Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 855 - 855: The Fake

"Everything you know about Tian Shen is a lie," Long Tian said, softly.

His words fell like a hammer on Long Chen's chest. He knew that Xun was hiding things from him as he had read her thoughts about her plan; however, he didn't realize that it was a lie as well.

From the flashes of memories he had seen and the dreams, he believed that what he knew about Tian Shen was mostly true but only now did he get to know that it was still a lie and nothing more.

"What is the truth then?" Long Chen asked curiously.

"Tian Shen was born two million years ago. He was an orphan who was abandoned on an empty road. A man found him and took him home. The man was from a well off Cultivation Family who taught Tian Shen about Cultivation. He was very bad at Cultivation, though. Even after five years, he wasn't able to cultivate," Long Tian muttered as he started talking about all he knew.

"Since he couldn't cultivate, he couldn't extend his life using Cultivation, but as someone who was scared of death, he didn't wish to have a limited lifespan, so he started trying other ways. The first place he put his mind to was the ancient books and scriptures to gain knowledge and in an effort to find ways to help him," he continued.

"I suppose he found a way to do that," Long Chen let out, seemingly getting a few clues. 

"Yeah, he did. When he was fifteen years old, he found a method to help him. Blood Cultivation," Long Tian explained.

"What's Blood Cultivation? I don't think I heard about it," Long Chen muttered.

"It's a very dark method. It basically means, the more people you kill, the more your lifespan increases. For example, if a blood Cultivator kills a mortal who has ten years of his life remaining, the blood Cultivator gets the rest of the old man's life added to his own. It's a very dark yet very powerful method," Long Tian said, sighing.

"Can you guess who the first person he killed was?" He asked.

"The young people he met in school? Or old people who couldn't defend themselves?" Long Chen let out, taking a guess.

"None. The first person he killed was a ten-year-old girl when he was Sixteen. The girl was the real daughter of the man who picked him up and adopted him. He took her life and buried her body, making it seem like she went missing," Long Tian explained.

"What the actual f...! He could've killed so many people, but he killed the Daughter of his benefactor?" Long Chen asked, sighing.

 " She was the only real kid of the man. After her, he was the only one left. Even if he couldn't cultivate, the boy received more love and care than before. So it worked out for him," Long Tian muttered.

"What happened after that?" 

"After that, things moved slowly. He kept killing people who kept getting buried. He kept killing to get more age while he kept researching to find ways to get stronger, and that's when he killed someone... That changed his life forever..." Long Tian said.

"Who?" Long Chen inquired.

"He killed one of your ancestors who happened to be a mortal who was traveling through his city. Your Ancestor didn't have his bloodline awakened. In fact, no one had been able to Awaken your bloodline since the beginning."

 "As Tian Shen killed the man who had this unawakened bloodline, he received a portion of that bloodline. Similarly, the small portion he received wasn't enough for awakening. But it was enough to establish a remote connection between him and the real Bloodline Temple. With that, he gained access to the bloodline temple," Long Tian said.

"Ah, so he didn't receive the bloodline but stole it. What happened after that?" Long Chen inquired.

"Even though he didn't get bloodline through inheritance, his stealing worked the same way. He got entry into the bloodline temple's first floor, which had a few resources. He uses those resources to gain knowledge and get stronger."

"Soon the people of the city found out that he was the one behind the disappearance of kids and old people, they confronted him. His adopted father was with the ones asking questions as well. None of them knew that he was much stronger now. That's when he killed the entire city and left."

"He kept reading the books inside the Bloodline Temple and found a few things about its origin and the mysteries. After he finished going through everything on the first floor, he tried going to the second floor, but as he didn't have a full bloodline but a stolen one, he wasn't allowed to go in," he continued.

Long Chen kept hearing the stories of the past, which he found fascinating. Finally, he had someone who wasn't hiding things from him. He was glad that he got to know so much. 

"So he couldn't go upstairs. He already had the resources and knowledge of the first floor. That should have been enough for him to settle down and rule over the populace," Long Chen muttered. 

"That should have been enough, but he wasn't satisfied. He didn't think that it was enough. You can call it greed or and thirst to get stronger, but he decided that he needed to go upstairs. That's when he came up with a plan," Long Tian explained.

Long Chen was about to ask what plan, but Long Tian started explaining before he could even ask.

"The plan was to find more people with this bloodline. It was to find the people like your ancestor that had inherited the bloodline. The problem was that he had already killed your ancestor without asking anything. So he didn't know about the family of your ancestor. If he had known, he could have gone and killed them all to increase the density of his bloodline, but he couldn't. Thus he planned something different," Long Tian said.

"He created a fake bloodline temple and a fake bloodline that contained a trace of his own bloodline and spiritual essence. He placed a drop of blood of this bloodline in thousands of rings. He even created Xun as a Guardian Spirit of these thousands of rings. He threw these rings all around the world, in wait of finding the person with the real Bloodline."

"Since he had lost so much blood to do this, he went into a deep sleep that lasted for thousands of years. He had thought that it would be enough time for one or two real heirs to find the ring if he was lucky.