Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1073 - 1073: Bringing Orion

Without breaking the formation, getting out of here was impossible. 

He already had a bit of formation knowledge which he had received from the bloodline temple. Even though he hadn't practiced that knowledge to make any formations other than a few changes in the mask of mischief formation, theoretically, he was knowledgeable. 

And with that knowledge, he realized that those kinds of large-scale formations that could take over a whole city had many formation points since they needed a lot more energy than a small-scale formation would. 

And according to his assumptions, most of those formation points should be right around the Royal City at the edge, most probably. Through the strange lines in the sky, he believed that it was possible to find these ones. 

But the tricky part was finding the ones that could have been made inside the city as a backup. This guy was certainly not going to be stupid enough to leave all the cards in one deck. 

"How will my death mean your freedom? I don't even know you. I don't think I have any enmity with you either. So why?" Long Chen asked again. 

In his mind, he was already doing some calculations based on the lines to form out a general idea as to where its spirit points would be. 

"It doesn't matter. Since you're going to die, why should I waste even a second? No ancient soul will come to save you this time.  Let this be the last day you see!" The young boy said as he raised his hand towards the sky. 

Expecting an attack, Long Chen brought out the Sword of Time. And with the sword, came out the darkness that was surrounding it. Time became unstable around it as a few cracks in the air could be seen developing. A sharp look also filled Long Chen's face as if he was a much different man now. 

He still needed some time to find the location of the Spirit Points, but under the assumption of the incoming attacks, he couldn't wait. He had to take action now. And that action needed to be urgent. 

He decided to fly in the approximate direction for now until he came up with a location. As for fighting, he wasn't looking to do that yet. 

He could feel that the person before him was strong. And fighting to death when he was at a disadvantage was possible, but at least that needed to be on his own terms. He wanted to see what he could do when he was able to use his Teleportation freely. 

Just as he had decided to fly in the air, he stopped as he saw Emperor Lu stepping before him. 

'Huh? That guy is about to attack me, and he's stepping in the front? Is he trying to defend me? Does he really want to save me?' Long Chen thought, surprised. 

He knew there was something he was missing. This man definitely had a reason to try to protect him, and it certainly wasn't because of his love for Long Chen. 

"Oh, Envoy from the Immortal World! Please don't attack! He has sent my daughter to an unknown location, and if you kill him, I may never find her! Please do anything but kill him! At Least until I find my daughter!" The Emperor called out loudly. 

"I informed you about Long Chen! Please help me with this little thing! I'm a friend of the Immortal World!" He added. 

"Immortal World? He's from there? And you informed him?" Long Chen asked his father-in-law, not knowing how to react. So it was right. Both of them were involved! It was why he wanted to keep Long Chen behind! Not because he wanted to scheme against Long Chen but because he wanted someone else to do the deed.

Understanding everything, Long Chen didn't even seem disappointed. It was not something out of his expectations. He never kept his father-in-law in high regard since he was suspicious. Even though it was a low level to fall to, it wasn't shocking.

"Immortal World envoy... Why would the immortal world want you dead?"

Xun's voice appeared in Long Chen's head. Even she was surprised at this revelation. 

"Who knows. Maybe it's because of my bloodline. Or maybe it's because of the Saint King. He went to the immortal world. Maybe he had some enemies. Because I'm the Saint King heir as well, it's possible they want me dead. Whatever, I can't let myself die," Long Chen replied as he gazed at Wu Lia.

Without saying anything, he started rising in the air. 

"Since you're from the Immortal World, fine. You want me dead? Fine. Come and kill me!" Long Chen declared as he glared at the enemy. 

His plan resided on finding the formation points to break the formation, and he had realized where they were. The problem, however, was different.

He didn't have the speed to get there before this boy could catch him, as per his assumption. He didn't have his Teleportation. 

The only possible thing he could do was to use a little trick which he most certainly did. 

He had secretly brought out Orion, who he was staying mentally connected to. 

Orion was a Devil Hunter Beast who was known as the children of shadows. He was easily able to hide in the shadows. Until now, Orion was hiding in his shadows, but before he started rising in the air, he had sent Orion away. 

Through his mental connection, he was telling Orion the directions to go and the things he needed to destroy. But for that to happen, Orion needed time since this basically meant traveling through one edge of the city to another multiple times.

That was the time that Long Chen needed to survive. And if everything went according to the plan, he was going to be able to use the Law of Space for himself, which would be a big boost. 

It was a supreme law of space that had the potential to shift the balance of any battle in his favor. Not only that, but it also provided him leeway to escape if he was in a bind. 

"No, envoy! Don't listen to this stupid kid! Don't kill him! Capture him, and after helping me get my daughter, you can kill him!" The Emperor again chimed in, worried that his daughter would be in danger. 

He shifted his focus back to Long Chen and continued speaking, "Long Chen! No matter what happens, the end result will be your death! So return my daughter to me! Don't you want her to be happy?"