Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1238 - 1238: Dark Tribe

Coming out, Snake Monarch started getting slightly bigger so he could become more visible. 

"This...?" Mimi was stunned to see the Snake Monarch. She wasn't surprised at his ability to get bigger or smaller because she knew about the Snake Monarch. What stunned her the most was just the appearance of the Snake Monarch. 

These beasts were said to have gone extinct long ago. To see one of them again, it was shocking for her. 

"This is my partner that accompanies me everywhere. Whenever I get bored, I start talking to him. That's his only good use now that I think about it" Long Chen let out a laugh.

"Only good use? Don't listen to this guy. He wouldn't even be here without me. I've actually saved his life at least two thousand times because this Monarch is merciful," Snake Monarch retorted with a version of his own. 

" Thousands of times?"Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. "At Least make it a little more believable!"

"What makes it believable? It is the truth," Snake Monarch chimed in. "Anyway, is this the lady you were talking about? The one you fell for?"

"Huh?" Even Long Chen was confused. What was the Snake Monarch saying? Was he just trying to mess with him?

Unlike Long Chen, Mimi took the Snake Monarch seriously. She didn't know how to reach after knowing this information. 

"No need to be shy. Didn't you keep saying we need to come here since you can't live without seeing her? You talked so much about her. Now that we're here, you're only talking about random things?" Snake Monarch said cheekily. "Are you shy because I'm here? Don't worry, just think I'm not here."

Even though Snake Monarch talked like that on the outside, he was having a different conversation with Long Chen through his thoughts. 

' How am I as a Wingman? You don't have to thank me for it,' Snake Monarch told Long Chen. 

"I didn't really need any Wingman. In any case, we're here for something else. We don't have time for this," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch through his thoughts. 

"Didn't I tell you? He is slightly crazy. Don't take him seriously," He told Mimi. 

"Yeah," Mimi nodded. But she still felt that Long Chen was being shy now. 

She didn't want to press him on the issue. 

"I can understand why you never feel bored with him," she said, helping Long Chen in changing the topic. 


"But didn't Snake Monarchs go extinct? How did you get one? Are they still alive, living in some secret place or something?" Mimi inquired, focusing more on the Snake Monarch. 

" He is the only one who is still alive, actually. The others are all dead," Long Chen answered. "He managed to escape on time and survive. And I found him. Since then, we have been together."

"Yeah. I did hear about what had happened. The Dark Tribe of the Northern Empire went to annihilate all Snake Monarchs. I still don't understand why they did that. But it was really wrong. To annihilate entire species..." Mimi muttered, sighing. 

She remembered reading about this in a book a long time ago. 

"The Dark Tribe? They killed his species?" Long Chen asked, frowning. He had been asking the Snake Monarch about this for a long time, but that guy wasn't answering. 

Moreover, Long Chen believed that the Snake Monarch himself didn't know who actually it was that was responsible. 

"That's right. You don't know about them?" Mimi asked, surprised. 

"You mean the Tribe where the Northern Emperor came from?" Long Chen inquired. He knew about the Dark Tribe from the Saint King's book. 

Unfortunately, Saint King had been killed before this incident, so there was no mention of the annihilation of the Snake Monarchs.

"That's right. You can also say that they are the clan of the Northern Emperor. No one dares to mess with them. As for us, even we don't bother with them. Not because we're scared but because it doesn't matter to us what they do as long as it's not on the border of the Western Empire," Mimi answered. 

"But I always felt upset about the way they conducted themselves. Not only the Snake Monarch species, but they annihilated many more species from what I read. Maybe because they find it fun or whatever the reason may be. But I still hate them a lot for being like that," she further added. 

"I'm glad that the Snake Monarch species isn't completely extinct," she continued as she patted the head of Snake Monarchs, who wasn't saying anything. In fact, he looked like he was frozen in place with shock. 

"Are you alright?" Long Chen asked, glancing at the Snake Monarch. 

"I thought they did it for our treasures. But to know that it was just for fun..." Snake Monarch said blankly. "That means our lives were lost for no reason at all, doesn't it?"

"You don't have to feel sad; their lives will be lost the same way. They'll soon get what's coming to them; I promise you that," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, equally grave. 

After spending so much time with the Snake Monarch, he had already started considering the Snake Monarch as his family. Regardless of how shamelessly he bragged or what he did, this guy was no less than an integral part of his family. 

Long Chen could also feel the pain and agony the Snake Monarch was going through. Even if he wasn't showing it openly, Long Chen could feel it. 

There was a special connection between the two of them. As Snake Monarch was his tamed beast, he could feel this pain and anger. 

"Do you trust me?" He asked the Snake Monarch. 

The Snake Monarch looked back at Long Chen briefly before he nodded.

"That's good. Then trust me. I'll make sure they pay for what they did to your family. They'll be annihilated the same way they annihilated you. That is final, you understand?" Long Chen asked, looking straight in the eyes of the Snake Monarch. 

It wasn't just the Snake Monarch who was upset, but even Long Chen was angry. From the depths of his heart, he wanted to annihilate the clan that made his tamed beast so sad. 

Hearing their conversation, Mimi couldn't sit silent. 

"Are you serious? You can't do it! You have no idea; the Dark Tribe is really powerful. Moreover, they have the backing of the Northern Emperor, who is their family. If you go against them, you won't just be going against them, but you'll also be going against the Northern Emperor!" She chimed in, not willing to let Long Chen make the mistake of attacking someone on a fit of emotions.