Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1135 - 1135: Too Weak

Yue Fei was standing before Long Chen, but his mouth opened slightly as he heard the words of Prince Zhu. 

"The bride is here, it seems," He said, chuckling. 

He was right as Yue Fei seemed to be dressed in wedding clothes. There also seemed to be some maidan around her. 

Long Chen couldn't help but stare at Yue Fei before he looked at the Royal General. 

Yue Fei was so young while the Royal General was already a middle aged man. What was happening here? Why was she marrying this guy?

Yue Fei was looking down so Long Chen couldn't see her eyes, but he believed something was wrong. 

"Yue Fei?" Long Chen said weakly, but his voice managed to reach the ears of Yue Fei.

This voice? Yue Fei seemed to have recognized this voice. It seemed all too familiar. Even though it had been years, she still recognized him. 

She slowly raised her eyes as she searched for the source of the voice. She didn't have to search for long as her eyes soon found Long Chen. 

"L-long Chen? Is that you?" She stuttered as she found Long Chen. 

As Yue Fei raised her eyes, Long Chen was able to see her deep blue eyes that seemed to be slightly red as if she had been crying a lot.

"Long Chen? Isn't the name of the Qiani Royal Family, Du? That means he was lying?" Prince Zhu muttered as he slowly stepped back. 

This man was pretending to be someone else to get close to him. Maybe he was an Assassin; he didn't want to take any risk as he distanced himself from Long Chen. 

"Long Chen, huh! It looks like Prince Chen fooled us today. Guards, catch this imposter!' 

After creating what seemed like sufficient distance, Prince Zhu commanded his guards. 

Even the Royal General pulled out his sword and placed it on Long Chen's neck. 

"Wait! Please don't hurt him! He's not the enemy! He's my friend!" Yue Fei called out as she tried to run to Long Chen, but the maids caught her and held her back. 

"Oh? So he is a friend and an imposter. So mister Long Chen, please tell me. Why did you come here? Were your intentions to steal the bride?" Prince Zhu asked Long Chen as he burst into laughter. 

"You forgot, you're only a fake Prince of Qiani. There's no army behind you to save you!" He further said.

Long Chen rolled his eyes as he sighed. 

Even Xun was shaking her head. "These idiots."

"If you kill him, I will never marry you! Free him!" Yue Fei warned the Royal General, who laughed creepily in response. 

"Did you forget? You already sold yourself for the life of your brother. You can't sell yourself for anyone else now. If you don't marry, I'll kill your brother! So you must marry today," The middle aged man warned Yue Fei. 

"Ah, so that's what it was. I was wondering why a talented and beautiful lady like Yue Fei would agree to marry this middle-aged idiot, but now I understand. You kept her brother hostage?" Long Chen asked, sighing. 

"So the whole thing about one person from the Shui Royal Family surviving was a lie. Two people survived, Yue Fei and most probably her brother Yue Luan? Am I right?" 

"Hahaha, you're pretty clever, but unfortunately, there are no points for guessing correctly. For trying to fool us, you'll die," Prince Zhu told Long Chen, laughing. 

"My dear Prince Zhu, I wonder if I should laugh at you or take pity on you," Long Chen said, smiling. "You called Yue Fei an idiot for offending a measly Elder of a Major Sect, but you, on the other hand... I don't even have words."

"What do you mean? Are you comparing yourself to the Godly Elders? You've truly gone crazy in fear," Prince Zhu responded, feeling upset. 

"It doesn't matter. General, kill him!" he commanded the Royal General.  "Kill the toad that came here, lusting after your swan-like wife!"

Hearing his command, the middle aged man got prepared to swing his sword but not before he told Long Chen arrogantly, "Speak your last words!"

"Kid, you're making a big mistake. I'm not here for bloodshed, so don't make me do it," Long Chen warned the middle aged man.

"Hahaha, Your Highness, you're right! He did go crazy. I'll put this dog down!" the middle aged man said as he swung his sword.

"Noo!" Seeing his sword swing, Yue Fei couldn't help but yell as she closed her eyes. 


The sound of a single snap came amidst the scream of Yue Fei that fell in everyone's ears like a sharp melody. 

Long Chen had snapped his fingers gently only, but even this was too much for your place as a big gust of wind appeared around him, tossing the middle aged man far away.

"Argh!" The man let out as he crashed on a distant wall with his sword, all because of a single snap. 

Long Chen looked to the middle aged man who was groaning in pain as if his bones were broken. 

Yue Fei opened her eyes weakly as she heard a painful noise that didn't sound like Long Chen's. 

As she opened her eyes, she noticed Long Chen standing right where he was, but the Royal General was lying on the ground, groaning in pain. 

'What actually happened here?' she wondered. 

Prince Zhu, on the other hand, had his mouth opened so wide that someone could easily place an egg in his mouth. He couldn't believe what he just saw. How did this Long Chen do this so easily? The Royal General was an Earth Grade Expert, after all. 

As everyone was still not out of their daze, they heard a sigh which seemed to have come from Long Chen.

Long Chen was looking at the Royal General before he spoke, "Too weak. I don't even feel like killing him myself."

His words fell like a hammer in people's ears. Who was he calling weak? The Royal General? Just who was this man?

As everyone observed Long Chen's every expression carefully, they saw Long Chen bring his fingers together slowly. He snapped his fingers again, but this time the effect was different.

Just as everyone had braced themselves for the winds, nothing like that happened. In fact, something even scarier happened as they saw a pitch black beast appear out of nowhere. 

The beast looked like a wolf that had come straight from the depths of hell. His red eyes and his frightening aura were making people shiver, and he hadn't even moved by now.