Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 967 - 967: Crossing Border

Long Chen clenched his fist as he shook his head. "You, my friend, will really make me go crazy one day. I swear it will happen."

The Snake Monarch looked at Long Chen in confusion. "Sometimes, I can't comprehend what you talk about."

"Anyway, stop wasting time. We have to leave," the Snake Monarch let out as he started getting bigger. 

The Snake Monarch became bigger before Long Chen's eyes. Not only that, but he also did this before everyone else who was in the market. 

As it was such a rare ability, it attracted a lot of attention. Many people started looking towards Long Chen. 

Long Chen ignored the excess attention he received. If it were before, he would have preferred to keep himself low profile. He would have found an empty place to call out Snake Monarch, but that wasn't a concern now. 

He wasn't a fugitive here who was being searched for madly. Instead, he was a free person after he had stopped using the disguise of Pei Zen. 

He flew up and landed on the Snake Monarch, which started flying away. 

"So, Are we really going to reach Mingyu's Empire this time, or will I be sent back again after reaching there like last time only to be called out days later to be told that we need to go to Mingyu's Empire?" The Snake Monarch asked Long Chen. 

"Don't worry. This time it's real. We are going to get there. I'm completely sure of it," Long Chen answered softly. 

"Nothing can go..."

He was also able to say that nothing can go wrong, but he stopped himself midway. He didn't want to raise a red flag for himself. 

Oftentimes whenever a person said nothing could go wrong, something did. He had himself suffered a few times because Mingyu had raised a red flag for himself. 

Fortunately, he controlled himself before he could raise the flag. 

"What happened? Why did you stop?" The Snake Monarch asked. 

"In any case, watching your confidence, I think this would be the time. I'm supporting you after all. Nothing can go wrong now," the Snake Monarch declared.

Long Chen blankly looked at the Snake Monarch, unable to say anything. He opened his lips a few times to say something, but he stopped himself as he didn't know what to say. 

This guy had already raised a red flag. What could he even do except praying that nothing went wrong. Screaming was useless after all. 

"Little Snake." After a long time, Long Chen opened his lips. He called out for Snake Monarch. 

"Yeah? What?" Snake Monarch asked in return as he flew in the direction that Long Chen had pointed at. 

"Can I kill you?" Long Chen asked in full respect.

"Huh, what?" Snake Monarch exclaimed in shock. 

"You want to kill this poor monarch? Can you finally not control your jealousy anymore? I knew you wouldn't be able to do it for long. Which man can accept the existence of a much handsome and charming being before their eyes," he continued without giving Long Chen an opportunity to speak. 

"Sigh, Oh god. Why did you make me this handsome? Even my right-hand man is getting jealous of me," the Snake Monarch complained as he looked towards the sky in disappointment.

"You duffer, that's not why I want to kill you. I want to kill you to close your mouth that will certainly make me go crazy sooner or later," Long Chen answered as he grew amazed at the shamelessness of the Snake Monarch. 

"So, can I kill you?" he asked. 

"Cheh, you must be joking. You know how many people would die to hear this Emperor speak? And you want to close my mouth? You're really a strange man. In fact, I think you aren't even a man," the Snake Monarch exclaimed. "You're something else entirely."

" This guy is getting better, I think. His nonsense talking abilities are leveling up. I wonder what the ultimate form of his shamelessness will be. Within a few months, he went from being a good braggart who I could understand to a braggart that even I failed to understand," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the Snake Monarch blankly. 

The Snake Monarch heard Long Chen and started complaining. 

The journey continued with the constant back and forth between the Snake Monarch and Long Chen. 


Days kept passing slowly as the distance between Long Chen and the Esteria Empire kept decreasing. 

"We should be there soon. At best, it'll take four or five hours at the speed we are traveling," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the map in his hands.

It was a map of this world that he had collected from Qian Yu. 

The man was showing him that he was above a small Village of the Sunlit Kingdom that was under the Qiandi Empire. After this village, the next town was going to be inside the jurisdiction of the Esteria Empire. 

More importantly, this was going to be a border between the land ruled by Qiandi and the land ruled by Esteria. He had expected high security to be on the border.

Was that security going to stop him? That was something even he was curious about. 

"We're finally going to be there? Time passed so fast in this journey. I didn't even realize that we've already traveled for so long," the Snake Monarch muttered as he heard that they were near the Esteria Empire. 

"For you, it might be a short journey. Only I know how I passed the time," Long Chen muttered as he rolled his eyes. 

The two of them stayed on the journey without any delay and soon reached near the border of Esteria.

As Long Chen had expected, the first thing he saw were tents that were placed in a long line. The tents spread throughout the borders. A few soldiers could be seen in the distance outside the tents. 

"Those are the dress of the Qiandi Army as I expected. Even though the war is on ceasefire, the soldiers are still kept at the border to make sure that no one sneaks inside to attack the Qiandi," Long Chen muttered as he noticed the uniform of the soldiers that were outside the tent. "Esteria Army should be on the other side."

There were also a few flags of the Qiandi Empire placed throughout. 

He didn't stop to greet them and continued flying. The Giant Snake that flew above the heads of the soldiers attracted their attention.

"A beast? It's the first time I'm seeing a beast like this," one of the guards muttered. 

As they were under the snake when they saw it, they couldn't see Long Chen on top of it. They thought it was a random beast that was flying from one place to another. 

" It is flying slow. It must not be that good. It also looks ugly. I would have tried catching it if it was at least faster or a little better looking. Albeit it's a trashy beast," Another guard exclaimed. 

The Snake Monarch was flying in some distance, but he still was able to hear the word of these guys who insulted him. 

"Those bastards! Watch me teach them a lesson!" he exclaimed in anger.

"Shut up! You're not going to do anything. If you even think about going down, I'll send you back!" Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. 

"But these people insulted this Monarch! The only reason I'm moving slowly is because you told me to. And they call me trash because of that?!" the Snake Monarch let out in frustration. 

"They're only thinking what I want them to think. If it's a slow and useless beast, no one would care enough to catch it. Also, a beast that's useless won't be stopped from going to an enemy empire," Long Chen informed the Snake Monarch. 

"On the other hand, if the beast were even a little bit special in their eyes, first of all, the soldiers wouldn't want that beast to go into enemy territory. Instead, they would try to capture the beast themselves so they can use it. For our purpose, it's better that they think of you as trash," he continued. 

"Moreover, even if they think of you as anything less, what does it even matter. They're all useless people for us. Will you go around teaching all idiots how special you are? Would you even have any dignity left then? Be a sensible person and stop overreacting. Just continue flying," Long Chen insisted as he patted the back of Snake Monarch. 

"Hmph, only because you're saying it, I won't create trouble for them. But I'm not a trash!" The Snake Monarch let out as he unwillingly agreed. 

"I know you aren't. Don't worry," Long Chen answered. 

The Snake Monarch continued flying and soon flew past the soldiers of Qiandi. After some time, he reached the place where the tents of Esteria Soldiers were. 

Unfortunately for them, the Esteria Soldiers saw them before the Snake Monarch could get close. That gave them a view of Long Chen sitting on top as well.