Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1272 - 1272: Possession

"Anyway, let's get out of here. There's no need to stay longer," Long Chen said.

"Where do you want to go now? Back to the lady of yours?" Snake Monarch asked, confused. 

"What lady?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

"The Princess one? Now you'll ask which Princess. I'm talking about that Mimi girl. In any case, you have nothing better to do now. Just spend time with her and wait for an apocalypse?" Snake Monarch said, shaking his head. 

"I don't need to wait for the apocalypse. I have a plan of my own. I will search for that world traveling Stone first, at least until the arrival of the Blood Dragon Emperor."

"Wait, didn't you say it's impossible to find it? Isn't that why you were planning to tame the Blood Dragon Emperor?"

"If it's impossible, it doesn't mean we can simply stop the search. I still want to try, at least. If I can find it, then probably I won't try to tame the Blood Dragon Emperor," Long Chen explained. "It all depends on the timing." 

As Long Chen and Snake Monarch talked with each other, they didn't know that someone was watching them from a distance. 

In the distance, a spirit was observing the two of them. It was a dragon-like spirit that was very small. It didn't have any aura as it was a spirit, but it was also the one that had managed to scare the strongest of cultivators of this world. 

It was also the spirit of a being that Long Chen was talking about right now. 

It was a Spirit of Blood Dragon Emperor who was pretty upset that someone was talking about taming him. 

He was also angry because he wasn't able to get close to his body. There was a strange force that was keeping him away. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor lived for millions of years and was the strongest being of his time. He also possessed incredible knowledge. It was easy for him to guess what that mysterious force was which was keeping him away from his body. 

He was easily able to guess that it was some formation that was carved on his body to keep Spirits away so any random spirit couldn't possess his powerful body in the future, but because of that formation, even he wasn't able to possess his body. 

He also knew a way to counter this formation though, which was why he was looking at Long Chen and Snake Monarch. It was easy to counter this formation. 

All he needed to do was possess someone else, dig his body out and then personally destroy that formation before possessing his rightful body. 

As for the body it had decided to possess, it was the body of Long Chen. He didn't realize that it was impossible for someone to possess Long Chen's body because of his bloodline, especially for Spirits. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor flew towards Long Chen, prepared to possess him. He wanted to teach a lesson to the person that talked about taming him as if he was a weakling. 

At the same time, Long Chen also created a Spatial Portal, prepared to leave this place before anyone noticed what was going on here. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor flew towards Long Chen as fast as it could while Long Chen took his first step towards the portal. Just as the Blood Dragon Emperor was about to reach Long Chen, he entered the portal with the Snake Monarch.

The Blood Dragon Emperor also didn't stop, entering the Portal after them. 

All three of them stepped out in a different place which was far away from the Northern Empire.  

The Blood Dragon Emperor struck Long Chen as if he could enter his body, only to get electrocuted as soon as he touched Long Chen. 

"Argh!" Blood Dragon Emperor groaned in pain, moving back. 

Feeling something odd, he flew towards the Snake Monarch. If he couldn't enter Long Chen, he wanted to enter the Snake Monarch. 

Long Chen felt as if someone hit him from the back. 

Thinking that it was the Snake Monarch messing with him, he turned back. "Are you done?"

The Snake Monarch glanced at Long Chen blankly. 

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Long Chen asked, facing the odd gaze of Snake Monarch.

"You're not ordinary," The Snake Monarch said grimly. 

"Huh? What do you mean?" Long Chen asked. 

"No ordinary person could stop my possession that easily. I wasn't even able to enter in the first place. Just who actually are you? A Heavenly Demon? Or a Heavenly Warrior?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"Huh? What nonsense are you asking? Are you roleplaying or something?" 

Long Chen still didn't understand that the Snake Monarch wasn't actually himself but a different entity now. 

"You didn't answer. You don't look like a Heavenly Demon, but you don't have the aura of a Heavenly Warrior either? You're also not a Heavenly Beast. Tell me your true identity!" Snake Monarch commanded. 

"Have you grown senile or something? Why are you acting so strange as soon as you came out of the portal?" Long Chen asked.

He knew something was wrong, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. The aura of the Snake Monarch was the same as before. Nothing seemed out of place except his behavior. 

"I asked you a question! Who are you?! Because of you, I had to possess this Divine Realm weakling! Answer me!" Snake Monarch yelled. 

"Hmm? Possess? You're not Snake Monarch? Snakey, I'm asking last time. This joke is going overboard. This is your last warning! If you don't stop, you'll face some serious consequences!" Long Chen warned the Snake Monarch.

"You dare threaten this Emperor! What gall you have! Be glad I'm not in my real body! Even the pure blood Heavenly Demon didn't dare to talk to me like that when I was at my Peak!" Snake Monarch roared. 

"You aren't even on that level. Your cultivation won't be this low otherwise! At best, you're a half blood that no one cares about! Isn't that right?" he asked. 

"So you really aren't the Snake Monarch. From your words, it seems like you're a Dark Sprint or an evil spirit that tried possessing me but failed. Then you took over the Snake Monarch?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"Shut your mouth! I'm no evil spirit! I'm not even a Dark Spirit! Both of those are created when that person dies! I never died! I only suffered from an evil scheme and got backstabbed by the trash that I trusted!" he asked. 

"Your words... Why do I have a feeling that you're... The Blood Dragon Emperor? His story should have been similar if he was telling it.." Long Chen muttered, smiling wryly.