Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 973 - 973: Alive

"You want to make sure she is the real Princess Mingyu; that's easy. Ask her things that only Mingyu will know. But if you dared to attack her, then don't blame me for what happens next," Long Chen warned the Leader of the guards as he stood tall on his ground. 

He couldn't let them capture Mingyu or, worse, attack her. He was his woman, and it was his responsibility to keep her safe. 

Emperor Lu Junwei watched Long Chen and nodded his head in appreciation. He could see the sincerity in Long Chen's eyes and the care for Mingyu. He didn't seem like someone who was an assassin. Assassins couldn't care for someone with such determination. 

Also, he had a feeling that the Mingyu who was standing before him was the real girl. The tears in her eyes and the concern couldn't be fake. He was already sure that she was real.

Unfortunately, she still needed to make sure. 

"Lower your weapons! No one is allowed to aim at my daughter. Even if she is an impersonator, don't attack her before I can verify it!" Emperor Lu Junwei commanded his men. 

"But, Your Majesty..." The Leader of the Guards called out. 

"No excuses! Lower your weapons this instant!" Emperor Lu Junwei called out. 

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The guards lowered their weapons in haste after they saw how serious the Emperor was.  They worried about the safety of the Emperor, but this was all they could do. 

If they kept insisting, this would imply that they were against the Emperor, which was a crime worthy of death. 

After seeing his men lower their weapons, the Emperor nodded with satisfaction.

He shifted his gaze at Long Chen, who was still holding his weapon. 

"Now that they have lowered their weapons, you also keep it back," he commanded Long Chen. 

Long Chen glanced at his surroundings to see not even a single weapon being aimed at Mingyu or him. He sent his King's Sword back but didn't move aside. 

"Father..." Mingyu muttered softly as she gazed at her father with emotion. She couldn't believe that she was standing before her father and that she needed to prove her identity. 

Emperor Lu Junwei gazed back at the girl with an emotion-filled face. He also seemed somewhat apologetic as he was putting her daughter through all this. 

After a long time of being missing, she has returned to him, and he couldn't even hug her without her proving herself. 

"Mingyu, I know you're real. But still, as the Emperor, it's my duty to ask you some questions for the satisfaction of my men. I need to make them sure as well. We can't have anyone be suspicious of you. Please forgive this father of yours," he told Mingyu gently. 

"It's fine, father. I understand. I'm just so happy to see you again. Finally... Finally, I'm back," Mingyu let out, but she couldn't help but burst into tears as she talked.

Tears trickled down her cheeks. 

Long Chen turned back as he watched Mingyu cry. He held her hand gently as he patted her back. 

The Emperor also took a step forward. He wanted to walk to Mingyu and hug her tightly, but he stopped as he controlled himself. 

"Mingyu, please answer me. Tell me the name of your special physique," Emperor Lu Junwei asked Mingyu. 

"Special Physique? It's a cursed Physique called the Divine Oracle Physique, which makes me have a slower speed of Cultivation than others in our family," Mingyu answered right away. 

"That's right. No strangers should know that," Emperor Lu Junwei muttered as he nodded his head in satisfaction. 

" But just for the sake of it, let me ask you another question," he continued. 

"I'll answer everything," Mingyu replied. 

"When you were nine years old, you did something for which you were scolded for the first time. They were the one and only time we scolded you. Tell me what you did?" Emperor Lu Junwei further asked. 

"I..." Mingyu muttered as he tried to remember about the past. She was very young at that time, but she still remembered it. 

She continued, "I had broken your precious artifact, which was a vase. It was in a room which you had told me never to enter. That's why I was heavily scolded by you."

"That's right," a beautiful smile formed on Emperor Lu Junwei's lips as he heard Mingyu's answer. 

"Step aside! She is my daughter! It's confirmed!" He told his guards who followed his commands.

The guards stepped aside and freed the path between the Emperor and Mingyu. 

Long Chen also did the same as he moved to the side. His hand was still holding Mingyu's hands. 

"Go. Meet your father," Long Chen said softly as he freed the hand of Mingyu. 

Mingyu stared at Long Chen as she opened her lips to say something. Even though no choice came out of her lips, Long Chen could understand what she was saying. She was thanking him for what he did for her. 

"You duffer, do you even need to thank me? Now go and don't make your father wait for long. He already waited for a long time," Long Chen said as he smiled subtly. 

Mingyu shifted her gaze to the man who was standing near the throne. Tears kept trickling down her cheeks as finally there was no obstruction between her and her. 

She ran towards her father, who finally couldn't control his tears as he spread out his arms. 

His daughter was back. The daughter he thought to be dead had returned. She was alive and safe. All the emotions inside his heart came out through his tears as he finally got to embrace his daughter. 

Mingyu hugged her father firmly as she cried. 

"You're back. You're back, Yue'er," the Emperor said weakly.

Mingyu didn't reply and just continued crying.

After a long time, she finally opened her lips as she said, "I'm sorry, father. I couldn't save brother. I could only run like a coward after seeing him be killed."

"Killed? What are you talking about? He is alive as well," the Emperor let out in confusion. 

"He is alive? I watched Pei Zen kill him! He even sent his men to kill me after noticing that I saw him. I then met a guy who gave me something that transported me to another world. It is only now that I could come back. But I'm sure Brother was killed! How could he be alive?" Mingyu asked. 

'Interesting. So she is sure that he died. I thought that she didn't see his death. But if she is certain, then how is he alive?' Long Chen thought as he rubbed his chin.