Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1049 - 1049: Countdown

After killing the Emperor, Long Chen didn't wait there. Instead, he immediately Teleported while everyone else was still in shock. 

This time, he had teleported behind the eldest son of Emperor Meng—the Crown Prince. 

The Crown Prince was still in a daze when Long Chen appeared behind him while placing the black sword, which was covered in Emperor Meng's blood, on his neck. 

"Your father really talked too much. See, I helped him get peace. Aren't I nice?' Long Chen asked devilishly, smiling. 

"So, do you want to be like him and mock me? Don't worry. I can afford to kill two more before it's finally the time to end your entire lineage altogether," he added, laughing. 

"As for being scared to kill your father, if I were really scared, I wouldn't even attempt to take him hostage. So he was a bit too naive with his logic,"  he continued. 

"Y-you killed my father!" the Crown Prince called out as he gazed at the headless body of his father. 

'Hey, I can't be blamed for that. I told him not to give me a reason to kill him. He didn't listen. Maybe he wanted to die? I simply helped him. I can help you too if you want the same. I don't even need a reason for you. Half a reason would be enough," Long Chen replied. 

Feeling the cold edge of the sword, the Crown Prince could feel him sweating. His forehead was already wet. 

A light red line was made on his neck because of the sword's touch. Fortunately, it wasn't his own blood. Long Chen was careful at the moment not to kill the crown prince. The red line was because of the still fresh blood of Emperor Meng, which was still on the sword. 

"You, little Dark Spirit! I know you can hear me and talk. So stop acting mute," Long Chen called out, gazing towards Ji Shan. "I heard you are the Ancestor of the Meng Clan? How does it feel to lose the leader of your lineage? You're already dead. The Emperor didn't have a brother or sister. He's dead too. Now all your lineage has left are these three kids."

"Tell me if you want me to end them as well? What is more important to you? Holding onto my friend's body or the lives of your youngsters? I leave the decision to you," he said, directly talking to the Dark Spirit this time. 

He didn't think anyone could force the Dark Spirit to come out. The only one who could convince the Dark Spirit to come out was the Dark Spirit himself. 

Long Chen wanted to convince him. 

As Long as the Dark Spirit was out, the problem was solved. 

"Kid, think carefully. You don't realize what you're doing. You killed my descendent, and now you're threatening the younglings?"

The Dark Spirit finally opened his mouth as he replied in a gritty voice that sounded like it was coming straight from the depths of hell. 

"I don't care what I'm doing. What I care about is what you're doing. Step out or don't. The decision is yours. Just know that your bloodline will finish today if you don't come out," Long Chen replied. 

"Interesting. So you keep my bloodline hostage? Did you forget that I have your friend? Kill my descendants, and not only will I kill you, but I'll destroy your friend's soul too."

"And after that, I will take that fake world ring, find a way to bring your family out and kill them, including your wives. What were their names again, Mingyu, Zhiqing, Xue, Mei, and others? Don't worry. I won't forget to play with them before killing them," the Dark Spirit cackled as he threatened Long Chen. 

Long Chen squinted his eyes, anger filling them slowly. This bastard was basically threatening his family. However, there was one question. How did he even know about the fake world and his family living there? Did Ji Shan tell them? Or was he able to read Ji Shan's memory because he possessed him?

In any case, Long Chen had already decided. For this insult, he was going to destroy that dark spirit personally after it came out. Previously he wanted to leave with Ji Shan, but now he wanted to cause a bit of destruction before leaving. 

"You shouldn't worry about my family and me. Not only you, but even your father also can't reach them even if he comes out from his grave like you. As for killing Ji Shan, go ahead."

"He's already dead if he stays with you. I just as well wish him farewell in hell with your entire lineage behind him. You want to test me? Just remember what the outcome was when your son tried to test me. I'm sure you'll realize what I'm capable of," Long Chen replied. 

"One more thing. I don't have much patience. If you don't come out within the second, your lineage will lose the eldest son, who is the only capable son in your entire bloodline who can take the crown. That's all I'll say. I won't repeat," he continued. 



After finishing his sentence, he even started the count. 

"Leave my descendants, and I might think about freeing your friend after this fight is over," the Dark Spirit suggested. 

Despite the Dark Spirits offer, Long Chen didn't react. He continued his count as if he couldn't hear the words of the Dark Spirit. 



Since the negotiations were between Long Chen and the Dark Spirit now,  the Emperors didn't interfere and watched from the sidelines to see how it would unfold. Emperor Meng was already dead. Most of this world's reputation was already gone. 

They didn't want to involve themselves anymore and left everything to the Ancestor of Meng Clan since he was the last demand. No one could force him. 

"I'm warning you. If you kill him, I won't listen to you. I'll attack you right away," Ancestor Meng warned Long Chen. 



Long Chen again ignored his words as if this was the last thing he could care for. No threat was working on him. 

As the count reached near ten, Long Chen's grip on the sword tightened. It was evident that he was actually prepared to cut the Crown Prince. 

The other princes started stepping back slowly since they knew it was their number after their eldest brother was dead. 

They didn't want to be the ones dying next.


Long Chen was just about to say ten when the Ancestor called out, "Wait! I'll leave his body! I'll free him! Don't kill them!"