Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1067 - 1067: Unlikely Disturbance

"I mean, he wasn't normal. You were right when you said that he was killed. He was actually killed by Pei Zen," Long Chen informed Mingyu. 

"Huh? You mean that was an impersonator who I saw here as my brother? That can't be!"

"I'm not saying that. He was the same brother you knew, but he wasn't alive. He was like a corpse that was brought back to life. He could not feel any pain. And there was no blood inside his body. I believe someone used some Dark Method to bring him to life," Long Chen told Mingyu as he remembered the day when he had killed Li Wang. 

He remembered killing that guy, which surprised him since there was no blood. 

He hadn't realized at the moment but only after long did he remember reading about such things in a book. It was more like a myth of cultivation but that made sense. 

As he remembered that, he couldn't help but regret killing Lu Wang. If he had kept that guy alive, he might have been able to get some answers. Whoever the person was that brought him to lift was most likely the one that was using him. Unfortunately, now that he was dead, all the clues were lost as well. 

"My brother was dead? Someone brought him back to life?"

The revelation had shocked Mingyu. Her mouth still remained open slightly. 

"You don't believe me?"

Long Chen asked, wondering if her shock was mixed with suspicions. 

Mingyu started shaking her head in response as she stepped forward and sat beside him. 

"No! That's not it. That makes sense since I remember him being dead. So someone definitely brought him back to life but didn't that mean someone also had a control over his life and death because of death? I was always confused why he would try to kill me according to your vision, but if it's like that, then it makes sense," she told him. 

"That's right. I also realized that much later. But I believe someone else was scheming. That person was using your brother to kill you for some reason. Maybe seeing me near you was bad for his plan to kill you, so he tried to take me out first," Long Chen explained. 

"So I didn't really kill him. I freed his soul from this pitiful existence of being a slave that was eventually going to be forced to kill his own sister. At Least his soul can go into the reincarnation cycle now," he added. 

He didn't lie this time and told the truth. He truly believed that Lu Wang was under the influence of someone. When he was about to be killed, he tried talking about someone strong who was backing him. Unfortunately, he thought that the guy was talking about his father. 

Only later did he understand that there was some other power at play here. 

"Do you think this might be the work of Tricion? Their plan could be to kill your brother. Revive him and take him under their control. After Lu Wang became the Emperor, this Empire was going to belong to them," he suggested a theory which was highly likely. 

"That is possible. Brother didn't tell father about being attacked by Tricion Prince. So it did seem like he was trying to save them. Why would he save the ones that tried to kill him unless what you said was true?" Mingyu agreed. 

"Hah, anyway. This is only a theory. We don't know the truth. Whoever it is, that person is still out, and that person will try to harm us. Just stay with me and don't doubt me, no matter whatever I do later on. Even if I have to go against your family, just support me and know that it's for the right."

Seeing Mingyu agreeing with him, he tried to get more leverage for the future since he might really do a few things that would be unorthodox to find out a few things. 

"Also, the war is not happening. Everything's fine. Your mother is healthy again. So I believe we should leave soon as well after finding who it is that's trying to scheme against us. Agreed, or are you again going to tell me to leave alone?" he asked, smiling wryly. 

"I'm sorry for that. I..."

"It's fine—no need for explanation. I know why you did what you did," Long Chen replied as he sighed. He knew she was going to apologize for what she said when he had kidnapped his son, but he already understood why she said that. He didn't need an explanation. 

"Oh right, there was someone who wanted to meet you," he added as a smirk formed on his face. 

Waving his hand, he brought Zhiqing out of his storage ring. Since he was done, it was time for Zhiqing to be satisfied as well. She was also worried for Mingyu. Now that everything was fine, he decided to let them both meet. 


The room was soundproof so that no sound could go out from the room, but if it could, people outside would have heard the moaning sounds of two women coming from inside the room as three bodies enjoyed the time in bed together. 

It was unclear how things led to this, but after the long explanation and the talk, the three of them ended up having dual cultivation together. 

Long Chen had just finished with  Mingyu, and now he was with Zhiqing while Mingyu laid on the side, trying to catch her breath. 


The pleasant atmosphere was broken by a sudden knock on the door. Even though inside voices couldn't go outside, voices from outside could come in, so the knock was clearly heard. 

"Who is it?" Zhiqing asked, breathing heavily. "Can't they let us have some peaceful time?"

Long Chen spread out his Divine Sense to look outside to see who it was. 

"It's a guard. Let him wait," Long Chen replied as he ignored the knocks on the door and continued what he was doing while the guard waited at the door for it to be opened. 

Only after he was done did he got up. He walked up to the door and opened it.

"What do you need?" He asked the well-dressed guard, who was none other than the new General of this Empire who was promoted after the previous General was killed by Long Chen. 

Standing before the one who killed his predecessor, the General found himself to be a bit intimidated, but he took a deep breath as he started speaking.