slightest banging of the forehead against the floor.

At the end of the festival, everyone slowly stood up from the floor and quietly walked out of the majestic temple.

In the corridor, the family took a silent sigh of relief and the atmosphere was one of relaxation.

The discourse gradually rose.

“Time passes so fast, a year goes by in a blink of an eye. ”

“The last Diet of Enlightenment was just like yesterday, and it's still there. ”

“Tomorrow is the annual opening ceremony, I wonder what kind of new family blood will emerge this year? ”

“Alas, I hope that qualified teenagers such as A show up. It's been three years since our Ancient Moon clan had such a genius. ”

“Not bad, Baijiazhai, Bear Jiazhai have all these years emerged genius. Especially with the white ice, talent is horrible. ”

I don't know who it is, when I mentioned the name white ice, the old people's faces inevitably appeared a layer of worry.

The qualification of this child is extremely excellent. In just two years of kung fu, he has practiced as a three-way magician. In his younger life, he was a solo collar. Even the older generations felt the pressure of this rising show.

If he had, he would have been the beam pillar of Baijiazhai. At least the strong on the one hand. No one has ever doubted that.

“But not without hope among the teenagers who participated this year in the Diet of Recreation. ”

“Well, a genius teenager appeared in one of the veins. March can say, April can go. When I was five years old, I could recite poetry, and I was very intelligent and talented. Unfortunately, their parents died early and are now raised by their uncles and aunts. ”

“Well, it's premature and ambitious. I've heard of him in recent years:" Toast to the General "," Wing Mei ", and" Jiang Chengzi ". What a genius! ”

The last time Ancient Moon chiefs walked out of the Ancestral Hall and slowly closed the door, they heard the voices of the elders in the corridor.

As you can see, the elders are talking about a teenager named Fong Yuan of ancient moon.

As the head of a clan, attention is naturally paid to those outstanding and prominent children. Ancient Moon Fangyuan is the most brilliant of the younger generations.

Experience has shown that talented people, such as those who tend to remember from an early age, or have the strength to practise as adults, have excellent training qualifications.

“If this child detects qualifications such as A, it can be cultivated well and not necessarily counteract white ice condensation. Even if it is a B qualification, it will be able to become a flag of the Ancient Moon clan. However, with such early wisdom, the likelihood of qualifications such as B is unlikely. It is very likely that such qualifications as A.” This thought was born, and Ancient Moon elder's mouth curled slightly and a smile appeared.

Spin, cough, and say to the elderly: “Gentlemen, it is late. For the sake of tomorrow's opening house, please rest and maintain your spirit tonight. ”

The elderly listened to this, all slightly. There is a hint of vigilance hidden from each other's eyes.

The sheikhs are implicit, but everyone knows what they mean.

Every year, in order to compete with these talented offspring, the elders compete with each other with red and red ears and bloody heads.

It's time to stay sharp till tomorrow and compete for it.

Especially that ancient Yue Fang Yuan, A and other qualifications are very likely. And his parents are dead, one of the two remaining loneliness in the vein. If you can get into your own pulse and cultivate well, you can keep your century-old prosperity alive!

“But the ugly word comes first. Struggles for justice must not be waged through conspiracy to undermine family unity. Remember, ladies and gentlemen!” The patriarchal tone is serious.

“I dare not. I dare not.”

“Be sure to keep it in mind. ”

“This is goodbye, My Lord Patriarch. ”

The elderly thought and scattered.

Shortly after, the long corridor cooled down. Spring Rain Slope winds through the window and the elder gently moves to the window.

Suddenly, the mouth is full of fresh, moist mountain air, refreshing spleen.

This is the third floor of the attic, where the chief of the clan looks out, and most of the ancient moon cottages are at a glance.

Late this evening, most people in the village still have lights, which are very different in times of peace.

Tomorrow is the grand prix d 'état, which concerns everyone's vital interests. An atmosphere of excitement and tension that covers the hearts and minds of the people, naturally many people have trouble sleeping.

“This is the hope of the family's future.” There was a little light in his eyes and the elder sighed.

At this time, there are also a pair of bright eyes, quietly looking at these late-night glittering lights with complex emotions.

“Ancient Moon Village, is this 500 years ago?! The spring and autumn cicada fruit really worked...” Fangyuan's eyes were shadowy, standing by the window and letting the storm hit him.

The role of spring and autumn cicadas is to reverse time. Of the top ten magic rankings, it ranks seventh, naturally not small.

In short, rebirth.

“The spring and autumn cicadas were reborn, back 500 years!” Square reaches out and looks at his young, childish, somewhat pale palms, then slowly squeezes and feels the truth.

On the ear was the slight sound of the light rain hitting the window. He slowly closed his eyes and opened them half a mile later. He sighed: "Five hundred years of experience is like a dream. ”

But he knew very well that it was not a dream.

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