Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1005 - 1005: Family

Long Chen stood in front of his home, just observing it. 

It's been so long. He wanted to enter so badly, but he also wanted to save this house in his memory entirely in case he didn't get an opportunity later. 

After a few minutes, when he felt like he had enough, he breathed deeply before taking his first step forward. His first step towards the family he had lost long ago. 

Reaching the door, he brought out the keys that were in his pocket. 

He entered the key and unlocked the door before he stepped inside. 

"Mom, I'm home."

"Oh, you're here. Freshen up. I'll place the food on the table."

Just as he had called out, he heard the voice of his mother coming from the kitchen.

"Mother..." Long Chen muttered blankly as he recognized that voice. It was the voice that he needed the most since he had died years ago. It was the voice of his mother. 

For a moment, he found it hard to believe even though he knew that he was in some kind of dream because of the Law of Destiny, but that didn't matter. 

He started walking towards the kitchen where his mother was preparing something. 

Seeing his mother's familiar silhouette from the back, his eyes finally became wet. He knew he was going to see her, and he had prepared himself not to cry, but he still couldn't control himself. 

A single tear trickled down his cheeks as he gazed at his mother.

His mother was close to her fifties, but she still looked like she was in her thirties. She picked up a plate and turned back to find Long Chen standing behind her. 

"Huh? You're crying?"

Seeing Long Chen cry, she hastily kept the plate back before she ran towards Long Chen. 

"Why are you crying? Tell me! Did someone say something to you? Was it at school? A teacher scolded you? Just tell me who made you cry and watch how I deal with them!" The woman said with a concerned look on her face as she used her finger to wipe the tear from his face. 

"Nothing," Long Chen responded as he hugged his mother tightly. It was a hug he was craving for years—the familiar affection of his family. 

Even though in his new life, he has a mother and a father as well, but this was a bit different. This was his actual flesh and blood. He loved his other family as well, but they weren't as close to him as his first family he knew since his birth. 

"Tell me what happened. I promise I'll handle it. No one will make you cry again," the woman said as she rubbed the head of Long Chen gently. 

She wanted to know who had made him sad, but Long Chen didn't answer. 

"No one hurt me. I was just a bit emotional for some reason," Long Chen replied calmly. "I missed you, mom."

"Huh? It's been a few hours, you little boy. You saw me just this morning. But yeah, I missed you too," the woman replied as she ruffled up his hair. 

After quite some time, he finally freed her. 

"Now, don't talk. Go and wash your hands. I'll serve the food."

Long Chen nodded his hand and left to wash his hand and freshen up.

He entered the familiar room that belonged to him. 

Posters of many celebrities were on the wall. There was also a shelf where some books were placed. The books included his college books as well as some physical copies of his favorite novel. 

He walked towards the shelf and picked up some of his favorite books. 

"Oh god, I remember you. I was reading you last. I couldn't even finish you before I died," he muttered as he observed the book that had a dragon on the cover. 

The name on the book was 'Dragon of Broken Earth.'

"I still want to finish you. Maybe it can be like my last wish. But I have more important things to do. I wish I could take you with me when I go back,' he let out as he placed the book back on the shelf. 

After keeping the book back, he walked to the washroom to take a nice shower.

Using the modern facilities once again reminded him of what he had been missing in his new life. It was so comfortable here. 

The shower lasted for only ten seconds before he left. 

He walked out and changed his clothes while drying his hair that was short now. 

After some time, he left his room and walked to the dining room, where the food was already served. He sat at the table right beside his mother and started eating.

"Oh right, your father has some overtime today. So he might not come home. He'll probably sleep in the office," the woman told Long Chen.

This was something new that Long Chen didn't know in his last time. It was only now that he knew. 


He could only nod his head. Even though he wanted to meet his friend as well, it was a bit late now. He could do nothing but wait for tomorrow when he came back. Only if he was still here by tomorrow. 

He didn't know how much time he had here. He didn't even know if he was going to stay here for long or what he could do. 


After finishing dinner, Long Chen was lying in his bed, lost in deep thought. 

He needed to understand destiny and the Law. Only then can he go back to the real world now, just what exactly was it? 

In the Law of Illusion, he had to fight the illusion of the strongest people he knew. In the Law of Space, he saw the creation of space. In the Law of Darkness, he saw all forms of Darkness. 

Almost all comprehension came with different methods that didn't have many similarities. This place also seemed to be different. How could he comprehend destiny?

It was midnight. He has spent the last few hours thinking. But he still failed to come up with a conclusion. 

"Heck, I'll just go along with it. It's still too soon. Maybe I'll know what I need to do tomorrow," he let out as he stopped thinking. 

His head was already aching from all the overthinking. He couldn't think anymore and decided to sleep. 

He closed his eyes and started giving rest to his head. Here, he didn't have his Cultivation or strength. So he couldn't resist sleep without affecting his body. 


Just as he had tried to sleep, he heard a sound.