Revival of Xiangjiang financial empire

The big gods of the opening and seeing this book talk about endorsement

I am a newbie, this novel is also my first, may have some people and things in the inner situation, but I think this is just an illusory, parallel world, as long as it is a big event Not bad.

I am a person in last century, from the early 1980s, I have been exposed to Hong Kong Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Taiwan Guilong's martial arts novels, and now I am looking at all kinds of novels that are popular on the Internet. Over, I have been watching the novel for 40 years.

I have always thought about writing a novel, achieving some ideas in my heart in the book, but the language has not been good when I go to school, I can't do it, so I have always realized my wish in my dreams.

Now I finally got the courage, I originally started to be self-entertaining, I was not prepared, just want to have the dream of myself, and then I said that I didn't expect this life.

But then I thought I thought, still published, let God comment comment, more good views and suggestions, so I can improve my writing level, but I hope that everyone can have a ticket. No tickets are holding a gas field. Don't mess around, messy spray, thank you, thank you for the big gods who have proposed valuable suggestions in the book review area, I am here, and correct it in the book.

In fact, Hong Kong Entertainment Novels have been published, I have seen a lot, but I still want to write a Hong Kong entertainment type, just to make up for the regret in my heart.

There are some plots and other ports in the book, but you are thinking about the big gods. How many this, the Hong Kong entertainment novels have written, and the previous gods have written most of the incidents that can be found. It is so much. It is the few people, it must have a similar, but I try to open it as much as possible.

The storyline of this book is a slow heat. This book is a multi-woman master. I think a traveler, if there are not a few wives, there may be a love of God to his love, but The protagonist will not be chaotic, or in combination with the customs of China for thousands of years.

It is my biggest wish to see the readers who see this book. Thank you all the gods.

I am also a hundred people, my eyes are not very good, the typing speed is still slow, I have forgotten, the information just seen, I have to check it, but I have to check it, but I don't have the book. There is an estimated word, do your best to write every chapter, let readers satisfied, no matter holidays, the least one chapter per day, each chapter is 3,000 words, and then a book will not be eunuch, hope you feel relieved.

Just here, I finally solemnly state that this book is purely fiction, pure entertainment, if there is a similar, purely coincident.

The body was immediately sent.