Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1010 - 1010: Future

"Tell me my future then," Zhiqing told Long Chen after hearing him say that he could see the future. 

"You can see the future?" Xun also asked Long Chen in surprise. She looked a bit too stunned, as if she hadn't expected Long Chen to have an ability like this. 

"Yeah. I received a skill from this Law Orb," Long Chen let out as he gazed towards the Law Orb, which had started cracking since it had already served its purpose. Soon it was nothing but pieces. 

"Anyway, this skill seemed somewhat incomplete. I don't know why. Maybe my comprehension was incomplete, or I still don't really know the true meaning of Destiny. I think I should be able to do more as I learn more," Long Chen said. 

"What limitation?" Xun and Zhiqing asked at almost the same time. 

"There are quite a few limitations, more than what I got from other skills," Long Chen replied. 

He gazed at the pieces of the orb before he continued, "Firstly, I can only see things that are supposed to happen according to destiny. But it's nothing less than four from what I know about destiny."

"So you can see what's supposed to happen. That can be really useful for you. You can know what bad things are going to happen to you and prepare yourself to change the future," Zhiqing said as she smiled. 

"Hah, I don't believe I can change the future. In one way or another, It will find a way to occur. I can only try to do the best I can to change some minor elements of it," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head. 

From what he knew about Destiny, he could change a few things but not the core things.

Like, in his recent comprehension, the core things were clashing with the thief and dying. He was able to change a few things, so he didn't die in the hands of the thief and got a bit more time. 

"As for the other limitations, it's that I can only use it once in a long time. As for his long, I'm not clear about that," he added. 

"That's a lot of limitations indeed, but it's still a good skill," Zhiqing muttered. 

Xun, on the other hand, seemed a bit worried. It was unclear why she was worried that Long Chen was able to see the future. 

"Any other limitations?" Xun asked Long Chen. 

"Yeah. There are two more limitations. I think I can only see six months until the future at must," Long Chen said. 

"Only six months," Xun mumbled as she rubbed her cheeks, lost in thought. 

"As for the last limitation, which is also the biggest, I have no control over what I see. I can use the skill to see the future, but I can't select a specific time or a specific event. A random future will be shown, which can be from any time within the next six months. That's why I said that this skill feels incomplete," Long Chen further spoke, albeit with a disappointed look on his face. 

"That does limit the use of this skill a bit, but still, it's good. It might show you a useless event of the future or an important event. At Least you have an option how. Look at the positive," Zhiqing told Long Chen optimistically as she walked closer to him and sat beside him. 

"That's right. I guess I can't complain. Even though I didn't get any offensive or support skills, it's still pretty unique. And it might be even more useful in the future," Long Clen nodded his head as he caught the hand of Zhiqing. 

"Now, don't waste time. Use it. Let's see what you see," Zhiqing egged Long Chen to use his skill. 

"Yeah. I'm also curious how it works. Let me see," Long Chen replied as he nodded. 

With Zhiqing's hand in his hand for support, he closed his eyes as he placed all his focus on his Destiny Law seed to use the skill he had received. 

As Long Chen used the skill, his golden eyes again changed color, but because of them being closed, Zhiqing couldn't see his eyes.

As Long Chen's eyes changed color to something unknown, his consciousness found itself in a different place. 

"Mingyu's room?" he exclaimed as he found himself at the entrance of Mingyu's room in the Royal Palace. 

Pushing the door open, he tried to step inside. Wondering if he was here to see Mingyu in the future. Was he still here even in the future? Did she refuse to come with him?

Or had he decided to stay here with her? He was just as curious about the future as he could be. 

Unfortunately, as he opened the door, he saw something that he couldn't believe. 

He opened his lips as he screamed, "Mingyu!"

His dream was broken, and he found himself in the real world.

His scream had stunned Zhiqing and Xun, who gazed at him, wondering what might have happened to him. 

"What happened to Mingyu in the future? Did you see something bad?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen. 


Hearing Zhiqing's voice, Long Chen came out of his daze to realize that he was back in the real world. Even though he was back, he could still see what he saw flash before his eyes again and again.

"I need to go back to the Royal palace right now!" Long Chen exclaimed as he stood up. 

"What happened? At Least tell me what happened?" Zhiqing asked, standing after him.

Not bothering to wait time in explanation, Long Chen sent both Zhiqing and Xia back to the Fake World. 

After sending them back, he Teleported outside on the ground. 

"Our men were killed here by some swordsman, from what it seems. That girl wasn't a swordsman and didn't have a sword. Someone else did it. But no one saw anyone other than the girl leaving this mountain. That person must still be here."

As soon as Long Chen appeared on the ground, he heard a voice coming from nearby. 

But even bothering to look at them, he called out the Snake Monarch. 

"Hah, you need this Monarch again, didn't you? But since you're my right han-"

The Snake Monarch was back to bragging as soon as he came out, but he wasn't even allowed to finish as Long Chen thundered, "Shut up! I don't want a single word out of your mouth! I need to get back to the Royal Place. I'll tell you the direction; take me there!"

The Snake Monarch was stunned to see Long Chen scolding him like that. He wasn't usually like that after all.