Revolution Bar Empress

Chapter 2 The Confession of a Little Bourgeois

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"I am a little bourgeois, do you know little bourgeois?"

"That’s the kind of people who don’t worry about food and drink, and live more than most people. Do some work lightly every day, and then read the news every day, swear at the government or things that are unsatisfactory. Exploit others, and not be exploited by others, just have a wealth of materials and time, and squander what other people dream of."

His words made the empress a little strange, but when she thought of the rich lives of the people in Chambord Islands, she understood a little bit. Indeed, there are still such a group of people in this world, perhaps the officials of the world government and the navy of Marie Choari. 'S family members indeed lead such a life.

"Then, I was taken by the Sky Dragon." The man sitting on the floor arbitrarily pulled a cushion on the bed and placed it under his butt, letting himself leave the cold floor. The empress frowned slowly.

It's just that she hopped back, wondering when a big pink snake sprang out from the curtain, formed a sofa with her body, and let the empress sit down comfortably.

The corner of his eye jumped. Although he knew the big snake in the comics, he didn't expect the big snake to be so fast, so big, almost twice the length of his body. As for the speed, he had appeared before his eyes. Behind the empress.

The high-end combat power of this world is stronger than he imagined.

He chuckled: "The same slaves, you should know that there are always some slaves who can please their masters, like me, like you, for example."

The female emperor's expression became cold. For her, the days of being a slave were Niqin, something that was absolutely not allowed to be uncovered, but this man seemed to have put life and death out of focus, and his mouth did not hide the slightest amount of face.

Maybe they are both slaves, maybe there are only two people here, the empress did not speak, just listened to this man quietly with a cold expression, there may be some resonance in her heart, it was in hell Yes, it is the resonance between the victims.

Although she never talked about it, but this feeling really existed, and she said it through the mouth of this man.

"So, there are some slight differences in the treatment between us and other slaves."

"We are'a little' free."

"This'slightly' gave me a lot of opportunities."

"I dare not eat the devil fruit, because it's too easy to be restrained. Not only will I feel helpless because of the sea floor stone, I can't jump into the sea to escape when it is critical."

"I play the role of a patron, and even sometimes I think maybe it’s good to continue like this. After all, compared with ordinary people from all over the world, I don’t need to worry about the threat of pirates or the blackmail of the corrupt navy. I don’t have much power, and I don’t need to exercise. It is indeed better than most people in this world. It seems that it’s not bad to keep going.

The empress sneered disdainfully. Although she was also the most beautiful among slaves, she had two unsightly younger sisters, so she knew the fate of those slaves who were not favored by their masters best. It was not her refuge and pleading, her two younger sisters might have long been abandoned and separated by the dragons.

And this kind of petting is too vain, and the Tianlong people are like children, and their attention to one thing is shorter than ordinary children. The female emperor was first valued by the Tianlong people because of her cuteness, and then she became tired. After getting entertainment, they found three devil fruits and let them eat them.

Then soon, they got tired again...

His thoughts are really naive and pitiful, just a self-deception in hell.Literature under the pen 88

as expected……

"But because of something, I lost their trust... and then..." A painful expression appeared on his face, and the veins on the back of his hand violently. Obviously it was definitely not a happy memory.

The empress did not gloat, because she also remembered her own experience, was she not happy when she was favored at first, and when she was finally disgusted, she was thrown away like a piece of used garbage.

His pain went away in a flash, and the feeling was unforgettable.More importantly, he broke his stupid illusion, made him completely determined and prepared to fight.

"Then, I escaped, and I didn't know why I drifted to this island and I met you." He raised his head and looked at the empress, his eyes full of enthusiasm, which is different from those lowly men who greet her by petrification. , The man looked at her with something different in his eyes.

"Qiwuhai, what is it?" The empress was silent for a moment, and suddenly asked.

"Qiwuhai is a system that I mentioned when I heard the telephony and the world government." The black long-haired man smiled at her.

"Since the death of the Pirate King Roger, the world government has been unable to suppress more and more pirates, so they thought of incorporating those powerful pirates as their thugs and running dogs, and let the pirates deal with the pirates. Their strategy." The black-haired man made the empress laugh: "Who would be a running dog for the world government? Are they fainted!"

"But, what if it is to exempt you from being wanted and legally plunder, so that your territory can guarantee that your territory will not be attacked by the navy?" He held his knee with one hand, and stretched out his fingers, just this After a few points, the empress slowly changed her face.

"So what, but the daughter country of Ai's family is in the windless zone, will she still be afraid of the navy's attack! Their conditions are not alluring to me!"

She hugged her chest and dismissed the Navy.

"But what if the world government has developed a warship that can sail in the windless zone?" The man stretched out his fourth finger, and the smile on his face grew thicker. After leaving the dragon, he was free. The taste is really fascinating, and more importantly, he can unscrupulously show his fists. Many intelligence advantages make him very handy when dealing with some things, such as dealing with the empress in front of him.

I only saw her frowning and she was silent. Obviously, the windless belt is the foundation of the Nine Snakes Pirates. Once the navy has a warship that can pass through the windless belt, then the pressure on the island of Nine Snakes will probably Suddenly it will increase greatly, and the Nine Snake Kingdom must also choose to surrender or die in battle.

There is no third way to choose.

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