Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 840 - 840: Trouble En-route

The Continent of Light and Dreams was the place where Long Chen was going through a battle against someone who could be considered at the peak of strength in his continent. 

In a different part of the continent, a middle-aged man was sitting on his throne.

He was known to be the true ruler of the Continent of Light. He was the strongest being in this Kingdom and the ruler of the strongest Empire whose Influence spread throughout the continent. He was called the Han Xi, who ruled the Empire of Sunia.

"It had been months since we received the reports of the appearance of someone with the Saint Killer Sword. How is it that we are still unable to find that person?" the King asked. 

"Your Majesty, we have searched every place where he was seen previously. We even searched all the nearby Kingdoms, but no one reports seeing him after that. We have been slowly increasing the parameters of search and working with the rest of the Kingdoms." His Minister answered. 

"Only a few kingdoms are yet to be informed and searched; however, chances of us finding him are rare. There has been no usual incident on the Continent in the last few months. It is possible that the man already left the Continent after being found out?" he said.

"I don't care what or where he is! If he is the heir of Saint Killer, I want him found at any cost! I don't care what you do! Saint Killer Xianwu killed so many of our ancestors! He committed a Slaughter on this continent! If he actually had an heir, I want him found, and I want him hung!" Han Xi declared.

"We'll put even more resources in finding him," the Minister said. "We will hasten the search as well."

"I don't care what you do! I want the entire continent searched! If we can't find him here, I don't mind invading the other Continents either! Whatever it takes! Even if it means that we destroy everyone else, we will do it!" Han Xi told his minister before he stood up.  

He walked towards the door that was behind his Throne.  The maids opened the door for him. 

"If you can't find him in a year, prepare to have your head served on a platter," Han Xi said before he left.

After the King left, the minister wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"I need to increase my efforts. Only a few kingdoms are left to search. Our men would be en route to those places. I hope they find that guy there." 

He left the chamber as well.


"Do you really think we would find the heir of the Saint Killer so far away from the last place he was seen? We're basically at the other end of the continent," A feminine voice was heard. 

Five Horned Eagles were flying in the sky. Each of these Eagles was carrying a person each on them. 

There were three men and two women. All of them wore a beautiful robe that was the same as the one that the Minister of the Sunia Empire was wearing, implying that they were from the Empire that was ruled by Han Xi.

" Does it even matter? It's the task that was assigned to us. Let's just finish it and go back. It's fine if we don't find him. It's even better if we do," one of the guys replied. 

"Still, can't you see? It's so boring. Going to these weaker Kingdoms. All to find a guy that had probably already run away," the girl answered. 

"Right. From what I heard, that guy was discovered a few days after the border of the Continent was breached. It's obvious that the guy here came from the lower continent. He probably left the same way he came after knowing that he was found. I can't blame him for being scared," another guy chimed in. 

"Now that I think of it, wasn't the Saint Killer also from a lower Continent? Why don't we destroy that continent already? He already damaged us so much when he was strong. Now that the Saint Killer is gone, can't we destroy his Continent? His heir is still a weak insect, from what I heard. Who can even stop us?" the second girl asked curiously. She seemed to be the youngest in the group. 

"No, we can't do that. You know about the treaty, don't you? We can't attack the Continent," the first guy answered, shaking his head.

"Who cares about the treaty! The Saint Killer made our Ancestor sign that when we were under duress after all the destruction. Now that he's dead, who cares about the treaty! Let's have our revenge!" The girl replied.

" Sigh, that's for His Majesty to decide. I'm all in to destroy the land of the man who committed all those atrocities in our land. But we can't do anything unless His Majesty gives us the permission. For now, we can only focus on finding the heir of Saint Killer. That is going to be a form of salvation for us."

The Kingdom they were flying towards was the same kingdom where Long Chen was currently battling against Ming Lu.

There seemed to be only twenty minutes of the distance between them and the Kingdom.


"See? The blood spots and the destruction... What more proof do you need? Do you still not remember anything?" 

Xu Liang was standing in the spot where his Grandma had died. Tears kept falling from his eyes.

" That wasn't a dream. My Grandma was killed." Xu Liang dropped to his knees right on spot.

A young boy stood before him. He said, sighing, "Yeah, unfortunately, she was killed. I'm really sorry. I think the man who lied to you about the truth must be one of the culprits. He knew that you were strong, so he decided to use you. Sigh, I really wonder how such cruel people can exist."

"He... He used me... He caused my grandma's death? All the care and each word of his was a lie?" Xu Liang muttered softly.

"When the first thing he told you was a lie, what else can you expect from a person like that. I'm the opposite of him. I started with the truth, as you can see. Anyway, you can call me Wu Lia." the boy said, smiling.

"Do you want to take revenge on him?" he asked.

According to him, the best way to bring everything on track was to pit Long Chen against Xu Liang since then being together was the thing that made things so unstable.