Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1242 - 1242: Blood Dragon Emperor

" I mean, did you really expect them to be telling the truth? Even I wouldn't be naive enough to believe them," Long Chen said as he took the diary back. He kept it in his storage ring again.

Lord Glen sat on the chair, seemingly lost and defeated. He still didn't believe everything that had happened. 

Saint King was dead, and his family was also killed, and he didn't even know. He had still been thinking that they left this place in anger after the betrayal.  

Seeing Long Chen and feeling the Saint King's aura, he was happy. He believed he had found a clue to get back to them. He thought he could meet the Saint King and his younger generations. 

Unfortunately, all it resulted in was getting him the bad news about their death and that he could never meet them anymore. 

He kept his head down, not saying anything.

Seeing him like this, even Long Chen didn't say anything. He gave him time to gather his thoughts since it was probably a hard time for him. 

It was only after what seemed like half an hour did Lord Glen raise his head. 

His eyes seemed blood red, but his face looked calm.

"So you're his heir?" He asked Long Chen. 

"That's right. He made me his heir and told me that he wanted me to finish his revenge," Long Chen answered. By now, he was sure that he could trust Lord Glen. Moreover, it was always a good idea to have a powerful backing. 

"Did he ask you to kill the Emperors?" Lord Glen inquired. 

"That's right. He wanted me to kill all four of them so his soul could find peace," Long Chen replied. "That's exactly why I'm in the Immortal World for."

" I don't think you would need to do that anymore. The Four Emperors are going to be dead soon enough," Lord Glen said, sighing. 

" What do you mean? They are going to die soon? How?" Long Chen asked, confused. Did he mean he was going to kill them instead? It didn't seem like that. 

"Yeah. They will soon be dead. And Immortal World will probably be destroyed. At Least it won't be what we know it as," Lord Glen replied. 

" And how will that happen?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

" Blood Dragon Emperor...." Lord Glen answered as he took another sip of his beer. 

"Blood Dragon Emperor? I don't think I ever heard that name. Do you mean some leader of Blood Dragons?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

He had just tamed a Blood Dragon, but he didn't know about any Blood Dragon Emperor. He even went to the Dragon Temple, and all he knew was that most of the Blood Dragons were dead because of living in a place with no Origin while a rare few left the temple.

"I'm sure you didn't hear about him. It's not shocking. I think most of the population hadn't heard that name. Only us old timers know about it, but there was a time when Blood Dragon Emperor was known by everyone," Lord Glen said as he began explaining about the past that only a few high profile people knew. 

"It was many many years ago. In fact, it was in the time of our first Emperor, many many generations before the generation of the Saint Emperor. Blood Dragon Emperor was a really frightening tyrant, not only to the humans but to the Blood Dragons as well."

"That's why humans and the Blood Dragons came together to scheme against him and to get rid of him forever. But he was too strong for them. They couldn't stop him with strength. So they used schemes."

"They created a small statue of the Blood Dragon Emperor which had a small formation hidden inside out. With the help of some great luck, they managed to finish the creation of the statue and gave it to the Blood Dragon Emperor as a gift."

" As for the rest, its history. The Blood Dragon Emperor's soul was trapped in the small dragon statue. As for the statue that was given to the Blood Dragons to protect. And the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor was taken by our First Emperor who hid it somewhere unknown," Lord Glen said. 

Hearing his words, Long Chen had a bad feeling. Why did it seem like he was talking about the same statue that they broke?

" The Western Emperor had called me regarding it. He told me that somehow those statues were found broken in the Dragon Temple."

"That means the soul of Blood Dragon Emperor is free and probably looking for its body. And the day it finds its body, that'll be the day this nightmare returns to the Immortal World."

"The Emperors are preparing for a battle against the Blood Dragon Emperor, and the Western Emperor wants my help in it. He wanted me to fight with them, but I refused. And now I'm glad that I did. After what they did, they're lucky I won't be supporting the Blood Dragon instead," Lord Glen said, rolling his eyes. 

"Anyway, it's confirmed. The Four Emperors will die pretty soon. So you don't have to do anything," he continued. 

Long Chen wasn't the only one who thought that Lord Glen was talking about the statue that they broke. 

Even the Snake Monarch felt that way. He couldn't help but blurt, "Ah, why does that statue sound like the one w-"

"Shut up!" Long Chen roared, stopping the Snake Monarch mid sentence. 

Lord Glen was surprised to see Long Chen yelling so loud. 

"I mean, Lord Glen is talking. Don't cut his words," Long Chen said, regaining his composure. 

In his thoughts, he did tell the Snake Monarch what the matter was. 

'I also know he's talking about the statue that we... No, the Statue that you broke! But there's no reason to scream about this at the top of your lungs and to tell the whole world that you were responsible for this tragedy! So stay silent!'

Snake Monarch nodded and didn't say anything more. 

"Please forgive him. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut," Long Chen said, shifting his attention back to Lord Glen. 

"Anyway, I was curious about it. Why didn't the first Emperor destroy the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor? I mean, if he had done that, there wouldn't be any risk of the Blood Dragon Emperor coming back, right? So why didn't he?"

"Even I don't know the reason for that. Since it was so long ago, no one actually knows. There were people who believed that it was because the body of Blood Dragon Emperor just couldn't be destroyed," Lord Glen answered, thinking hard about it.