Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1075 - 1075: Pleased

The Law of Destiny couldn't be used offensively either. 

As Wu Lia reached Long Chen, he was finally able to get a glimpse of Long Chen again. Long Chen's head was already bleeding. His clothes were dirty, and there were scratches all over his body. 

"Sigh, I had such high hopes for this high clash against the person even she is scared of. But you're disappointing. The prophecy is surely crap," Wu Lia snorted as he snapped his finger. 

Long Chen's body started rising in the air again and stopped right in front of him as he stood in the air. His arms and legs were stretched wide as if both his hands and legs were tied to opposite walls. 

"Do you know how disappointing it is?" Wu Lia asked Long Chen as he raised his hand. 

A few specks of lights appeared near his hand that started joining up and taking the shape of the Sword. 

The Sword was half the size of Long Chen's Time Sword in length and width. 

The bright golden sword floated before Wu Lia, who caught the Sword's hilt. 

"What did I do to you? Did I steal your wife or something? Why do you always complain like everything is my fault? You have been trying to make my life hell when I don't even know you, and then you blame me for that?"

Unable to control his rage, Long Chen started yelling as he cursed Wu Lia. Even though it was an effort to make it so that Wu Lia is delayed, but it was also because he was genuinely angry at how this man was reacting. 

"How psychopathic can you be? You're the one who oppresses others while trying to act like the victim, aren't you?" He asked. 

"Sigh, imagine being pulled from your home because of a prophecy that a man is going to kill someone influential in the future. Losing your family and everything, living the life of non-existence, alone! Waiting for thousands of years to wait for that man to appear."

"And now tell me if I should blame that man for my thousands of years of suffering or not? Especially If  all those thousands of years of suffering resulted, was for a pathetically weak man who couldn't even last for a minute!" 

Even Wu Lia had started raising his voice at this point. Anger was evident in his voice. 

With those words, Long Chen finally understood what it was about. It finally dawned on him why this guy wanted to kill him so bad. 

It was similar to how he had seen Mingyu's death through the Law of Destiny, and he had done everything he could to kill Lu Wang to stop that future. 

It seemed like a similar prophecy had been done thousands of years ago about him killing someone. The man was right when he said that their hostility was established before Long Chen was even born. 

"I guess I should feel pleased that I've been making people fear me even before I was born. I pity your existence. You waited a thousand years only to kill me in a minute. Hahaha, I get the better end of the deal no matter how I look at it."

A pleased laughter filled the atmosphere, belonging to Long Chen.

Hearing Long Chen's laughter, Wu Lia's face twitching. Instead of feeling scared and regretting everything, Long Chen was pleased. 

This was annoying. Extremely annoying. It was as if his thousands of years of suffering were being mocked right before his eyes by the person who was responsible for it. 

"You! I wanted to kill you fast and give you an easy death so I could be free faster, but your words really pissed me off.  You're right. You made me suffer for thousands of years," He said as he took a few steps back. 

"Your death shouldn't be so fast. It needs to be worth it. I can't kill you for a thousand years, but I can kill you by cutting your body in as many pieces as the year you made me wait. How does that sound?" He asked as he bought the golden sword towards the hand of Long Chen, which was holding the Sword of Time. 

"First, let me deal with this thing. The Sword is pretty unexpected. Even after all that, you haven't dropped it. Let me help you," Wu Lia said as he slowly raised the Sword towards Long Chen's right wrist. 

It was the hand that was holding the Sword. 

"This one is for making me suffer for my first year. That was the year I lost my family. So I'll make it the part of your body which will make you lose this precious Sword," he said before he hackled down with the sword. 


A pained scream left Long Chen's mouth as his wrist was cut suddenly, but he pressed his lips with his teeth to make sure he didn't scream. He hated looking weak and giving satisfaction to Wu Lia. 

The Sword of Time dropped to the ground near Long Chen. 

"Let me see what this Sword is about

'Just you wait! I'll pay you back a thousand times,' Long Chen thought as he watched his hand bleed. His left arm was still intact. Losing one hand was still fine since he could use his left hand to eat a Life Giving Pill to recover his hand, but if he lost his left hand, it was going to mean the end. 

No matter what, he couldn't let his left arm be cut, even if it meant delaying Wu Lia for longer. 

But as long as it wasn't his left arm, everything was fine. 

"Oh, that scream was pretty pleasing. I'm pretty bad at maths, so let me plan in advance. I need to cut you in thousands of parts, so each hand of yours needs to be cut over a hundred times. I wasted such a big portion of the hand already. Don't worry, I'll be careful from now on."

Wu Lia's pleased laughter fell in Long Chen's ears, which was followed by his sword moving a thousand times. 

In the next second, Wu Lia moved his sword seemingly a thousand times in quick succession, not cutting his arms in a hundred pieces but a thousand pieces.

"Haha, this is good. We already achieved our target with just one arm. Let's see what we can achieve with the next arm," Wu Lia said as he moved the sword to Long Chen's left arm, ready to attack. 

His right arm was entirely missing from the shoulder. Blood was dripping constantly. As for his left arm, it was only a few inches away from his sword.