Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1163 - 1163: Seduction

"That's right. Even if he doesn't help us, just his presence on our side will be prestigious. I'll try to invite him with us tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll say yes. Until then, keep them happy," Gu Wang said, nodding. 

"Also, those two are alone, right? Send a few women to their rooms to keep them company," he continued. 

"Yes, father. After dinner, I'll send a few maids to service them," Gu Lin agreed.

"No! Don't send a maid. If they're truly that strong, they must be from a good family in a High Kingdom. They might think we're disrespecting them with this if we send maids," Gu Wang straightly refused. 

" Then who, father?" Gu Lin asked, frowning. "Surely you don't mean..."

"That's right. Send some young women from Gu Clan to keep them company tonight. You'll handle this," Gu Wang said. 

"But father, this..."

"I don't want to hear anything. This is final. Select a few beautiful looking women that no man can refuse. Who knows, if he likes a woman from our Clan, He might even take her as a wife. We can become his relative..." Gu Wang said, but he suddenly stopped as his thoughts reached there.

"Wait a minute! Why didn't I think of this before?" If he finds interest in you and marries you, it'll be even better. He will become our Clan member. No one would dare to look at us with him as our son-in-law. In any case, there's no one stronger than him here. I doubt you'll ever find a better guy," he said as an idea popped in his head.

He wanted to get his daughter to marry him. 

"But father, how can I..."

"As I said, no excuse. Do you really think you can find a more talented guy than him?" 

"But he's an old man, father! How can I marry someone like him, let alone seduce him!" Gu Lin protested. "Moreover, it's disrespectful for me. I'm going to become the Clan Master after you. The Clan needs me. I can't marry him!"

"Nonsense! Who told you that he's an old man? He's not even twenty-five!" Gu Wang shouted. 

"What? He's not even twenty-five?" Gu Lin asked, shocked. 

"That's right! Did you forget I can see the approximate age of a person no matter how they disguise themselves? That's why I was shocked when you told me how strong he was," Gu Wang answered. 

" If you're really sure that he's that strong, then it means he achieved that much strength at such a young age! He is really talented. At this speed, he might even become a General in the Western Emperor's army in the future!"

"After that, these small kings would be nothing before him. He'll be in the second-highest position in the Immortal World! His future prospects are immeasurable. Don't miss that chance!" He further said. 

"So are you really sure that he actually was strong and you didn't misunderstand?" He inquired. 

"I'm sure. He was indeed strong. That's why I thought he was an old guy, pretending to be young. But to know that he was actually young, it's surprising," Gu Lin said, nodding. 

"That's why you should marry him. He's handsome. He is strong, and he has a bright future. He has all the qualities that you wanted in your husband. I'm telling you, you'll never find such a guy again. So will you do it? Take the opportunity when it's right in front of you," Gu Wang said as he stepped closer to Gu Lin. 

"But if you really don't want to do it, I won't force you. I thought it was best if we got him married to you since he was so special. But if you don't want to, I'll go talk to Grand Elder," he further said. 

"His daughter is young too. But just remember, when she becomes the wife of the General of Western Emperor, you'll always be jealous of her. You'll always regret that you lost this opportunity. So what's your decision?" He asked.

Gu Lin thought about everything her father said, and it made sense. She had to marry someone someday anyway. And if Long Chen actually was taking, who could be better than him?

She took a deep breath before she answered, "Fine. I'll do it. I'll seduce him and make him fall for me."

"That's like my good girl," Gu Wang said as he hugged his daughter tightly. 

"Now go and prepare for it," He said, freeing her. 

"Father, what should we do about this Heavenly Realm guy? Even though he's pathetically weak, it seems like Long Chen treats him with respect. It could be that they are friends. Should we send our clan members to him tonight? They would be really upset for accompanying such a weak guy?'

"That's true. But you don't need to send our clan members for him. He isn't worthy. Just send the maids for him. Only keep your eye on the prize," Gu Wang answered. 

"Now go, and keep him company. Show him our clan and get close to him before it's time for dinner,"  he further said.

Gu Ling left the room. 


"They gave us two rooms. Not bad. The rooms are good too," Ji Shan told Long Chen, entering his room. 

"Of course they would. This is like their offerings to get in our good books. This is the advantage of having strength in this world," Long Chen answered as he walked closer to the bed. 

He sat in a meditative position on the bed to stabilize his cultivation now that he had some free time. 

"You should also start reading the book I gave you. Don't waste time."

"Ah, right. I forgot."

Ji Shan hastily left the room and went into his own room. 

Long Chen closed his eyes again as he started. 


He had just begun when there was a knock on the door. 

"Ji Shan, I told you. Go and study!" Long Chen called out. 

"Ah, this is not Ji Shan. It's me!" A female voice came from outside. 

"Ah, Gu Lin? Come on inside. The door is open!" Long Chen replied. 

The door opened, and Gu Lin walked inside, dressed in a different uniform this time. 

Unlike the morning where she wore loose clothes, this time, she was wearing the clothes that were hugging her body so tightly that it seemed like they were going to tear apart soon. As for her skirt, it was so short that it was revealing her beautiful soft thighs. 

Long Chen had barely controlled his mind, but after seeing the sight, he again started feeling aroused. Gu Lin looked much hotter than she did in the morning.