Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1148 - 1148: Ji Shan's Conditions

The appearance of the Snake Monarch stunned everyone who saw it. It was as if a giant dragon had appeared in the sky with a single flick of Long Chen's hand. 

The Long Clan members and Yu Tianhao had already seen the Snake Monarch, but for the rest, it came as a bigger shock to see a beast like that in the sky. 

They all looked back at Long Chen only to find him flying in the sky. 

Seeing him fly not only stunned the others but even Yu Tianhao. 

"Heaven Realm?" Yu Tianhao exclaimed in shock as he saw Long Chen's actions. He really was flying! His growth was so fast. 

No wonder he managed to get the Sect Masters to settle and stop chasing him. It could also be because he was as strong as them now?

Ling also glanced at Long Chen, realizing that the distance between the two of them was even more than she imagined.

She didn't feel sad, though. She had already come to terms with it. 


Long Chen sat on the Snake Monarch, who again started flying ahead, leaving the Yu Clan. 

"That Ling, you spent an awful lot of time with her. Are you sure you had no interest in her?" Sitting beside Long Chen, Ling asked. 

"I am sure. It's just that I noticed her bottleneck. And I also understand it was because of me. Since I'm leaving everything behind, I must leave all love and hate here too. I can't leave her like this. So I tried to help her. And now she is better," Long Chen replied. 

"Coming to terms with reality is always helpful. And I'm sure she can live her life better now," he further said. 

"If you say so," Ling muttered but didn't ask Long Chen more questions. 


Within a few hours, Long Chen was inside the Huanji Kingdom. It was the Kingdom of Zhiqing, which was ruled by her brother. 

The appearance of a massive snake over the sky of the kingdom shocked everyone. That was especially because the Snake Monarch wasn't shying away from releasing a fraction of his aura just because he liked show-offs. 

Even Long Chen didn't stop him since it was only a small matter. 

The Snake Monarch landed in front of the Royal Palace as Long Chen, Zhiqing, and Mingyu stepped down. 

Seeing Zhiqing, the guards got to their knees as they greeted her in respect. They still remembered Zhiqing.

"Is my brother inside?" Zhiqing asked the guards. 

"Yes, Your Highness. He is inside the Palace."

The guards stepped aside, clearing the offer, while one of them took them inside. 

Zhiqing was taken to the Throne Room, where the King was surprised to see her. Moreover, he could also see that she was much stronger. In fact, she was even stronger than him, and he could feel it even without Zhiqing releasing her aura.

"Zhiqing, you're back. It seems like your adventures paid off. You're much stronger now," the King said excitedly as he stood up. 

He didn't care about the ministers and the dignity of the King as he stepped towards Zhiqing and hugged her tightly. 

The hug didn't last long as he soon freed her before he glanced at Long Chen. 

Just like before, he couldn't see Long Chen's cultivation. In fact, he still looked no more than an ordinary mortal, but he knew that was the specialty of Long Chen. 

If Zhiqing was so strong, just how strong was Long Chen? 

He respectfully greeted him as well.

Just then, the door of the hall opened as a girl barged inside. 

"Father, I heard that Aunt Zhiqing is here?" The red-haired girl exclaimed as she stepped inside. 

"Maia, you're here!" Zhiqing exclaimed in surprise. 

Long Chen also turned back to look at the girl. 

"Ah, Maia. How have you been? Are you still as careless as last time, or did you learn?" Long Chen asked the red-haired girl as he chuckled. 

He could remember the day he had come to the Huanji Kingdom for the first time. That girl was too arrogant, and she was almost about to hit him. He took action and stopped her.  He even taught her a lesson. It was all before he met Zhiqing. 

That girl also remembered Long Chen. Her face twitched as she remembered that moment, but she didn't say anything and just rolled her eyes. 

Long Chen and Zhiqing spent a few hours there as they explained to them why they were here and that they were soon going to leave to probably never return. 

They also finished dinner in the Kingdom before Zhiqing actually managed to bid her farewell. 

"Are you fine?" Long Chen asked Zhiqing as they advanced towards the Empire of Ji Shan.

"I am. Don't worry. It's not like I expected to stay with my family all my life. I have a lifetime worth of memories already." Zhiqing answered Long Chen. 


The entourage soon reached the Empire of Ji Shan, where Long Chen brought out Ji Shan from his inner world. 

Ji Shan had woken up a few weeks ago. Even though he was fine now, he looked no less than a dead man walking. There was only grief on his face for all he suffered. He fell in love twice, and he lost his lover twice as well.

He believed he wasn't destined for happiness. 

Long Chen often visited him as he talked to him. He even trained with Ji Shan when he was free, but nothing seemed to bring happiness to Ji Shan. 

Long Chen believed that it was going to take time, and maybe meeting his real family could help him. 

Long Chen wanted to surprise Ji Shan by bringing him out before his Palace; thus, he didn't tell him that he was back in his continent. 

As Long Chen stopped before the Palace of Ji Shan, he finally brought Ji Shan out. 

"Where are we?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen as soon as he saw his surroundings change.

"Look behind," Long Chen replied as he smiled. 

Ji Shan slowly turned back and noticed the massive palace behind him. 

"My home?" He asked Long Chen as he saw the place. 

The guards also recognized him.

"Of Course. Come, meet your parents. They'll be missing you," Long Chen told Ji Shan as he placed his hand on Ji Shan's shoulders. 

He and Ji Shan stepped inside the Royal Palace and went to the father of Ji Shan. 

As Ji Shan saw his father, he couldn't help but burst into tears as he hugged him. He was finally at his weakest, and he could let loose with his family.