Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1088 - 1088: Thief

"God, you're really an idiot! You couldn't even protect something so important! We are the Royal Guards of His Majesty. If someone found out that someone managed to steal from us, what reputation would we enjoy? We wouldn't even be able to raise our heads with pride!" A member of the Envoy team asked. 

"Come on, stop talking and help me search for it. We can't delay leaving on a mission for too long. We need to be fast." The leader replied as he sighed. 

"Have you thought about His Majesty? When he asks why we haven't left, what will we reply?" Another man asked. 

"I will handle it. For now, try to find it! If we're lucky, we'll find it within hours!" the leader answered. 

"How will we find it within hours? Do you know who did it?" 

"I am not sure. That's why I'll need your help."


While the Envoys of the Immortal World found themselves in a problem of their own,  there was another person who was enjoying the Immortal Realm. 

"Hahaha, pretty good treasure. I am surprised someone like a Guard could possess it."

A man was walking on the streets of the Northern Empire of Immortal Realm with a treasure in his hand. It was the same treasure that he had stolen from the Royal Guards recently. 

The man was known as the biggest thief in the Immortal World who was wanted by almost all Empires in the Immortal World. 

Despite being such a wanted man, he had not only managed to stay hidden, but he was also able to walk free without feeling scared, all because no one had actually seen him. 

He possessed many treasures that helped him steal while keeping his identity a secret. Despite having such great treasures, he still never dared to steal from the Four Great Emperors of the Immortal World, at least not when they were present in the Royal Palace. 

He wanted to stay as far away from the four Emperors as possible. There was only once where he stole from one of the Four Emperors. 

The Southern Emperor was the only great Emperor who had a treasure of his stolen, but even that happened when he was not only out of the Royal Palace but also out of the Southern Empire. 

It was just Twenty years ago when all Four Emperors had decided to meet for certain reasons. As for the meeting place, it was decided to be the Eastern Emperor. 

When the Emperor returned, he found out about the theft. He was so enraged at becoming a joke of the Emperors for being the only one who was robbed. 

Realizing that the Southern Emperor wanted him dead as badly as he could, the man dared not step inside the Southern Empire ever again despite knowing that he could survive as long as he stayed away from the Royal City. 


As he was walking through the streets, he noticed the guards coming in his direction, checking everyone they found suspicious. 

"Interesting. The search already began," the dark haired thief muttered as he smiled. 

Instead of turning back and leaving or trying to hide, he walked straight towards the guards. 

"Excuse me; I need help! Since you're searching for people, can you help me too? Someone stole my ring! It had my entire life's earning. Please help me find it! It was a red storage ring!" he told the guards with a face that seemed to imply that he could cry any moment.

"Scram! We're searching for something important. Your ring and your measly life earning aren't our concern. Get out and stop annoying me!" The leading guard told the thief, nor realizing that the man he was telling to leave was none other than the thief himself. 


"No but! I'm warning you. If you don't leave and stop annoying me, I'll arrest you!" the guard told the thief. 

"N-no. Please don't! I'll leave! I guess it was in my destiny to have such bad luck."

Constantly sighing, the thief started leaving. 

"I wish the thief who robbed me would suffer from a bad disease!"

Even as he walked away, he didn't stop the act and continued cursing the imaginary thief as if someone had really stolen his storage ring. 

In reality, it was all, so these people didn't bother to search him. The storage ring he used was already hidden in his own body by him. 

The Guards kept searching throughout the day, but to no avail. 

"If we still didn't leave, we would be in a big mess. I don't think we are going to find that treasure. How about we just leave and handle the treasure story later? As for finding out if that Emperor Lu is telling the truth or not, we can use other methods as well. How about it?"

The sun had started to set as the night drew closer. 

Everyone was starting to worry since they had already delayed too much. 

Hearing their concerns, the leader of the team also sighed as he looked towards the sky. 

"I guess you're right. Let's leave. And if we find that Emperor Lu lying, we can kill him and blame him for everything," he said as he nodded. 

The team of the five Royal Envoys finally decided to leave and brought their Swords out of the sheath that was hanging on their backs. 

All of them also brought a red talisman out of their storage ring, which they placed over the sword. 

As soon as the talismans were placed on their Swords, the Talismans started shining before they disappeared. Their shine was left on the swords, which was giving the swords some temporary spatial energy which was what they were to use to make a path to their destination.

All of them raised their swords at the same time before they slashed down. 

As if the sword had cut through space itself, a Spatial Cracks appeared before all five of them, which started getting bigger until the cracks were like a proper spatial portal which were big enough for them to enter. 

All five of them entered their portals and disappeared. 


Long Chen's Dark Sword of Time had just clashed with the golden sword of the half-masked man who had changed his book to a sword. 

His truck seemed to work since, unlike the swords that were made of energy, the Sword wasn't absorbed. Also, unlike normal swords that could easily be broken by Long Chen's Sword, this Sword was much more resilient and strong. 

It was just as the man had said; even though it couldn't be compared to a God Grade weapon, it wasn't much behind either.