Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 882 - 882: They're No More

"We must not create a commotion here. You remember what His Majesty said when we weren't leaving, weren't you? Please don't create trouble," the Silver Haired Woman told the Prince.

"Fei, you always give your verdict against me. Fine, this time I'll forgive him, but if he ever hits me again, I won't forgive," Prince Lulei let out as he turned back angrily.

"If you aren't at fault, I won't stop you from creating commotion if you meet him next time," the Silver Haired Woman Fei called out as she walked closer to Prince Lulei. They walked in the opposite direction.

Long Chan was walking through the giant city, but he was having a hard time already.

He could see tall buildings and towers, but he couldn't see the Royal Palace. Ultimately, he decided to stop and ask someone.

He walked towards one of the men who had just come out from a shop. The man was only a Sky Realm Cultivator, so he was comparatively much weaker.

Long Chen stopped near the man as he said, "Can you tell me where the Royal Palace is?"

"The Royal Palace? It's towards the northernmost area of the city. You can find it there," the man answered without inquiring anything.

After answering, he left.

'Interesting. If it were any other place, people would be asking me why I wish to go there. They would have been suspicious if it was the atmosphere of war. What's happening? It seems like these people are as relaxed and confident as they can be. Have they never seen war?' Long chen thought as he frowned 

He turned back and ran towards the man who had only walked two steps.

"What do you need now?" The man asked, seemingly annoyed at Long Chen for disturbing him again and again.

"I wanted to ask another thing. Do you know about the Qiandi Empire? Have they not attacked the Esteria Empire? What's the Tricion Kingdom doing in this conflict? It doesn't seem like things are as serious. Is the conflict resolved?" Long Chen inquired.

"Conflict? Qiandi Empire? Tricion Empire? What are you talking about? Tricion Empire and Qiandi Empire are all gone. Do you not even know basic history things? They were wiped two hundred years ago. The only Empire in this Kingdom is the Esteria Empire. Why should we be worrying about some conflict?" The man asked in confusion.

"What mountain did you come out from?" He asked, thinking that he was from some village that was disconnected from the world.

"They were wiped from the continent two hundred years ago?" He asked just to be sure.

"Of course. Go to any library and read yourself. Stop living in the past, brother," he let out as he went away, leaving the stunned Long Chen behind.

"The two Empires are wiped? How can it be? Esteria is the only Empire left?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen, not understanding that was happening.

"Didn't Mingyu say that the two Empires might be at war with the Esteria Kingdom by now? How could they not even exist?" She continued.

"Maybe that guy was fooling us. Let me ask someone else," Long Chen muttered, not understanding what he had heard himself.

He walked up to a lady that had just come out of a shop.

The lady had some bags in her hand, which seemed to be holding the clothes that she had just purchased.

"Excuse me. Can I take a minute of your time?" Long Chen asked respectfully.

"What do you want? I don't have much time," the woman said as she continued walking. "Keep up with me if you want to ask anything."

Long Chen and Ming Lan walked side by side with her.

"I walked to know how long it had been since the Tricion and Qiandi Empires had been wiped," Long Chen let out.

"That? I'm not an expert in history, but I think it's been more than two hundred years. Don't you know yourself? I think it's taught to even kids in the history of the continent. That was the event that changed the entire landscape of the continent, after all. After that event, the Esteria Empire became the true ruler of the continent," the woman explained.

Hearing her confirmation, Long Chen was sure that the previous guy wasn't lying.

"Thank you for answering," he let out as he stopped accompanying the woman.

He started walking away with Ming Lan.

"It's the truth. What about Mingyu then?" Ming Lan pointed out.

Long Chen didn't answer as he fell in deep thought, trying to understand himself.

After a long thought, he finally came to an understanding. Opening his lips, he answered, "It might be four things from what I can understand. These four are the only possibilities that I can think of."

"What are they?" Ming Lan asked, seemingly curious. 

"The first possibility is that Ming Lan's memory is jumbled. As she was heavily injured, her head had been messed up. She thinks that her Empire is in danger from the enemies that were already wiped. Maybe she was reading the history book when she was hurt and sent here. Even though it's unlikely, it is still a possibility," Long Chen explained.

As he talked, he continued walking towards the North of the city where the Royal Palace was supposedly situated. 

"The second possibility is even more bizarre," he continued.

"What's the second possibility?" Ming Lan asked.

"There is another Continent where the Esteria Empire exists. They have the same geography to this continent and the same shape and kingdoms as well. The only difference is that the other Empires aren't wiped there, and Mingyu is from there," Long Chen explained.

"So we could be in the wrong Continent?" Ming Lan asked, stunned.

"No. I saw the maps of all continents. The Esteria Empire only existed on this one. If it's the second possibility, that doesn't mean we're on the wrong Continent. That means we are in a wrong world altogether," Long Chen let out. Even his head was aching as he thought of this possibility.

"That would be really bad if it were the second possibility," he muttered.

"Wouldn't that be too much of a coincidence then? A world with the same Empire that has so many similarities?" Ming Lan enquired.

"Not really. Supposedly this universe has thousands of mortal worlds. I don't think it would be too strange for that to be true," he answered. "It would be disappointing since Mingyu is so excited that she'll get to her home now. Her hopes would be crushed."

Even Ming Lan understood the severity of the situation.

"What about the third possibility?" She asked.