Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1083 - 1083: Giving Up

Wu Lia gently waved his hand, firing a knife made of golden light which stabbed the heart of his Emperor Lu's wife, killing her instantly. 

Queen's eyes opened wide as she dropped to the ground, dying right away. 

She had thought she could help her son in law and solve things. Unfortunately, she was entirely wrong as Wu Lia didn't even bother to listen. 

Despite not being able to help Long Chen the way she wanted to, she did help him indirectly as Long Chen gained more time because of the distraction. It also seems like he was gaining consciousness. 


"Why is everyone you know so annoying? They just keep disturbing me. Can't even let you die in peace, can they?" He thought as he sighed. 


He was just about to turn back when he felt something strange. 

There was a black mist that was under his feet, spreading everywhere. 

Seeing the mist, he realized what was happening. He hastily turned back to see if his assumption was correct, and it turned out to be that. 

He could see Long Chen's eyes were open. His eyes weren't their usual color enough. Instead, they were pitch black. Also, the usual aura around him was gone. Instead, there was a much more sinister aura around him. 

The dark nerves that had swollen and were keeping Long Chen paralyzed started returning to normal as the pale color of his body started fading away because the movement of blood was once again started. 

The paralysis was gone.

Realizing that Long Chen was up, Wu Lia hastily thrust his spear forward. This time, however, things were different as the spear couldn't even reach Long Chen before Wu Lia was tossed back. 

A wave of energy came out of Long Chen's body which seemed a bit similar to the special energy wave of Xu Liang. The only difference was that Xu Liang's energy wave was brighter, whereas Long Chen's energy wave this time was darker. 

The energy wave caught Wu Lia in its grip and tossed him back, stopping the attack. 

Expressionless Long Chen started floating in the air as he rose. 


"Long Chen! Wake up, you idiot! He will kill you!"

As Long Chen had lost consciousness, Xun was screaming in his head to help him wake up, but it wasn't working. 

As she saw Wu Lia's spear come close to his neck, she realized that it was too late. Long Chen was dead. Everything was over.

Fortunately, that happened to be the time when Long Chen's mother in law interfered. 

Seeing another opportunity for Long Chen, she again started screaming. 

"Wake up, you bastard! Please wake up! If you don't, we'll both die!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. 

Surprisingly, her screams worked this time as Long Chen's eyelids flickered. He was gaining consciousness. 

"Good! Wake up! If you don't, you'll die! Hurry!" Xun told Long Chen. 

As Long Chen's mind was once again activated, he was able to hear and understand her words. 

He hastily opened his eyes and tried to stand up to create distance. 

'Xun! I can't move! This freaking paralysis! I can't even eat the life giving pills!" He told Xun through his thoughts. 

"Even life giving pills can't help you, I believe! You need to get up in the next second, or he will kill you!" Xun insisted as she saw Wu Lia attack Long Chen's mother in law.

She realized that the woman was dead. And after which, it was Long Chen's turn since this guy wasn't going to give him even a second to escape or heal. 

There was no other option. The sword of time might help him this time as well, but that was only an assumption. Unfortunately, the sword was also lying far away, and Xun couldn't touch it. 

She realized that there was one way out of the paralysis, but that path was something that was possibly worse. She wasn't even sure if Long Chen was going to agree to that. 

Unfortunately, she didn't have time as Wu Lia started talking. He was soon going to turn back. She didn't even have a second to come up with a plan. 

"Do it now! Dark Sacrifice this instant! Don't think twice!" She told Long Chen, who realized that this was the answer as well. He was also hesitating, but he knew that he was going to die if he didn't do anything. 

And if he was going to go to hell, he might as well take Wu Lia with him. That guy had killed Mingyu's father, which Long Chen didn't mind, but he also killed her mother, making her an orphan. 

Two people were already dead. As for the next, Orion's life was also in danger, which he could see as well. Everything seemed against him. 

He realized that the risk seemed to be worth it at the moment since he could still hope that the risk would be less and he would have a bit of luck, decreasing the dangers. 

Closing his eyes, he called out to his dark element as he thought of two words. 

"Dark Sacrifice!"

He gave himself up to the Darkness. In any case, it wasn't like he was going to be in that phase forever. That phase and the skill would be over after a certain time. He would definitely lose something when that happens, but it was less than losing his life. 

The only thing which was stopping him was that he knew, in his Dark Sacrifice phase, he wasn't going to have control in his thoughts and actions. But this didn't seem like the time to be concerned about that. 


The half masked man was drinking his wine, waiting for Long Chen's death, when the glass of wine suddenly dropped from his hand.  He looked to his left as he stood up.

"This idiot! Did he really need to be distracted because of a woman? He complicated such an easy thing!"

"He has given up to darkness in exchange for power. Wu Lia won't be able to handle it. At Least I can take action without losing my Divine Protection now," the man said as he sighed. 

He picked the golden book which was lying on the table before he disappeared. 


Orion was fighting Emperor Lu, but he also felt a powerful darkness spreading everywhere. 

Since he was a creature of Darkness and this Darkness belonged to his master, he was also gaining strength from it. He could feel his body getting stronger and his speed getting faster. 

Since he was already a creature of Darkness, he didn't need to lose himself and his mind for this strength, though.