Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1266 - 1266: Dark Side Of Dark Tribe

Long Chen entered the second tower, searching for the Tribe Leader, who wasn't found yet. 

The second tower was much different than the first tower.  It wasn't as empty as the first tower, mainly because it wasn't a training arena. 

As soon as Long Chen entered the second tower, he was able to see a long line of shelves that contained books. Thousands of books were present on the first floor itself. 

"I see what's happening here. That man must be interested in reading. That's why he appeared here, isn't that right? He must be somewhere inside," Snake Monarch commented. 

"Maybe. I think that guy can answer that question for us," Long Chen replied, glancing at a man in the distance who was putting some books on the shelves 

"This place is a library. He should be the person who takes care of this place. If that old man is here, this guy should know it. 

Long Chen started stepping towards the man. 

Stopping behind the man, Long Chen tapped his shoulder. 

The red-haired man felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned back, looking at Long Chen. 

As soon as the man saw Long Chen, his jaws dropped as his eyes opened wide. "Northern General? You're alive?" 

Long Chen shrugged his shoulders. "Why won't I be alive?"

"Ah, it's just... I heard that you went missing. And there were rumors that you..."

"Since when people started believing rumors? If I don't appear for some time, it doesn't mean that I'm dead. I'm perfectly healthy," Long Chen answered. 

The man nodded his head apologetically. "I apologize for it. I shouldn't have trusted the rumors."

"So, what brought you here?" he asked. 

"I came here to meet your patriarch. Where is he?" Long Chen asked, getting to the topic. 

"Ah, him? He should be in the Palace. Isn't he there?" The man asked. 

" I'm coming from there. He's not there," Long Chen responded. 

"Huh? He must be in one of the towers then. He's not in this one; I'm certain of that. I would have known if he came here.  As for where exactly he'll be, I have no idea. I don't leave this place often," the librarian replied. 

"In any case, he doesn't like reading that much. So I don't think he'll come here.'

"So he isn't here? If you were to guess, which tower would you say he's inside?" Long Chen asked. 

"Hmm? If I were to guess, I'd say that he'll be in the southwest tower. That's the place he often goes to," the librarian answered. 

"Thanks, I suppose. Anyway, I feel bad doing what I'm about to do since you helped me, but work is work," Long Chen said as he sent the librarian into his Apocalypse World. 

He checked the entire library to take out anyone who was here. After finishing, he left the tower to be greeted by heavy winds outside. 

He flew against the wind to get to the southwest tower to find the tribe Leader. He had already cleared two of the four towers, which left only two more. 

As Long Chen flew, he was able to feel the wind getting colder. The sky was already covered in clouds that had hidden the sun completely. Looking at the atmosphere, it seemed like it was going to be raining soon. 

Long Chen landed on the green carpet, which was placed at the entrance of the third tower. 

He pushed the doors open and stepped inside. 

"This place is... What the heck...?"

As Long Chen hadn't expected what he was going to find here, he grew shocked. This place was something he didn't have a prominent clan to have, even when the clan was something like the Dark Tribe. 

There were cells everywhere with doors that were made of bars. And behind that door were women, mostly in old and torn clothes. 

Most of them barely had any clothes to cover themselves properly. 

Seeing everything, Long Chen had a bad feeling about this. Why were all these ladies in conditions like this? And why were they in cells?

He stepped towards one of the cells. 

Seeing Long Chen step towards her cell, the woman inside the cell started shivering. 

"Don't worry; I'm not here to hurt you. I just wanted to ask a few questions," Long Chen said, sighing. He could feel that these women went through some bad experiences. 

The woman looked at him. Her shivering still didn't stop. She was still scared of Long Chen. 

'"May I ask who you are? Why are so many women here in such conditions? What's happening here?" Long Chen asked. 

"Y-you aren't one of them?" The lady asked, stuttering. 

"I am not from the Dark Tribe. Just tell me what's happening. Maybe I'll be able to help you," Long Chen said. 

"We... We are the unfortunate ladies that were abducted by these monsters. Whenever these bastards feel like having fun, they go out to random clans, destroy them and kidnap the ladies of those clans to bring them here. And then...." Tears filled the eyes of the woman. She soon started sobbing, unable to finish her sentence. 

"You don't have to speak more. I understand," Long Chen said, sighing. 

"They are truly trash people. Destroying innocent people, kidnapping women, and... They truly deserve to die." Snake Monarch said, signing. "It's a good thing that the Dark Tribe will cease to exist after today."

"Yeah. As soon as we find their leader, we should be done. If only I knew where that bastard was hiding," Long Chen let out, sighing. 

"You're here to kill him?" The woman asked, shocked. 

"Yeah. We've already killed most of the Elders. Only a few of them are left, the ones that weren't in their palace. Did he come to this tower?" Long Chen asked the woman. 

"Yes! He is right here! I saw him go upstairs! He often comes here! You'll find that bastard here! Please kill him! Please kill him! I beg of you! My husband's soul will never find peace as long as he's alive!" The woman pleaded with Long Chen. 

"Did he kill your husband too?" Long Chen asked. 

"My husband was the leader of Xie Clan. He was killed by that man. Our whole clan was destroyed, and I ended up here! If you want to find him, go to the top floor."

"That man always keeps his favorite prisoner on the top floor. At one point, I was also there. I still feel like vomiting when I remember that," the woman said, crying. "I only wish I could have died. But I can't even do that."

"Why?" Long Chen asked.