Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1114 - 1114: Remembering The Past

The Snake Monarch flew through the sky like an invincible beast. As he flew through the sky, Long Chen mostly cultivated, but he also looked around a few times as he noticed the familiar surroundings, which brought a smile to his face. 

Soon, he was going to be near the Shui Kingdom, where he was born and where he spent most of his life. It was such a precious feeling, as if someone was coming back to home after achieving great success outside. 

"Zhiqing, Mingyu, you both saw my Clan, right? In the Dragon City?" Long Chen asked the ladies who were sitting behind him. 

"We did. We were there when it was, ah..." Zhiqing replied but didn't finish her sentence. 

"You mean when it was destroyed? True. I guess everyone was there. That bastard informed the Major Sects that I killed their head disciples and their Elders."

"I was wanted all around the continent. I believe he also helped the sects get my address. He was the reason so many of my Clan Members died, and my Clan lost the home," Long Chen said as he nodded his head. 

"It was the first time when I had to use Dark Sacrifice since I was surrounded by many strong Cultivators, but now, they are nothing before me. Let alone having to use Dark Sacrifice; I could kill them without even a weapon," he added as he glanced towards the sky. "How times change..."

"Before, I believed that sky was the limitation. But now I know that there's a sky beyond a sky. A few Sky Realm Elders from major clans had brought me to the end of my rope. But now, Sky Realm seems like the Realm of Kids. It's fascinating," he said. 

"You're right. Even the Sect Masters of the Major Sects here are only at the First or Second Stage of Heaven Realm. Other than them, all the Elders should still be in the Sky Realm. This continent is now too weak for you," Mingyu said. 

"That's why I'm surprised. A strong expert like the Saint King came here and made his tomb. For that, he chose such a desolate place within a desolate Continent, all because it was his home. It's true; homes aren't easy to forget," Zhiqing chimed in.

"Yeah, for hundreds and thousands of years, not a single person knew that the Saint King's Tomb was here," Long Chen said as he looked at the pendant that he had taken from the Second Prince of the Esteria of this world. 

It was one of the tokens needed to enter the tomb along with the Saint King Sword. Unfortunately, Long Chen didn't even have this last time, or he might have the treasures long ago. 

"Are we really going to Dark Soul Sect?" Zhiqing asked. 

"Yeah. I want to see that place. Even though I was there without my permission, that place really helped me a lot. And a few friends are there. I want to see them since I'm here," Long Chen replied. 

"Few friends? Are they girls?" Zhiqing asked as she looked at him suspiciously. 

"Inside the Dark Soul Sect, there is only one girl—Chu Miao. She was one of the top disciples of the Dark Soul Sect after their head disciple, Mu Zheng. When I got there, I started rising in the rankings and overtook her."

Long Chen started telling the story of his stay in the Dark Soul Sect, which he hadn't told the girls. They didn't know it either since they weren't there when it happened. They were in Ji Shan's Kingdom when Long Chen was taken to the Dark Soul Sect.

"I had many clashes with Zheng and soon took the position of the Head Disciple of the Dark Soul Sect. Throughout everything, she supported me and helped me. She even went with me to the Divine Heaven Sect."

"Each of the nineteen major sects that had a Divine Heaven Token sent ten members of their sect. I was the incharge of the team of the Dark Soul Sect, but as soon as I entered, the entire team went against me and decided to separate with Mu Zheng as their leader," Long Chen said. 

"There were only two of the nine people that stuck with me, and one of them was Chu Miao. As for the second, he, unfortunately, died inside the Divine Heaven Sect," he added. 

"When we came out of the Divine Heaven Sect, almost everyone was dead except a few people of the Devil Worshipping Sect."

Hearing the name, Zhiqing remembered something. 

"Devil Worshipping Sect? I remember you mentioning it before when you talked about its Head Disciple Manxiang Li," Zhiqing said. 

"Manxiang Li, hahaha," Hearing that name, Long Chen burst into laughter.

"That guy was pretty blunt, but he became a good friend. We even crashed inside an engagement ceremony where all major righteous sects were present so I could take revenge on Meng," he said. 

"Ah, right. Meng. The girl you were chasing after when you met me. The girl who had taken you to a treasure hunt and then betrayed you while tossing you from the flying beasts," Zhiqing said. 

"Yeah. There were three people that did that. The guy was already dead. The other two were my ex-fiance Ling and that girl Meng. Only Ling is still alive, but I don't care about her since she was just an Idiot. She didn't even know about this scheme from what I found out,"  Long Chen replied. 

"Anyway, Manxiang Li really had a hard time inside the Divine Heaven Sect with the death of the Junior Sister that went missing. She was being possessed by the Spirit of my Spirit Sword, but she was already dead," he further said as he remembered how he received his Sword Spirit and everything he went through to get it. 

"Wait, now that I think about it, I also received a coffin from that place. I don't remember what it does. I completely forgot about it. I should try to find its secrets in the future."

"Get back to this Chu Miao. Was she pretty?" Zhiqing asked as she glared at Long Chen.

"Well, she was very pretty, actually. But it's not that I ever had bad intentions towards her. I always saw her as a friend. And I believe she did that too. That must be why she said no to leaving the Sect with me. She wanted to stay in the Sect even though it meant that her life could be in danger if it were discovered that she lied," Long Chen said.