Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1000 - 1000: Interfering

"Stop right there! Did you really think if you came to Dark Mountain, you could escape?!"

Long Chen was walking on the uneven surface of the mountain, which was filled with small stones everywhere, making it challenging for his feet to get a grip. 

He was trying to find a place where he could stay for a while when he heard a shout from behind him. 

Frowning, he gazed behind him to wonder who was calling him. Did the men of Lu Junwei already come here? How were they so fast?

Even though he thought the one who shouted was after him, he realized that he was wrong as he saw the men. 

It was a group of Youngsters who were dressed in dark robes, making them look like they were from a powerful sect or something. The symbol of a snake was on their robes as well. 

The men were chasing after a young woman who had donned a beautiful red gown. Her gown was torn from the legs. It was unclear if someone else had torn her dress or she did it herself to make it easier to run. In any case, her beautiful smooth legs were revealed because of that. 

The woman seemed to be in her late twenties. Her beautiful red hair was flying with the wind as she ran away from the men that were chasing her. 

"You bit*h! Stop running! You can't run for long anyway! Just stop. We promise we won't harm you. Just let our young master have one night with you. You'll even get all the things you desire in exchange!"

The men who chased after the woman screamed so loudly that even Long Chen was able to hear their words. 

"Sigh, everywhere I go; there are people like that. Just what has the world come to..." Long Chen muttered as he shook his head in disappointment. He had gone to many places and seen a lot of the world, but every time he saw things like these, he further lost hope in humanity. 

The young masters and young misses really thought that they were the Kings of this world who could control human lives just as they wish. When one opposed them, they made it a matter of their ego. 

In any case, it didn't bother him much. He could give it a helping hand here. The enemies were only Earth Realm Cultivators. They weren't even in the Sky Realm, let alone heaven Realm. That talked a lot about how weak their sect or family actually was. In any case, even if they were strong, he didn't care. 

He was angry because someone tried to control his life. And now he had the opportunity to take his anger out on the ones that were trying to do the same. 

The woman kept running from the men but soon noticed Long Chen in the distance. 

Seeing Long Chen, she thought that she had found hope. Maybe that person could help her, but soon her hole went down as she realized how young Long Chen looked. She also couldn't see any Cultivation in Long Chen. 

It was a disappointment for her. She didn't think he could help up. In any case, even if he tried to help her, he was going to die. 

Not willing to have a stranger die a useless death for her, she changed direction slightly and started running away from the guards as well as away from Long Chen. 

"Interesting. So she is trying to save me. Well, that's cute. The girl who's in danger is trying to save others. Not bad," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his chin after he saw her actions. It was easy for him to understand what she was trying to do. And he also understood why. 

"I guess that gives me one more reason to chime in. In any case, I am still feeling a bit angry from before," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head while he started walking towards his left. It was in the same direction where the woman was running. 

So if he didn't stop, he was going to end up right in front of her. 

He didn't walk too fast either—just his usual calm pace. 

"That idiot! Can't he see?! Why is he walking there?"  the red-haired woman thought as she frowned after seeing Long Chen's action. "This idiot!"

She had already let the enemies close in some distance because of her changing direction. If she did the same again, it was going to get more dangerous for her. She couldn't do that again.

"Whatever, he is weak. He won't try to help me anyway. He should know where he stands. These guys won't bother with him either. So I can't slow down for him," she thought as she shook her head and continued running at her best speed. 

"The girl is pretty fast despite having a lower Cultivation than them," Long Chen thought as he observed the situation. "Most of the men following her are in the middle stages of Earth Realm while she's in the lower levels. Yet, she can maintain the distance. Not bad indeed."

"It's also lucky for her that these men can't fly. The terrain is also helping her," he further observed. 

Within a few minutes, the woman reached Long Chen. She gazed at his face as she ran past him while muttering slowly in his ears, "Don't  interfere!"

She kept running while the men who chased after her started kept screaming for her to stop. 

As the woman walked past Long Chen, he was left in the middle of the woman whose back was facing him and the men who were running towards him. 

"You bastard, scram to the side!" the men roared at Long Chen, who was standing in the middle. They didn't want to be slowed down because of him. 

A disappointed sigh escaped Long Chen's lips as he shook his head. 

"If you don't want to die, then don't interfere! We're getting the Glorious Nature Snake Sect! You don't even know how you died if you didn't stop!" the men roared once again as they saw Long Chen not listening. 

Long Chen ignored them once again; instead, he started laughing. 

"What makes you think you can kill me when Emperor Lu couldn't?" he asked as his eyes suddenly turned sharp. A golden sword appeared in his hand, which he swung lazily towards the people that were running towards him. 

A brief arc of light left his sword and advanced towards the men who were running towards him. The men never expected Long Chen to attack them; that too so fast.