Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 329 - 329: Assassination Attempt

After 3 more days of flying, Long Chen had entered the Kingdom of Dimentia.

It took him 6 more hours to get to it's Royal City that was known as the Bright Moon City.

The Kingdom of Dimentia was a 1st rank Kingdom that was ruled by the Rui Clan.

Originally, the Rui Clan wasn't the Royal Clan.

That was a time when the Rui Clan was just the third strongest clan in the Kingdom of Dementia. The strongest clan at that time was the Wu Clan that was also the Royal Clan of the Kingdom. The second strongest clan was the Mu clan at that time.

The whole hierarchy changed during the rule of the 15th king.

The King had 4 brothers and no sisters. Since he was quite insecure and he worried about his throne, he had his brothers executed.

He was also worried that the kids of his brothers might come for revenge when they grow up, that's why he had them executed as well.

Just like that, only the King was left in the Royal Clan. He was only 24 years old when he did all that.

At the age of 26, he got married for the first time, and right after, he was assassinated by some masked men when he was going to another Kingdom for official purposes.

The Kingdom only had a Queen remaining who had no powerful Clan's backing and she was worried about the Kingdom.

The Rui Clan and the Mu clan, both secretly sent marriage proposals of their Clan Master for the Queen.

Although the Clan Master of the Mu Clan was said to be more talented and smarter than the Clan Master of the Rui Clan, he wasn't handsome. He was only 35, but he looked like he was in his 50s.

The Clan Master of the Rui clan on the other hand was more handsome than the Clan Master of the Mu Clan, but he lacked in the other areas. 

The Queen ultimately decided to marry the Clan Master of the Rui Clan for his looks.

Thus, the Clan Master of the Rui clan became the new King, the Queen still held the most power and the Wu Clan was still said to be the Royal Clan since she had taken the Wu Surname after her marriage with the previous King.

The new king had a son with the Queen, but when the boy was only 1 year old, the Queen got into a mysterious accident and she died.

Only the New King and his Son were left. The New King got the full power after the Queen's death and he changed the name of the Royal Clan and made the Rui Clan the new Royal Clan.

That King's great-grandson was ruling the Kingdom at the time.

Long Chen landed on an empty street of the Bright Moon City and sent the Sun Destroying Condor back in his storage ring.

He walked through the city and noticed a lot of guards patrolling the city. Although the city was the Royal City, he still found it quite strange to see so many guards patrolling it.

He asked for directions and found a hotel that was nearest to the Royal Palace.

There were only 30 minutes of walking distance between the hotel and the Royal Palace.

The hotel was called the Luxem. It was said to be the most expensive hotel in the city and a person had to pay 2 silver coins for spending a night there.

Long Chen didn't find that strange since the hotel was so close to the Royal Clan.

He didn't worry about the money either since he had quite a lot of it.

"Excuse me. I would like a room please," Long Chen said to the receptionist of the palace.

The receptionist was a girl in her late 20s. Long Chen could see that she was a 3rd stage gold realm cultivator.

"How long would you like to stay?  The cheapest room would cost you 2 silver coins for a day," The receptionist said.

"And your best room?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face.

"That would be 10 silver coins each day," She replied.

"Alright. Give me your best room for 10 days. If I need, I'll extend the days," Long Chen said as he placed a gold coin in front of the girl.

"Ah, Of Course Sir! I'll do that right away," The girl said politely.

Long Chen could see that the girl was talking much more kindly now.

He just smiled as he took the key of the room.

"Your room is on the 3rd floor. It's room no. 301. I hope you'll enjoy your stay," She told Long Chen.


Long Chen turned back and walked to the stairs nearby.

He got to the 3rd floor and entered the 1st room.

"Not bad," Long Chen said as soon as he entered the room.

The room was less like a room more like a big hall. There was a giant bed at the center of the room. More than 30 people could easily adjust in that bed.

There were sofas as well and many antique paintings on the wall. There was a whole beer bar in the place and he could see at least a hundred bottles there.

He walked to the balcony and he was able to see the view of the Royal Palace that was shining brightly under the light of the sun.

'So that's the place. It's so heavily guarded. I can still take care of it though," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the entrance of the Palace.

He left the room and again walked to the reception.

"Do you need something, sir? Was there a problem with the room?" The girl asked.

"Oh, it's nothing like that. I just had something to ask. I thought that I should ask you," Long Chen replied.

"Sure. You can ask me anything. I'll answer to the best of my knowledge," She answered him.

"It's my first time in this city, so I couldn't help but be amazed at the fact that there were so many guards patrolling the city. Is this always like this? Or is this a special occasion?" Long Chen inquired.

"You're new here? I guess that's why you don't know about it. It's not like this generally, but something big has happened that resulted in it," She told him.

"Something big? What happened?" Long Chen asked in surprise.

"An assassin managed to enter the palace and he attacked the King a few days ago. The King survived as the Royal Guards got there in time, but the assassin managed to escape. Since then, it has been like this," The girl told him.

"Oh? An assassin? Interesting. So that's why the whole place is like this. I gotta say, the assassin was really stupid. He screwed so big," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face

"Yea! He shouldn't have dared to attack the king. I'm sure that he would soon be found and killed," The girl said.

"Who knows, since he hasn't been caught yet, it's quite possible that he has left the city," Long Chen let out.

'All he did was make things more difficult for me,' He thought.

"That's possible as well," She replied.

"Anyways, Is the king fine after that attack? Did the assassin steal anything?" He further asked.

"The King is perfectly fine. As for him stealing? The King keeps all his valuables in his personal Treasury. It's impossible to steal from it," The girl said with a slight smile.

"Why is it impossible to steal from it? Is there something special about it?" Long Chen inquired.

"Indeed. And not just one thing, there are special things about it. Our King is so proud of it, he didn't hide anything about it. I think every citizen of the Royal City knows how special it is," She smilingly replied.