Revolution Bar Empress

Chapter 1 The man who fell in the daughter country

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"Wake up." A woman's voice came dimly.

A clear stream flew down his lips, moisturizing his internal organs.

He slowly opened his eyes.

All of a sudden, I saw a huge woman sitting on his knees beside his bed, and slowly pointed the pot in her hand at his mouth and poured water into his cracked mouth.

He was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted. In the world of One Piece, tall humans like her abound, but unlike the tall humans he had seen before, he actually knew this woman in front of him. who is it.

Although he didn't remember her name anymore, he still grabbed this feature and the obvious woman's retracted arm. Because of his fierce movements, the kettle in her hand even spilled out.

"The Empress! Let me meet Hancock!"


"My Lady Empress, the man who was found on the island is awake." Outside the curtain, an Amazonian warrior lowered her head and reported to the people inside the curtain.

"Why, do you even have to trouble your home with this kind of thing now?" A coquettish voice came from the curtain, with some arrogance and impatience in this voice, and it seemed that he would lose his identity by saying more.

"But he strongly urges to see you..." the Amazon female warrior outside the curtain said in a dilemma.

"Huh?" A delicate nasal sound came from the curtain, fully showing the confusion of its owner.

"He seems to know his position very well, and he also knows our daughter island very well, and he is not very powerful, if the female emperor can meet him..." the Amazon female warrior is very good at persuading others and understands the female emperor's thoughts , Persuaded from the side.

The origin of this person is indeed mysterious. He actually drifted from the windless belt to the island of the daughter. After seeing him, the Lady Empress actually asked them to treat him, but they would exile him after he was cured.

But now, he screamed out where it was. To see the Empress, maybe he has some way to go directly to the Amazon Lily Kingdom. This is a very big security risk for Daughter Island.

It would be great if the Lady Empress could talk to the other party well and set out this secret.

In their hearts, no man can resist the charm of the Empress, so as long as they meet each other, all his secrets will become things in the Amazon Lily Kingdom.

"Then, Xuan." The woman behind the curtain spit out two words gently, and her curiosity was ignited by the man she accidentally rescued with kindness.


Amidst all the Amazons, the man was watching, with a cloth hanging around his waist, his topless body, and a long black hair scattered behind his head. The whole person was silently observing the surroundings, like a leopard about to hunt.

The female warriors of Amazon who were swept by his gaze were instinctively on guard.

But then his eyes gradually softened, even the muscles on his body.

"What? Why does a guy who is not very powerful have a chill on his back." An Amazon female warrior muttered in a low voice.

"This is the momentum." Lan, the official crew member, said with a smile.90dy look at

"This guy is not an ordinary person."

With bare feet and upper body, this extraordinary person walked slowly into the palace of the empress. He observed very carefully, but said nothing.

"Oh~?" The woman behind the curtain snorted: "Do you want to see me? Man."

"Yes." The long black haired man whispered.

"Are you... are you Qiwuhai now, Boya Hancock." He asked, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

"I'm so brave, when is it your turn to ask questions from Lai's family?" A long and naked jade foot stretched out from the curtain, and then there was a dazzling white jade like white jade. With long legs, finally, a big beauty finally came out from behind the curtain.

She knows everything about her beauty. At this time, members who understand the rules should have posted pictures after the qidian genuine section.

She has an arrogant face, beautiful black hair draped like silk behind her head, two snake-shaped earrings hung on her ears, and her handsome face is like ice, with awe-inspiring murderous intent.

Obviously, as the empress, she simply cannot accept being asked these words by an inexplicable man.

"We don't need to be so false, right? You and I have a history, you know and I know, both are the world's fallen people, you saved me, I am very grateful, and now, I want to help you." The man grabbed his hair. Mawei, then turned his body around, and on the back that was not thick, a big Tianlongren's hoof print appeared in front of the empress.

The Amazon female warrior standing next to the curtain showed a surprised expression on her face. She didn't expect this man to be a slave to the Draco!

She glanced at the empress secretly, but the empress was facing the man, and no one could see her expression.

She was silent for a while, and then suddenly said in a cold voice: "You all go out."

The surrounding Amazon female warriors were taken aback. Although they didn't think this weak human being could threaten the female emperor, they hesitated just in case.

A more clever Amazonian female warrior asked, "Should we call Master Sanda Sonia and Master Mary Groud?"

"No need, go out!" In the Amazon daughter country, she is the real emperor. Her reprimand made all the Amazon female warriors bow their heads and slowly retreat.

"You should know, using this kind of thing to anger the mourning family, but it will be deadly." She had a sullen face and terrible pressure, but still gave the man a chance to speak.

"I guess, right now, you don't know the news of Qiwuhai." The man put down his hair, covering up the Tianlong hoof print that made everyone in this world see.

"Qiwuhai...what is it." The female emperor frowned, disliked this person's speaking style very much. Obviously this person knew something she didn't know, but with a certain mystery, she stood at a certain height and despised By yourself.

"Sorry, sorry..." For some reason, the black-haired man seemed to relax, with a slight smile on his face, and the whole person seemed to be different.

"So, this is a slightly long story, if you don't mind, let me start from the beginning."

He smiled gently, and never saw the fierceness and hostility before.

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