Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 834 - 834: Regret

"You bitch! Even after my hand was cut, you still support him? Instead of supporting my brother, you support that bastard! Let me kill him first, then see how I punish you for betraying the family for a stranger!" Zhu Kong roared like a mad beast that had gone crazy.

The pain was making him furious, but being beaten by a guy was making him even more furious. He was the Prince of this Kingdom! He had grown in all luxury. Even his father had never hit him. All Heaven Realm Cultivators of the Kingdom treated him with respect, but today, he was beaten by one such guy? Not only that, instead of begging for forgiveness like a good dog, that guy even dared to cut his arm? He couldn't bear it. 

In his frustration, he even hit his sister before he looked back at Long Chen.

"You Bastard! You will die today!" He roared. As soon as the words left his mouth, he saw Long Chen disappear.

"That annoying ability again! Find that bastard and kill him for me?" he told his men; however, that's when his neck was grabbed from behind.


He couldn't even finish his sentence as he was raised in the air and smacked on the ground.

"Kill me? Can you even stay alive to see that dream before reality?" Long Chen asked the Prince as he raised him again.

"You son of a bit-" Zhu Kong raged; however, he was again smacked on the ground.

"We will kill you!" The Heaven Realm Cultivators thundered as they saw their Prince being maltreated like that. 

"Oh?" Long Chen let out as he gazed at the Cultivators. "I'll say the same thing I told your Prince. Even if you believe you can kill me, do you believe you can do it before I can kill him? If you think, then attack me. If you don't, then stay back. You will only hasten the process of his death," Long Chen warned the men as he tightened his grip around Zhu Kong's neck. 

All the Heaven Realm Cultivators stopped as soon as they heard the threat of Long Chen.

"Free the Prince! We promise we won't kill you. We will only take you to the King. You can apologize for your sins. You are a Heaven Realm Cultivator. You might be forgiven by His Majesty if you don't hurt Prince Kong. On the other hand, if you hurt Prince Kong, even your soul wouldn't be left intact. You will be killed brutally!"

"Yes! Release His Highness!"

"Release the Prince! Or you will die!"

One after another, the Heaven Realm Cultivators warned Long Chen.

" You bastards! Who the hell are you to decide to let him live! He shall not be arrested! Even if I die! I want him dead now!" the Prince roared as if he had lost all his sense of reasoning.

"Your Highness, how about we make him lick your feet instead? That can be a punishment for him. As for your hand, it will be healed when we go back to the palace," the Heaven Realm Warrior told Zhu Kong, trying to calm him down. "Please reconsider. We don't wish for any harm to come to you."

"Fine!" Zhu Kong agreed even though he was angry. "You bastard, you will only be arrested and not killed if you kowtow before me and lick my feet like a good dog you are! If you don't, you shall be killed! Now only you, but your whole family shall be killed!"

Hearing the Prince agreeing to leave a path for Long Chen, the Heaven Realm Cultivators smiled. As long as they didn't push Long Chen to a dead end, they could get Long Chen to do anything for his life. That's what they believed.

"Yes! It's a good opportunity for you! Old monster, the heavens have opened a path for you to live! Hurry up! Release the Prince and start licking his feet, and you shall live! Do it now!"

"Yes! The Prince is right! It's your last opportunity. If you don't do it, you shall be killed. We will find your whole family and kill them too!"

The Heaven Realm Cultivators also started commanding Long Chen proudly.

Long Chen gazed at the warriors in the sky as a smirk appeared on his face. He said, "I was having second thoughts about letting you live. Thank you for making the decision easier for me."

He clenched his hand that was holding Zhu Kong's neck, crushing it immediately.

Zhu Kong's eyes opened wide as he died, just like that. He never thought that his death would be so abrupt. One moment, he was imagining how he would punish Long Chen once he was arrested after licking his feet, and the next moment, he was dead.


The field was filled with the battle intent of strong warriors as Long Chen was creating a disturbance by opposing all the Heaven Realm Warriors.

In the back, Ji Shan was still focused on the man before him. 

"You... You took everything from me! Tell me why! Why did you kill her?!"

"Cheh, Kill me! I am not going to plead to a bastard like you! It's all because of you that I had to kill my niece from my own hand. All because of you! You're the reason! If you hadn't forced her to run away with you, I wouldn't be angry at her for opposing our clan! In my anger, I wouldn't have killed her! All because of you!" the man replied as he weakly laid on the ground.

His lips were bleeding, and so was his chest, which had a big hole at the center. He had already lost hope of survival, so he didn't mind angering Ji Shan.

A single droplet of tear trickled down the face of Ji Shan as he pulled out his sword. 

His feet landed on the ground as he walked closer to the man who lay on the ground.

"Did you ever regret killing her?" he asked softly.

The man looked at Ji Shan before he started laughing like a mad person. "Regret? Hahaha! Are you joking? That bitch dared to leave our clan for you— trash! She deserved to die. There is not a single thing I regret. Oh wait, there is one thing that I regret. The one thing that I regret is not killing you together with her."

" You destroyed her life and mine. Your soul will never find peace, even in the afterlife. If there are things like curses that really exist, I curse you to suffer even in the afterlife!" Ji Shan said before he slashed his sword downwards, cutting the neck of the man who was still laughing crazily.