Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 878 - 878: Lucky Disaster

"So that's what happened. After that day, you all started staying away from her, am I right?" Long Chen inquired.

"Yeah. She was sent back to her birth mother's house, where she lived alone. She grew vegetables on her own for her consumption and survival since no  one wanted even to be where she was standing." The old man answered.

"That's how the girl grew up. I'm glad she is dead now, in a way. Even though I shouldn't be happy at a person's death," he mumbled.

"If you all hated her that much, why didn't you kill her yourself? Or better yet, why didn't you force her to leave the town? Why did you even allow her to stay?" Long Chen asked, confused.

"Well, even though I'm embarrassed to say it, the truth is that we did try to kill the girl, but we couldn't do it. Everyone who tried to get close to her with the intention of killing her ended up dying themselves before they could even get close to her."

"One guy suffered a heart attack. Another one had a wild beast attack him who came running into the town out of nowhere. Similarly, everyone who tried to kill the girl died indirectly somehow," he continued.

Long Chen nodded his head as he came to a conclusion. He thought, 'That does prove it. The girl is special. She doesn't have any Cultivation, but I don't believe she is cursed either. From what I can guess, the girl must have some kind of rare special physique related to luck or something.' 

"Why didn't you have her leave the town of her own volition?" Ming Lan chimed in with a doubt of her own. If they couldn't kill her, they could have at least asked her to leave.

A sad smile formed on the man's face as he answered, "We did that as well. We asked her to leave, but as she left, our town suffered the worst problems. We started facing natural disasters, which only stopped when we brought her back. So we couldn't kill her, and we couldn't force her out."

" It was as if she was a weapon of the Demon to create chaos everywhere. No one could do anything to her. All we could do was keep her in the town while staying away," he continued.

"Fortunately, you have solved our longstanding problems. Now that she is dead, we don't have to worry anymore."

"So that's why none of you went up to check, am I right? You were scared to be even near her dead body since you still think of her as bad luck. I wouldn't blame you. It makes sense after all that happened. Anyone would have done the same thing," Long Chen answered as he smiled.

He stood up and walked closer to Ji Shan.

"Now that we got our answers, let's leave," he said, placing his hand on Ji Shan's shoulder.

He stepped out of the hotel with Ming Lan. Ji Shan still stayed standing in his original position, not leaving as if he was lost in some deep thought.

After a few seconds, he slowly started walking towards the exit. He stepped out of the hotel. 

'The girl lived all her life alone. Everyone in the town hated her. No wonder she was excited to see a new face in town,' he thought as he slowly walked forward.

Since all those who approached her with ill will died, she probably decided only to get close to him if he didn't have any ill intentions. That's why she tested to see if he would save her. He was finally getting the full picture.

"I know what you're thinking about. I would advise you against it, but I won't stop you if you want to," Long Chen muttered softly as he gazed at Ji Shan's hesitant face.

"I want to be with her." Ji Shan answered. He was looking down. "I can't leave her behind, all alone again."

"I knew you'd say that. You can bring her with us," Long Chen answered.

Normally, he wouldn't have said yes to bringing a girl who had the potential to have them all killed with bad luck, but he had heard something interesting to him. She had managed to recognize the superior physique from the description of the incidents that took place.

"No. I can't let you be affected if she is actually cursed. I'll stay behind with her. You go ahead," Ji Shan replied, shaking his head. 

He still didn't believe that the girl was cursed, but he didn't wish to put Long Chen's life at risk because of his assumption.

He was stupid enough to stay behind for a stranger just because the stranger reminded him of someone he had lost, and he felt terrible for her.

The girl he loved had died before her eyes, but before that, he had managed to know everything about her. Her mother had also died in childbirth, so she shared that similarity with the girl he met here. They both said the same words to him as well. 

He still didn't believe he was making a decision like this, but this was what he felt was right for him to do. 

"The girl isn't cursed. Don't worry. Nothing will happen if she comes with us," Long Chen answered, smiling.

"She isn't cursed?" Ji Shan inquired in surprise. He had hoped that she wasn't cursed, but Long Chen's words were more trustworthy. He had more knowledge as well. 

"Yeah. If I'm not wrong, she had a special physique. There are a few people in this world who are both work physiques. They are known as the children of gods. That's what she is as well, I think. The one we met in the Port Town, Mu Fan, was also the same," Long Chen said. 

"The girl most probably has the Special Physique called the Lucky Disaster of Goddess. It's a pretty rare Physique which is mostly a protective physique which uses luck to protect the owner," he explained.

He continued, "From what I can guess, the truth is a little different than what the townspeople know. I have a theory that might be wrong as well. According to my assumption, the girl's father and mother died naturally. One from childbirth and one from grief. Her Physique didn't play a role in it," he continued.

"As for the people after that, I am sure they all died because they wanted to harm her. The woman who died after falling might be scheming against her as well."