Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 442 - 442: Choice

Long Chen was still floating in that space.

"You can keep that sheath in your storage ring now. It won't work if you keep it in the open in the bloodline temple. Just bring it out after you leave this place," Xun informed Long Chen.

Long Chen agreed with her suggestion and kept the sheath and his king's sword back in his storage ring.

He looked around the space and still didn't see any opening to leave this place.

"Am I going to get another reward here?" he asked her. 

Xun heard his question and shook her head.

"No, you were only going to get one treasure here, depending on the direction you chose," Xun informed him.

"Oh, so it was like the other room as well. I feel like the 1st trial rewards were good. At Least I could select the skills from the choices. This time, it's all based on luck," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. 

"Can you tell me how the treasure I received is compared to the other treasures that I would have received if I had chosen another direction?" he asked Xun.

"I'd say that you chose one of the best treasures. Right now, it might not seem that special, but it's a really high-grade treasure. Imagine upgrading your weapon until it becomes a God Grade Weapon. That's what you can achieve with the treasure that you received,"

"Although I agree that the other treasures might've helped you actively in attacks or defense, but it's one of the peak treasures in its own field. One of the most useful passive treasures that you could have received in this place," Xun informed him.

"Also, don't worry about that choice. You're going to get a few choices next, and it will be on you to choose," she added.

"That's good to hear. Anyway, how do I get out of here if I'm not going to get any treasures here? I need to go to the next place to get other rewards, right?" Long Chen inquired.

"Just touch the white sphere of light in front of you, and you'll be taken to the next place," Xun informed him.

"What white sphere of light? There is nothing like the—" Long Chen was in the middle of his sentence, but he stopped as he saw a small white sphere of light appear before him.

Long Chen reached out his hand and touched the sphere. He was teleported to a different place.

He was teleported to what seemed like natural grasslands. There was a sky above his head that was bright, but he couldn't see the sun. The wind was flowing like normal.

Even though it looked like grasslands, he could see walls surrounding the place.

"This must be one of the rooms," he muttered.

"How do I get the rewards from this place?" Long Chen asked her.

"Simple. Just walk towards the other side of this place. There will be a door that will lead you to the next place. Right before that door, you will get your rewards," Xun informed him.

Long Chen heard her and started walking towards the other side of the place. As he walked, he realised that the soft grass below his feet was somewhat strange. Every time his foot landed on the grass, a greenish liquid came out of the grass.

Long Chen looked back and noticed that soft liquid on his shoes and on the places he stepped foot on.

"What's that?" he asked Xun.

"That is nothing useful to you. Ignore that," Xun replied.

"Is this really grass? I somehow doubt that now," Long Chen muttered as he continued walking ahead.

"It is grass; it is just that it's not the normal grass that you're used to seeing. You'll see more of it in some certain places in some of the higher realms or some other mortal worlds,' she told him.

"It's weird walking on it," he added with a wry smile on his face.

He tried to ignore that as he continued walking forward. After some time, he got to the other side of the strange room.

There, he saw something. He could see four people standing there. One was an old man who had a white beard. He was wearing white clothes that looked spotless. Right beside him, a young man was standing who seemed to be in his mid-twenties. The man was wearing white clothes as well, be he had a crimson robe on his back. His hair was long and red.

The third person standing there was a girl who looked like she was in her early twenties. The girl had beautiful blue hair. She wore a black dress that perfectly highlighted her curves that were in all the right places. She had thin lips and arched eyebrows on her perfectly oval face.

The last person standing there was a young kid.

The kid only seemed to be 10-12 years old. He was wearing the clothes that contrasted the clothes of the old man. Her clothes were all black that matched with his black hair quite well.

Long Chen walked closer to them with curiosity on his face.

He was quite far, so he couldn't see the minor details about them.

"Who are they?" he asked Xun.

"You'll know when you get to them. That's your reward standing right before you," Xun said smilingly.

Long Chen glanced at her with a suspicious look on his face as he continued walking further.

After a few more minutes, he got near the four people.

As he got there, he finally noticed something that made him realize what was happening.

"They aren't breathing. Are they puppets?" Long Chen asked her.

He could see that the four people that were standing before him weren't breathing. They were just standing there, blankly as if they didn't know what to do.

"Yes. These are the puppets. You can choose any one of them. They all have equal strength," Xun told Long Chen. "That's the choice you wanted."

"Wow, they look more lifelike than any puppet that I have ever seen. If I hadn't noticed that they weren't breathing, I wouldn't be able to guess that they were puppets," Long Chen muttered as he started observing the puppets.

Generally, it was clear to recognize puppets as they all looked dead. Their faces were slightly lifeless looking. There were many more things that could help one notice a puppet, but the ones standing before him looked nothing like them. If he hadn't seen they were not breathing, he would have thought that they were alive.

"Choose one of them, and then I'll tell you more about them. They are quite good. I'm sure that you will like them," Xun said smilingly.

Long Chen started from the old man that was standing on the right. 

"I would've chosen the old man thinking that he was stronger, but since you said that they all have equal strength, I know that it's not true. I don't think I'll go with the old man," Long Chen shook his head as he walked over to the next person.

"This guy looks powerful, as well. He looks quite good looking as well, and I like his dressing sense," He muttered as he walked over to the 3rd person that was the girl.

"The girl... She is so young. I wonder if the puppets were made from real bodies or by some other method. She looks like a good person and intelligent. Too bad that puppets can't use their brain," He sighed as he walked over to the kid.

"I'm not choosing the kid. It would look quite bad if I send a kid to fight for me. It doesn't help that he looks so lifelike. The ones that watch my fights will not even know that he's a puppet. They'll just think that I'm an evil cultivator who controlled a kid to fight for him," Long Chen shook his head.