Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 212 - 212:Total Control

"I can't say that I didn't see that coming." Yue Luan shook his head lightly as he gazed at the back of his own badge.

His badge had a score of 90 points as for hers ... Her badge showed a completely different story altogether.

"46 points... That too after adding the bonus 30 points that you received because of your 2-star gold participation badge." Yue Luan said as he shook his head with a smile.

"The ten beasts I faced had a cultivation that was one stage higher than mine. They were scary strong, I couldn't do anything." Princess Yue said as she looked down with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Don't worry about it. You did good. You are already in the top 400, way above the cut-off of top 500." Yue Luan smiled as he patted her head.

" It's all because of those 30 extra points, otherwise I would only have 16 points." Yue Fei responded to Yue Luan.

"Those were not extra points. Those were your rewards for being so special. " Yue Luan said as he gazed at her with a smile on his face.

While they were talking, people who were unaware of the reality kept making assumptions about her score.

"It must be over 200! She is a grade 6 talent, after all, her battle prowess must be amazing."

"I'm not sure. She looks quite weak to me. Still considering her talent, I'd say that she received around 150 points." 

People kept putting out their own assumptions while they waited for the other two to exit.

Yue Fei heard all their assumptions. Her embarrassment kept increasing the more she heard.


Back in the illusion, Long Chen had killed the 6th stage Earth Realm Devil Hunter beast. He looked tired as he breathed heavily.

"My Qi has almost depleted. Why is there no time to rest in these Illusions?" Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the ten 6th stage Earth Realm Devil Hunter beasts in front of him.

"Alright, if there's no time, I'll make time on my own." Long Chen said as his gaze turned serious.

A mist seemed to have covered his eyes that previously looked slightly golden.

The whole place flickered for a moment as if the illusion was going through some trouble.

The ten Devil Hunter beasts paused where they were standing. They neither moved forward nor backward.

"Wait there for a moment, We can play after some time." Long Chen muttered as he sat down on the ground. He had complete control over the illusion as of this moment.

Although he had some limitations when it came to using illusions on living beings, in reality, it was a completely different matter altogether when it came to being in the Illusion himself. 

He understood the law of illusion, thus he could altercate the illusion however he desired. The Illusions only worked on him because he wanted them to. Since the moment he entered the formation, the formation lost control of the illusion altogether.

Long Chen sat in a  meditative position as he began his Cultivation. He desired to gather his Qi as soon as he could as his desire for battle was overwhelming him.

Long Chen cultivated in the illusion for over an hour before he opened his eyes. He stretched his arms before he stood up.

"Thanks for waiting." Long Chen said with a smile before his eyes flashed with a misty light. The illusion went back to normal as the Devil Hunter beasts began moving once more.

They jumped towards Long Chen like hungry wolves towards their prey. Long Chen teleported from his position as he appeared on top of one of the devil hunter beasts. 

He stabbed his king's sword downwards which penetrated the skull of the Devil Hunter beast. The Devil Hunter beast couldn't even make a sound before he fell on the ground lifeless.

He kept teleporting constantly as he appeared near the devil hunter beasts and hunted them like the world's best assassin.

The Devil Hunter beasts had a strong defense but their defense didn't work against the King's sword. To boost his chances further, Long Chen specifically attacked their weak spots. 

He had a link established with Orion after he established a contract with him, thus he knew the strengths and weaknesses of the Devil Hunter beasts all too well.


Back in the Formation Trial Hall, It had been four hours since Princess Yue walked out of the formation.

It had already been over five hours since Long Chen and Prince Lu had entered the formations. They had already broken the record of the longest time spent inside the Illusion formation that was previously held by a cultivator from the Xuan Kingdom. The previous record was only 3 hours and 16 minutes.

Most of the people in the hall had sat down as they eagerly waited for the second person to come out of the formation.

Some people had already fallen asleep as they grew tired of the wait while others still continued to argue about who would be the second person to come out.

"Although the masked boy has a better talent, he is still too young. He can't have good battle prowess! I'm sure that he isn't from the Xuan Kingdom otherwise he wouldn't be hiding his face. There's no chance that he can have any decent battle skill." One of the cultivators said to his friend. He was a fifth-grade talent. He wore a black headband on his forehead and had quite short hair.

"You can't be sure of that... The way I see it, Master Lu is going to lose." Another person commented in between.

"Who are..." The person turned back to look in the direction where that voice came from only to get shocked as he hurriedly closed his eyes.

The person who had just said that Prince Lu would lose was a 24-25-year-old man. He was the person who currently holds the no. one position in the Illusion trials. He was a fifth-grade talent, but his battle prowess was already clear to everyone based on his score. His own score was 180, furthermore, his cultivation wasn't low either. He was a 4th stage gold realm cultivator.

"Why does master duan think that?" The boy with the headband asked the man as respectfully as he could.

"You must not have noticed it, but when Elder Jinliang told the guard to take that boy, The way the boy faced the guard, it was too scary. I wasn't even the target of that gaze but I still felt a chill in my spine. He didn't look scared even for a bit. It was as if he was ready to slaughter the guard without a care of the world. That boy... he should never be offended..." Master Duan said in a tone that sounded less like a suggestion and more like a warning before he closed his eyes.


The second door opened as the second person came out of the formation.

The second person to exit was someone that had shocked everyone with his immense talent. It was a masked boy who called himself Tian Shen.

"Are the others out yet?" He looked towards the elder and asked.

"Ah... no. Prince Lu is still inside." The Elder hurriedly replied.

"Oh," Long Chen responded in a careless tone as he walked towards a corner and sat down. He closed his eyes. He didn't even look at his score once after exiting.

The Elder in charge of the second stage opened one of the rooms that was separated from the 50 formation trial room.

Normally he would've waited till all three of them were out, but he couldn't contain his curiosity. Since the moment Long Chen came out, he wished to see his score.

Inside the room, there were names of people written in the wall based on the rankings they received in the Formation Illusion Trials.

"Hmm? The first name is Duan? What about that sixth-grade girl and that masked boy?" He muttered as he looked at the first name. He began reading the complete list as he tried to find their names, after much effort, he found one of the names that he was trying to find.

The person holding the rank 325 was Princess Yue Fei.

"Only 46 points? Looks like her battle powers were really weak... but where is that boy? Is he even weaker than her? " The Elder let out as he continued going down the list of names. He read all the names in a few minutes but didn't find the name of Tian Shen.

"There are two names missing. Prince Lu and Tian Shen. Prince Lu is still in the illusion so he won't have a score but what about Tian Shen! Why is his score not here? It's like he didn't even participate in the test!" The elder said as he grew confused.

The Elder left the room as he closed the door.


The third door opened only 23 minutes after Long Chen came out.

Prince Lu left the formation room with a tired look on his face. As soon as he left, his eyes began looking for someone. As soon as his eyes fell on Long Chen, a smile bloomed on his face.

"Elder! What is the highest score as of this moment?" Prince Lu asked with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Currently Duan from the Wu clan has the highest score. He has 180 points." Elder Yi said with a smile.

"Oh? What about Young Friend Tian Shen? I expected him to be at the top until I came out, but he really disappointed me. Such a waste of a 7th-grade talent." Prince Lu said as he smiled.

"Elder Yi, Looks like I received the first place. I have 320 points!" Prince Lu said with a smile on a loud enough voice that others could hear. He showed the back of his badge to Elder Yi.

A loud commotion started as soon as his voice was heard.

"Little friend Shen! Even if your performance was bad, it can't be that bad! Why don't you show me your badge! Let me see your score for a moment?" Prince Lu said in a loud voice.